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Half Marathon

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There is a charity half marathon organised by the town where I live...it was this morning!


I was surprised at how many other runners were there. Some were way older than me and some were clearly no runners. There were one or two 'professionals' or rather, people who think they are the next Lindford Christie... or 'posers' as I like to call them.

So 13 miles! We set off and turned inland. I was soon near the back of the pack with about twenty girls aged from around 14 to no more than mid twenties, I would guess. It was hot this morning so I took water at all the first eight stations. (Us all being amateurs there were a lot of watering points) Then we got on top of the hills. I have never really run across country before and it took its toll on me.

So, right on top of the local hills with a stunning view all around, and I needed to pee. (Typical.. most of the others seemed to be sweating it out.. not me though) I tried to ignore it until the pressure acutally became pain... then I had to find a spot. I took a look around and there was one girl behind me by quite a distance and no-one ahead. I spotted a clump of bushes coming up and thought 'Perfect' I darted behind them and tugged my spandex shorts and panties down. I always get creamy when I run and my dark blu panties were heavilly stained. In parts the crotch looked almost black but right in the middle there was a lot of white cream from my pussy.

I took the shorts off and held my panties out of the way and peed. Ohhhhhh that felt better! I actually closed my eyes in relief! When I opened them, the girl from behind was staring at me! Or rather, at my panties and pussy. I could guess she was about 18 or so, but she was totally fixated on me. I finished peeing and looked at her. 'Well? Like the view?' She said 'Sorry, I thought you had gotten lost, but I didnt realise you.. er.. that you wanted to... ummm. ' It was only then that I noticed how pointed her nipples were, even though she had almost no breasts to speak of. Then, like a bolt out of the blu it hit me... she was horny. I said.. 'Yeah.. well, too much water too early.. and when you gotta go, you gotta go. Anyway, I quite like peeing outdoors.' She said 'Huhn Me too...in fact I want to go myself now.' I figured that would give me an opportunity to get ahead of her but she added 'You wanna watch me? I like being watched.' She was wearing a skirt and she squatted not with her back to me but her front. She REALLY wanted me to see. And she didn't take her panties off either, she ust tugged them to one side and peed. I could see that she was also very wet.

When she finished peeing she just squatted there, panties pulled over and looked at me. All she said was one word. 'Please?'

Now I have never touched another girl like that in my LIFE before.. (ok, I maybe HAVE fantasized a couple of times, but thats it.) I reached a hand forward and she took it, guiding me to her very wet pussy. She showed me what she needed and I found myself fingering another girl for the first time. She reached for me too. I was going to stop her but well, I was all hot and sweaty now and NOT just from the running. I let her push a finger in me and found that I REALLY loved it. I ground my hips forward and the next thing, we were kinda kneeling there, kissing and fingering each other off. Suddenly she tensed up and said 'Ohhh.. I'm gonna cummmm' I also felt her squirt something into my palm and for a moment I thought she had peed.... AND for a moment, that REALLY turned me on. Then I felt myself cumming. I told her too. She asked if she could 'look up close' and without stopping fingering me she flipped onto her back and wriggled between my legs. All I could see was her opening her mouth and I cummed and cummed HARD. I also squirted... but it WAS definitely pee.

She loved it! We straightened ourselves up and jogged back onto the course. I learned her name was Emily, and that she was 18. We made a date to meet up tonight at my house.. OMG I am tingling with excitement!!!!



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