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Guy at the Gym_1

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I never thought this would happen to me...


There's this dude at the gym who I've noticed who is pretty fit I'm currently in the process of losing alot of weight.

This guy is fit and is what I hope to look like when I'm finished. He's a little taller than me (prob 200cm tall). He was a typical blonde haired blue eyed Aussie.

Sometimes I go to the change rooms to use the toilet once I'm finished on one of the machines. I've seen him changing before, but he's always facing the wall though, so I never see his front, just his butt.

He lifts his legs up to put his boxer briefs on, and I can see his balls dangling.

Well the other day I walked in while he was just putting his gym singlet on. So I used to the toilet and he'd left the change rooms when I was done.

I could see he'd left his change of clothes hanging on one of the hooks. I searched through the layers hanging there and found that he'd left a pair of his boxer briefs hanging there. So I took them into the toilet stall and smelt them.

They smelt a little like pee, but mostly they smelt a little sweet, they smelt really great.

I'd finished and went to put them back out on the hook, when the guy walked back into the change rooms, he must have forgot something.

He said 'What the hell are you doing?'

I still had a boner at this point from smelling his boxer briefs.'I...these fell and I was just putting them back' I replied.

He grabed my hand and led me into one of the toilet stalls holding his boxer briefs in his other hand. I didn't know what the hell was going on. He caught me by complete suprise when he grabbed my hand.

He closed the door and locked it. He grabed my hair on the back of my head and starting frenching me. I was in even more shock, I'm not gay. I just have this curiosity about men's underwear. The obsessions stop there though.

I pushed him back after about a second or two, 'What they hell are YOU doing?'

'If you make a fuss right now, I will make your life hell around here', he replied.

'But...ahh...dude I'm not gay.'

'I'm not either, but I just caught you touching my stuff so your going to pay.'

He pulled my gym shorts down and grabed my crotch through my white boxer briefs. I thought it would hurt but he was gentle. He just kinda pushed them up my boner instantly came back. He pulled my briefs down, and grabbed my penis and balls in one hand and started pulling on them.

At this point...to be continued...



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