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Had To Wear Lingerie

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This story happened a few years ago. I was at my camp on the lake, closing it up for the winter. My camp is about two miles in on a dirt road, with only a few other camps. On the way in I saw a car at a camp about 3/4 of a mile before my camp, people I knew from up to the lake, and they had two daughters, Jenny and Dianne.

I almost finished closing up the camp, and some real bad freezing rain and wind was going on outside. Just as it got dark, I lost the power, and decided it was time to leave. Once I started down the road, I wish I had left a lot sooner. As I passed by the camp, I saw the car was gone, and was glad whom ever was there had left, as the road was real icy. About one mile further there is a bad hill on a curve, and as I was almost around the corner, I saw the car from the camp in the ditch ahead of me, and I could not control my car and slid into the ditch behind it.

Once I got out I realized a tree was across the road ahead and the car belonged to Jenny. Jenny was about 19, blond and a real knockout, but very shy. I had watched her grow up, and spent many summers around her at my friends camp, and had not seen her for about two years.

We tried to get the cars moved, in the pouring freezing rain, for about 20 minutes, then finally decided to go to Jennies to call for help.

Once we got there, and called the power company, they said because of all the outages in the area we would not get a crew to us till at least the morning. Jenny said I could stay there, (I had no source of heat, and they had a wood stove, but only a halve dozen or so pieces of wood), and I assured her I would not take advantage of her, and she trusted me.

We then had to find some clothes to wear, as ours were soaked all the way down to our underwear. She searched all the rooms, and the only thing she was able to come up with was two pairs of her sisters lingerie (she stayed there with her boyfriend sometimes). One was a tiny white almost sheer babydoll with matching panties and white stockings, and the other a black longer and bigger chemise with matching panty and black thigh highs. Jenny agreed we had to get out of the wet clothes, and this was all we had, so she got into the white outfit, even put on the stockings, and I got in the black one, but skipped the stockings. When I was in the bathroom, I could not get my dick to fit in the panties, I was so horny thinking about her in that little outfit she was wearing, and me in this outfit, so I came out and sat on the couch with a towel around me. She had a blanket over her, so I could only see her nylon covered legs, and she offered me some of the blanket. She insisted that if I put on the stockings, my legs would be warmer. She even helped me roll them up my leg. As her hands were on my thighs fixing the tops. I thought my dick would explode! I know she must have got a look at my hardon from under the blanket, because she turned away and got all red in the face.

Later, a couple of times during the night she got up to get a drink, and go to the bathroom, and I promised not to look, but I did and she looked great, and my dick was aching for release. I almost jerked off when she was in the bathroom, I was rubbing myself in those nylon panties, and the feel of the nightie and stockings had all I could to hold back from cumming all over the place. We finally fell asleep, and I woke up to her cuddled up to me on the couch, with her stocking covered knee on my still hard dick. I slowly moved up and down rubbing myself on her knee, and she woke up. I told her how sorry I was for doing that, but she insisted she was the one sorry for teasing me like that, and wanted to make it up to me. She began to rub my dick, and after just a minute or two I exploded in those panties. I do not think I have ever cum so much!

I have a hard time looking at black panties to this day without getting a raging hardon! Thank you Jenny!!



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