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Had To Know What It Was Like

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I have had a close friend for years, let's call him Steve. We both like girls and have absolutely no sexual interest in each other. We never did anything sexual together and the thought of such a thing just isn't interesting to me although in every other way we are very tight. That said, here's the masturbation story. We always felt free talking to each other about sex and masturbation. One of the many issues was that I have very dry skin and masturbating as much as I do causes my dick to go raw and sore. I tried different lotions and things to moisten it but nothing was right. I did not like the feel of anything I tried. I talked to Steve about this and he told me he had no problem there, and didn't use anything. In talking about it more, he said he makes a lot of 'juice' as soon as he starts to get hard and that he rubs it around his dick.

I really wanted to know more about this but as close as we are neither of us wanted to have him jerk off in front of me. Then Steve told me that he had used his cam to record a close up of himself jerking off and posted it on a certain web site hoping to get to chat with some females. We had talked about doing this in the past, but he had never before told me he had gone ahead with it. He gave me the site address and that night I watched. Sure enough, there he was, and as soon as he pulled out his dick and got a little hard some clear juice started to come out. The flow just kept increasing as he went along and as he said he kept using it to keep his shaft moist. I was shocked and amazed at all that he produced. I make a little but it comes out just before I shoot my load so my dick is already raw by then. His session was very long and I try to cum more quickly because of this skin irritation problem.

I was very envious and particularly wanted to know what it felt like to be able to have such a long JO session and to rub that much of your own juice into your dick. Later we talked about it a lot and he tried to say what it felt like. I wanted real bad to be able to do it even if it could only be one time. Because we are so close and he knows me so well I asked for a real big favor, if he would make a bunch of juice and save it for me so I could use it to JO. He thought it was funny but was not grossed out. He said he would do it that night and give it to me the next morning. He tried but said it was just a dry mess by morning and wouldn't have been any good. So he said he would go into the bathroom right then and make some fresh and leave it for me in a cup on the sink. I thought that was worth a try, but I asked him not to let his load shoot in the cup because I just wanted the clear fluid. So he did.

I went in when he came out and sure enough there was a Dixie Cup nearly one-third full of fluid. I stripped and took it into the empty tub with me and I was hard already so I poured some out over my dick and rubbed it in gently. It was still warm and very soothing to my skin and got me real aroused. I slowed down and really took my time playing with it. I wanted to hold off much longer as my dick felt so good and I backed off a few times. But I poured what was left over the tip of my dick and that just sent me over the edge. I shot huge and rubbed that all over myself as well mixing with Steve's juice so I was soaked in it and just laid there wasted for a long time. Later I told Steve how great a lubricant that stuff was, but I didn't tell him how great a orgasm I had from it, because I didn't know what he would have thought about that. That was the only time.



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