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Gym Locker Room

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So I was at gym this afternoon doing a quick shoulder set before I went off to the movies with this chick. I finished quite early as I was pressed for time and didn't want to be late meeting her.

In the change room, I got my bag from my locker and started undressing myself while admiring my shoulders in the mirror. It was then that I noticed this dude, couldn't have been too much older than me, in a shower stall drying off and checking me out as I was flexing in the mirror. This turned me on.

Nonetheless, I finished undressing and made my way to the steam room, passing my observer on the way. As I sat down, alone in the steam room, I started rubbing the semi (which was the product of the thought of having an admirer) contemplating whether or not to jerk off.

As I deliberated, I watched through the glass so as not to be caught rubbing my knob. Within about a minute, I saw my friend-apparently having had a change of heart-hanging his towel up on the hooks opposite the steam room, after which he headed my way and entered the room, greeting me.

I said watsup and pulled my legs up to try hide my now fully hard 6 inch cut boner. As he sat down on the opposite side of the room, he leant forward as if to hide a boner, I thought.

In a second, I realised my guess was right. He had, himself a nice hard, thick, uncut 7.5 inch cock which he made no effort at hiding. I got harder and my heart raced.

Despite coming close to similar situations in this steam room in the past, I had never acted on my urges either because I was too afraid or there were other old men in the room. This time, I sat wandering whether or not to act on the impulse, given the opportunity-he certainly seemed keen and there was no-one else around. I put my left leg down, exposing my hard cock to him, as he had done moments earlier-nothing wrong with a little exhibition, I thought. Maybe after that, he or I would scoot over and grab the other.

Before I could act, though, we were interrupted by an old dude entering the sauna and I immediately hugged my legs trying to cover my hardon. The older man stood in the corner, perhaps realising he had interrupted something. Pity, I thought. So close ...

A few minutes later, two younger men (who I had spotted on the weights floor earlier) then entered the steam room and sat on the level below my friend and I. I was now even harder than before, because these two guys-the one especially-must have been about 18. Pristine, cut bodies. Both blonde and gorgeous, but unfortunately wearing their boxer briefs so I didn't catch a glimpse of their cocks. I had hoped, when I was doing weights on the floor, that they might join me in the steam room, but didn't expect much. I felt like I was in luck now-hopefully, if the old man left, I'd get to jack off with three other hot guys.

The old guy wasn't budging, however, and time was running out-I didn't wanna be late for this movie. I waited (struggling) for my hardon to soften up so I could leave and shower without anyone noticing my arousal-it was tough, considering the two guys both kept absent-mindedly rubbing their respective semis through their Calvin Klein boxer briefs.

Eventually, I got up and walked out and headed to my bag to fetch my shampoo and body wash before heading to the showers. On my way back towards the showers, I ran into my first friend leaving the steam room-his semi a little less discreet than mine. My heart raced-he was following me and was keen. I headed into the shower room with my boner straining. I picked the one on the end. My friend had similar intentions and walked into the one opposite mine. I turned my water on and stood with my back to him with my eyes closed, trying to cool my body down after the extended steam room session. The whole time I knew he was checking me out. It turned me on.

I turned to have a look down the shower room to make sure it was clear, noticing one of the guys walking in but not taking notice of my friend and I as we stole glances at each others throbbing dicks as we rubbed them.

Eventually I thought, bugger it, and started fervently jacking off-as did he. We both kept checking each other out. My eyes moved from the massive cock he was tugging on to the rest of his body which wasn't as chiselled as my other two fantasy guys a couple stalls down, but still tight.

At this point I was so horny, I wanted nothing less to walk across and grab his thick dick so I turned to check if the coast was clear. To my shock, the old man was a few stalls down from my friend's and he blatantly stared at me as I jacked off. I was embarrassed, cursed and turned around with my back to him, hiding my boner in shame. This encounter was over, I thought.

I started washing off, disappointed and turned one more time to see if the old man was still there. I was in luck. He was gone.

Now, I thought, I'd just go for it so I turned to face my friend with the big cock, who was now humping into his hand, eyes fixed on my dick. I checked him out and made eye contact. He smiled and just as I was about to walk across to grab his dick, he shot a nice load of white cum.

I was disappointed I never got to grab his uncut cock. And continued jerking off for him and finished up so I could get out of there. When I came, he smiled and finished off his shower and walked off smiling at me. I was left cradling a massive boner which I couldn't walk back into the change room with so I waited for it to soften up.

As I entered the locker room, he was finishing getting changed and packing up his stuff. I dropped my towel and flashed my again hardening cock at him one last time as I pulled on my tighty whitey boxer briefs for him. He smiled again and said cheers to me as he walked out.

I just wish we had done more or exchanged digits so we could meet up to do so again. Good wank, though. Just had three subsequent wanks thinking about it.



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