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Hair to Stay!

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I used to think female body hair was unpleasant.. until I met Tammy


Tammy was my hippy neighbor. She liked to describe herself as a child of the 60s born twenty years too late. Between her hobbies and interests and the way she looked and dressed, she definitely fit that description very well.

Ours was an unusual friendship. We had no friends in common and we are very different people. I'm more the stereotypical Southern guy that likes football and trucks and has no idea about downward facing dog or anything like that. But our apartments were right across from each other and we'd hang out together here and there. Despite our differences, we always managed to find something to talk about or at least just relax and watch some television together.

Tammy is an attractive women, made hotter by the fact that I could tell she often wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were often clearly visible atop when I'd guess are C cup breasts. This was kind of offset by my noticing every once in a while that she had hairy legs. She prefers long skirts and dresses, which meant her legs were typically covered up, but here and there I could see the bottoms of Tammy's hairy shins. Based on that and her hairy forearms, I was pretty sure that she was naturally hairy elsewhere and probably wasn't too eager to shave or wax anything.

I'll admit that it was kind of a turn-off. Most women I know act as though female body hair is the work of the devil. They regard it as masculine and unhygienic, and I know a few ladies who go so far as to shave their forearms. I guess I just adopted their attitude then, and I found it puzzling that Tammy would be so different. The subject actually came up in some of our conversations. Wasn't body hair a sign of manhood? No, Tammy countered, it's a sign of sexual maturity. All humans produce body hair once they've reached sexual maturity. What about hygiene? Not a problem whatsoever if you wash regularly.

We never really talked about female body hair in a sexual context, so I was a bit surprised when during one conversation she also volunteered that like panties, female pubic hair pubic hair is good at retaining a woman's natural aroma and thereby at arousing men. I wasn't sure how to respond to that, but it did help contribute to some of the sexual tension that I think had been growing between us. We were two different people and I don't think either was looking for a relationship, yet it was difficult to deny that there wasn't some sort of attraction.

Then it happened one day. It was on a weekend, I think a Saturday, and it was a very hot day in July. The humidity from living in the South near the coast made it feel even hotter. On top of that the AC units in our apartments suck, and most people were running around in t shirts and shorts and had their windows cracked open. It still came as a surprise then when I went over to Tammy's and found her answering the door not in her usual hippy attire. She was actually wearing a tank top and some shorty shorts.

She had the television running and I came to sit down on the couch next to hair. My eyes were glued on her immediately. She had her hair up in a pony tail for a change, and I saw some fine but dark hairs run down from her neck toward her back. Those hairs also spread out across her upper arms, down toward her fairly hairy forearms. Then her legs.. covered in hair that wasn't very long or thick but looked soft and made me want to reach out and caress her legs.

Like what you see, Tammy asked me, with a big grin on her face. Then she lifted up her arm to reveal a little 'bush' of underarm hair. I don't know why this hair had me suddenly so mesmerized, but the bulge that was rapidly growing in my shorts at the sight of all her soft, fuzzy hair answered her question. With that she remarked it seemed to be getting even hotter in the room, and she pulled off her tank top. She wasn't wearing a bra.

My shorts and underwear quickly followed. Whoa, you must really like what you see, she grinned, as she reached for my precum leaking cock. But at that point she could've given me the best blow-job ever, and I wouldn't have noticed because I was so eager to see what was under her shorts and panties. She pulled them off to reveal a beautiful dark triangle of fluffy hair. I could see some rather prominent pussy lips poking through the hair between her legs.

I quickly started running my hand through her pussy hair. Smooth skin is nice but Tammy's hair was like a soft and inviting pillow. I saw that she was wet already and I began teasing her lips with my hand. But then I couldn't take it any more, I had this overwhelming urge to bury my face between her legs. So I slipped from the couch onto the floor and began licking and sucking her juicy pussy lips, while I had my nose deep in her pussy hair. She was right about it retaining her natural aroma.

In all our excitement, it didn't take long for her to have a wild orgasm. The combination of female body hair being so new and exciting for me and still being somewhat taboo on a certain level almost had me blow my load without her touching me any more, but Tammy quickly followed up her orgasm by using her hands and mouth to make me follow. It was easily the most erotic and intense session of mutual masturbation I've ever had.

Masturbation and sex with my hairy hippy Tammy were perhaps the best I've ever had. It was an unspoken understanding however that we'd never be more than fuck buddies since we were too different otherwise. It was also an unspoken understanding it would have to come to an end if one of us had a serious partner. That day came a few months later, when she introduced me to her new boyfriend. I speak of her in past tense because she's no longer my neighbor, having moved in with him and now being engaged. We still keep in touch and I'm happy for her, but I do miss our wild sessions.
At least I've kept my interest in female body hair.. and even big juicy labia



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