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Gym Encounter

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Introduction: I'm 23 years old, half-Portuguese, half-Canadian, pretty tall, slim, tan and dark. I was 22 at the time the story happened. I'm bisexual.

I've been working out at the gym a couple of times a week for 4 years now. Ever since I realized I liked boys too, I've enjoyed coming to the gym to both get fit and see men parading naked in the locker room. I would always get completely naked in the locker room, even when just putting on shorts instead of pants, pretending I need underwear that 'provided more support' to work out, taking long showers, going into the steam room naked after working out, etc.

One day, I had been swimming for a while in the gym pool, and so I decided to go and take a shower before relaxing in the steam room. And so, after rubbing myself under the communal shower's hot water longer than necessary, I headed for the steam room, with my towel in my hand.

I reached for the door and when I looked inside to see if there was anybody, I was shocked. There was a guy, barely older than me, who was jacking off, completely naked. His moans turned into a sort of gasp, as I stood there looking at him. He was blond and shorter than me, but his muscles very so very well-defined. His erect dick was about one inch bigger than mine, which I am rather proud of at 7 inches. I felt my penis throb slightly as I watched him, and so I mumbled a faint 'Sorry for interrupting' before walking out.

As I was starting to get changed, I kept thinking about the sexy blonde and what he must be doing right now.As I was putting on my underwear, the steam room door opened (the steam room is adjacent to the locker room, so guys don't have to walk throughout the sports center in their towels only) and I saw his head poking out. I stared at him, immobile. He gestured for me to come with him, at which point I looked down to see that his penis was still very hard. Intrigued, I closed my locker and followed him, in my underwear. I came inside the steam room, in which we were alone, and he spoke up:

'Sorry about earlier, I was just really horny and I thought I'd come here to take care of it, I... yeah...'

'It's okay,' I said, uncertain, 'I jack off too.'

I saw that he looked down upon my dick, which was hardening very fast inside my tight underwear.

'Well well,' he said, 'maybe we could take care of that raging erection. I didn't blow my load and the fact that I got caught kinda gets me hot... Here, let me help you.'

And with that, he got up and pulled down my boxer briefs, letting him catch sight of my 7-inches boner. He grabbed it with both his hands and started jacking me off, very slowly at first and then faster. I let out a moan.

'We could... get caught...' I half-moaned.

'So what? Aren't you having fun?'

I nodded vigorously and he started going faster. His hands were drenched in pre-cum and I was on the edge of cumming when I lunged forward, grabbed his dick and started jacking him off. He let go of my throbbing erection and started moving his hips, moaning as he did so. No more than 5 minutes later, he was cumming and, since I was sitting and he was standing up in front of me, his hot cum spurted on my belly. Once his toes stopped curling, he rubbed his hands in his cum, licked my belly and started jacking me off again. The feel of his hot cum on my penis was too much and I came, spurting load after load high up on my chest.

We quickly wiped ourselves with his towel and came out of the steam room, trying to look unsuspicious. No need to say, I've been going to the gym a lot more lately, and each time I met him, we jacked each other off in the steam room, sometimes going for more than jacking off, but that's another story...



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