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Hair Conditioner

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This is a true story.


My wife is a great sport. She knows I love it when she takes her hair and fondles my balls with it. She will cup my balls, squeeze them, pull each one away from my body individually, and gently work them over using her hair between her hand and me. I love it. She does too.

One day, we were having some great fun in bed. I had already helped her cum, and I was dry-jacking during the lull. Nothing is more beautiful than experiencing her cum-the feminine sounds she makes, responding to the clues her body gives me about how to help it feel good, and maximizing her pleasure. After she came that night, I was really ready, dripping away. She took some to her mouth with her fingers as she began slowly using her hands on me.

'Mmmm. You always taste so good.'

'So do you.'

Before I lost myself in pleasure I told her, on a whim, a long-lived fantasy of mine. 'I would really like to cum in your hair some time.'

'O.K. Where do you want to put it?'

'Anywhere, as long as it's in your beautiful hair.'

'Great, baby. Let's go.'

She moved her head between my legs, and I jacked away. Seeing her there, cooing soft encouragements with her sweet voice, massaging my balls with her long hair, sped me up. I got close really quickly, and I grabbed some of her hair and put it around my penis as my hand moved back and forth. Believe me, the sensation of having a 'hair glove' while jacking off is something you will want to try.

I could feel her hair at the end of my penis getting wet with with my precum, as it draped over my mushroom cap. I got bigger and stiffer, which got me even closer.

As I began to crest over, I told her, 'I'm gonna blow!' and she just cooed her encouragement more loudly.

'That's it baby, cum in my hair! I want it. Cum for me now!'

'AHHHH! Ahhh! Ahh! Uh, uh. Grrrrr.'

From the way it felt, I imagined she was going to look like she just got out of the shower with shampoo still on her hair-totally wet and kind of white all over. Not a drop of it got on our skin-just her hair.

'Ah, fuck! Man, that felt sooo fucking good! Let's see.'

She proudly turned her head to show me the cum in her hair. It just looked like a reasonably-large wet spot, not the look of total soapy immersion I had hoped for.

'Here, honey, I'll get you something to get it out of your hair.'

'No, leave it there.'

'Don't you want to wash your hair or something?'

'No, I think I'll wear it to work tomorrow.'

'You're kidding! For real?'

'Why not? I love you, and I love your cum. Now I can share it with everybody and they'll know what a man I am married to.'

I thought to myself, 'Oh, really? This is my wife talking? What's gotten into her?'

'What will it look like?'

'I don't know, and I don't care. Leave it.'

We fell asleep, the cold wetness from her hair bothering us only a little. Next morning, she got up, and true to her word, did not wash her hair. She just brushed it thoroughly.

Before she left for work, she came to me and said, 'Here, feel how soft your cum made my hair.'

I felt the place that had been so wet the night before, and it was much softer than the rest of her hair, but there was no visible difference.

'Huh. Maybe we should bottle it as a hair conditioner?'

'Maybe so. It'd be fun work. I love you.' A kiss, and out the door she went.

When we got home that night, I asked her if anyone noticed. 'No, but I knew it was there, and it really excited me. Wanna cum again?'

'Fuckin' A. Let's go.'

And so we took off our clothes, got in bed, and had another great time. We had both stayed so turned on by our new, improved hair conditioner discovery that we were more than ready for each other again.



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