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Hall Hockey

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Just good clean fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just started my second year at a small Baptist liberal arts college in Texas. I have the same roommate this year that I had last year. His name is King, he is a six foot four black dude from Haiti. He and I both play on the school's soccer team. I am a white six foot three white dude from Houston. King and I had a great year. We are both Bible majors and we both are studying to be missionaries. I am an only child and King is one of six brothers.

I want to tell you about Hall Hockey first. King and I live on the third floor of our door. During orientation week, no classes, King and I went out in the hall and started kicking our soccer ball up and down the hall. Doors opened and a lot of guys joined us in the hall for a game that evolved into Hall Hockey, it was really hall soccer, but Hall Hockey sounds better. We opened the door of the room at each end of the hall. If the ball went into the room that was a goal. Since most of the guys were in just their shorts it was hard to tell team members. King's answer to this was to take his shorts off, leaving him naked. His team joined in and then we had shorts and skins.

One of the guys on the skins team decided that was not totally fair, so we started playing caps and skins. Everybody was naked, except one team had on caps. We had a blast. We played zoned areas so that we only had two guys in one part of the hall. A new rule came along dealing with hardons. If you got a hardon while we were playing you put up both arms in the TD stance, yelled hardon and you got a free kick for your team. Not only were guys proud of their hard dicks, they announced them with great vigor.

We had an 'oh shit' moment one night. Dorm Dad James came up the stairs when we were playing Hall Hockey. Twelve guys were in the hall, stark naked, kicking a soccer ball and just as James entered the hall King had his arms up yelling out hardon. Needless to say James was a little taken back. He ordered all 12 of us into King's and my room, our room was the closest. There we had twelve naked guys and James standing in a circle. He asked one question, 'What in the hell are you guys doing?' King the least shy guy in the world told James about Hall Hockey. James shook his head and said, 'I guess you aren't hurting anything - carry on.'

James then said circle up, and that meant that we circle up arm over each other's shoulders. Every meeting with James ended with a circle up and a prayer. James always called on one of the guys to pray. My first thought was please God don't let him call on King. Sure enough James called on King to pray. King prayed for all of us and during the prayer he looked at James and said, 'should I say jack-off or masturbate?' Once again James was taken off guard. He answered, 'I guess jack-off.' King then ended his prayer with thank you God for how good it feels when I jack-off. I have heard King pray many times, and every time he prays in an all guy group he ends his prayer by thanking God for how good it feels when he jacks-off.

I will now tell you about our normal day. King and I both sleep naked. We both get up and shower, put on BB shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. Neither of us wear underwear under our BB shorts. We go to breakfast, classes and lunch. We then return to our room and take off our t-shirts and go to soccer practice. Our locker room has our soccer gear - we change - attend practice - and then we shower. Returning to our room after dinner we both get naked. I learned this from King. I am not shy and I guess King has made me into a fellow exhibitionist.

The first day that I met King we returned to our room after a long day, he stepped out of his flip flops, threw his t-shirt in the bottom of his closet and stepped out of his shorts, leaving them on the floor by his bed. He spent the rest of the evening naked, and that is how he has spent each evening since. With the door to our room open or closed King is naked. King will walk down the hall to get a drink from the water fountain, or get a soft drink from the vending machine - stark naked.

I kept my shorts on until I stepped out of them to go to bed that first night. I have always slept naked, my dad sleeps naked - it is just normal for me. That first night King asked if I wanted to pray with him each night before bed. I answered sure. I prayed and then King prayed and he ended his prayer with thanking God for how good it feels when he jacks-off. I was a little surprised by his prayer, but he is right it does feel good when you jack-off and God made it feel good, so why not thank Him for how good it feels.

Lights were then turned off. King was on his bed and I was on my bed and King started jacking-off, he said across the room 'emptying the sack.' Well my question about how I was going to jack-off at college was then answered. King was jacking-off, so I jacked-off. We jacked-off every night all year. King is a great roommate. Our classes started at 10:00 on Tuesday/Thursday - we both jacked-off on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. On average we jacked-off eleven times per week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday mornings and nights. King and I are both virgins and we both know that God does not want us to walk around with hormone highs - we empty our sacks.

When we got back to our room on day two I followed King's lead and spent the evening naked. Being naked is a good thing for guys. Lastly, King is a good looking guy. He is built like Michael Angelo's David. Now don't get me wrong, I don't care how long King's dick is, but his dick is no longer than my dick. I am almost six inches and he is almost six inches. I am not sure the 'black' dick thing is true. I also know that when we are playing Hall Hockey that the hardons are all about the same, around six inches. I have not seen one eight inch dick yet.



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