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Gym Mensroom

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My first time story


I had discovered jacking off over the summer and did it non-stop whenever I was alone. I shared a room with my brother so to get a little privacy I rode my bike downtown to the public library and beat off three or four times within a couple of hours in the basement mensroom. No one seemed to use it but me so I could go in the last stall lean back, close my eyes and think about all the naked guys I had seen in the 'Y' locker room and slowly and quietly stroke my cock up and down. I always packed a small tube of Vaseline Lip Balm to lube up my dick. I started creating elaborate fantasies that usually revolved around me showering with and soaping up the hottest guys on the swim team. The thought of touching another guy always made me cum.

I tried to think about women but my thoughts always drifted back to naked dudes in jock straps and Speedos. When school started again the library was too far away so I had to find a new place for my daily masturbation sessions. That first week I checked out every mensroom in the school and the gym lobby bathroom seemed to be the perfect place. It was open late after classes for practices but all the team members used the locker room so it was deserted once the last school bus loaded with students left. I chose the last stall for maximum privacy and continued my daily jackathons. The second week I found a tiny drawing on the side of the toilet paper holder of a hard penis squirting cum. Apparently I wasn't the only student using the stall to beatoff!

I added a drawing of another cock then shot my load on the wall and labeled it 'my cum'. To my surprise the next day there was a second dried white drip on the wall labeled 'mine'. I wiped off the drawings and drips as not to attract attention of the staff and wrote '5:00' as small as I could. The next day I got there a little before 5:00 and took the second to last stall. I was so excited by the thought of actually beating off next to another guy I started jacking. After 15 minutes of stroking I lost control and blew a big load on the stall wall that dripped down and made a very noticeable puddle on floor. Just as I was about to bend down and wipe it up the door flew open and someone bee-lined to the last stall and sat down.

After a few minutes of very nervous silence I decided to lean forward a bit to look for any indications of who was in the next stall or what they were doing. I was shocked to see an outstretched pair of hairless brown legs with pants and underwear all the way around the ankles. As I leaned further I could see the shadow on the floor of a hand moving rapidly back and forth. My dick swelled again and I started trembling. I leaned back not knowing what to do next and slowing began pumping my cock. A moment later a black face with glasses was peering up at me from under the stall wall. I recognized him from my chemistry class but we had never really spoken and I wasn't even sure what his name was. He was staring at my hard cock. I took my hand off of it so he could see it which caused him to let out a soft moan. He suddenly dropped to his knees and thrust his enormous uncut black cock under the stall wall and started spraying cum all over my legs and on my shoes. He grasped for air a few times then fell silent. Without thinking I reached down and squeezed his huge cock and watched a glob of cum ooze out of the tip. The feel of his warm penis in my hand made me explode again. He jumped up and bolted out of the mensroom leaving me to wipe up the small pools of cum. I'll share what happened the next day soon...



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