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Gym And Shower

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it has been quite some time that i've been reading the stories here, and damn, it makes me feel so horny! this site makes my cock so stiff!
since i'm an avid reader, i might as well share my story about jacking off.
it was one time at the gym. after work, i would go directly to the gym since it was only located near my office. i've been working out for 4 years so i can say that i have a good lean body. i'm 26, tan, 5'8 in height. i am straight though im quite being turned on by those muscle buffs in the gym. i have to jack off in the shower room whenever i get horny.
it was 5:30pm after my work, and i head straight to the gym. i was doing my stretches when the GT (gym trainer), who happens to be my friend, introduced me to Mark. he's new in the gym though he had been going to the gym before. he's about my height. he had good body, nice chest and arms, and he has good packs of abs! much better than mine! it quite interest me but i haven't thought of jacking then. i introduced him to my friends and oriented him in the gym. i then left him to this his workout.
Mark was doing some crunches on the floor, while i was doing squats near him. after using the weights, i returned it to the rack. the rack happens to be placed near his head. while i was fixing the weights, i noticed that he was looking through my shorts. i was wearing a baggy shorts of thigh length and supporters. the scene gave me a hard-on but before it bulges off my short, i have to go and do my final stretches.
i went to the lockers and undress so that i could hit the shower. i still have my hard-on. i was naked but its normal there to see naked men. Mark entered and saw me. he was quite embarassed. he said sorry and i replied 'it was fine', then, he head to the showers. maybe he's just not used of that scene.
i was about to enter the showers when i saw Mark. he was leaning his back on the wall and he was rubbing his nipples. i saw his cock in full erection. his other hand was stroking it. yeah, he got turned on by me while he was looking at my shorts and when he saw me naked! he was jacking off! it made me feel so horny, that i had an erection inviting me to jack off! i was stroking my cock while i'm watching him stroke his. i could see the pleasure in his face! it made me so horny, that i could shoot anytime! Mark was moaning and i could say that he's close to cumming! he stroked faster! i could see his pleasure on his face! he was moving his hips in fucking motion and with a final groan, he shot his load! alot of cum flew out of his cock. he continued stroking until he was soft. at that event, i also shot my load on the wet floor and my cum flowed straight to the drain. it was alot of cum too. i was exhausted. he stood for a while and then washed. i entered the showers pretending that i have'nt seen anything. i tapped him in the shoulders, and he smiled. he was quite shy, but soon got over it. i haven't talked to him about his show and his being turned on because of me.



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