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Guilty Cousin Fantasy

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I keep having these fantasies about my younger cousin. I've finally formulated a hot full fantasy encounter, that I hope may happen some day.


I have about 26 first cousins, with around 10 + or - 3 years in age to myself. So you're bound to have one hot cousin. My cousin in question is 16, for the story's purpose we'll call her Mary.

Mary's family is our closest related family, both in distance away and how much time we spend together. There's my aunt, uncle my 21 year old cousin Liam, and then Mary. I'd say they're over at our house or is at theirs at least once a week, and usually more.

Mary used to be a chubby little girl, but in the last couple of years she's sprouted and really lost the weight. I'm very picky, but I wouldn't say she has the prettiest face ever, but I think I only see that because we're related. The problem is her body. She has an absolutely amazing figure, with big boobs and a fantastic tight ass. Unfortunately she covers up top quite a bit generally, but even just around the house, she always wears really tight trousers or those leather leggings kind of thing, really putting her ass on show and making it difficult not to look at. Reading this site has really led me to fantasise about encounters quite a bit, and really makes me feel like doing something. I don't know how I've been in that house so many times by myself and never thought to have a look in her room for panties or toys or anything. For sure something ill be doing next time

Anyway, that's all the real stuff. Stick on through though.

So anyway, one day we're all over at their house, except for Mary. My Mam and her sister decide that they want to go shopping, and ask us all to go along. The others all agree but I'm watching a match on TV so I ask if I can stay, and they say sure. My aunt says Mary will be home from a match in a half hour, so she'll leave me a key anyway in case I want to leave before Mary gets back, and I can lock up.

So anyway, five minutes after they leave, I decide to go up to Mary's room and have a look around for the first time. I find a few used panties and some of those cotton leggings she wears. They smell beautiful, and one of the panties are still damp. At this stage I'm crazy hard, and about to start jacking off. But then I had an idea. I kept rifling through her room to keep myself insanely aroused while I wait for a car to pull up dropping her home. (Her window faces the gates). So eventually, she arrives home. I pull off my clothes, leave the door half open, take a panties to my face and start jacking off, moaning reasonably loudly, but not exaggerating, to make sure she can hear me when she's coming up the stairs, while making it seem like maybe I wouldn't have been able to hear her.

I'm so hard though just thinking about her finding me that I nearly cum straight away, so I just cool it until she's in the kitchen. So I hear her in the kitchen singing to herself. I hear her footsteps coming up the stairs and I start my moaning. A few seconds later the door opens fully.

"Holy shit!" She said "what the hell are you doing Michael? Are they my pants?"

"Oh god Mary I'm so sorry, I didn't know you were here! Jesus I'm sorry, I was just so horny and the first thing that came into my head seeing as I was here was you. So I just got curious and came up for a look and things got out of hand!"

At this point I'm glad to see she hasn't ran from the room, and her shock seems to be subsiding.

"I've heard it hurts if you stop without finishing. Is that true?" She asks me. So me, with penis still in hand answer, "Well yeah, but I'm hardly just going to start wanking with you here..." Leaving the sentence hanging. She says "well I haven't seen a guy do it before, could I watch you? Maybe learn or something?" After she said that I nearly exploded everywhere.

"Sure," I say, "but can you maybe take off your top or something? I know it sounds pervy, but I'm not sure if I'll get it going again, this is quite weird.. You have to PROMISE never to say a word of any of this." "Of course" she answers, peeling off her top and in clipping her bra, revealing the most beautiful tits I've ever seen. She giggles as I gawk at her. "Do you maybe want to see a bit more?" She asks. "Yeah I think you'll have to." I say jokingly.

She pulls down her trousers, revealing tight white panties. I can see a camel-toe, with a little damp patch that nearly makes me faint from arousal.

I start beating off, making sure to go slow so I don't cum straight away, even though I'm sure I'd just be able to go straight away again anyway. After about 30 seconds I notice she's starting to rub herself, and making soft moaning noises. "Sorry, but watching you is making me pretty horny too" she says. I say "I'm going to try and hold it off for as long as I can so we can cum together, but I'm so turned on I'm not sure how long I can last!" She doesn't answer, but speed up her rubbing and starts to finger herself, moaning louder and louder.

"I'm going to cum" she says between moans a minute later. Seconds later she lets out a beautiful scream and squirts ejaculate everywhere. "Oh shit that's never happened before" she shouts. All this drives me over the edge, and I shoot the most cum I've ever seen onto a pile of tissues in front of me.

After we hurriedly clean up the mess and catch our breath, she says "That was fun, maybe we can do it again sometime, but I do you and you do me?" I reply with a hearty "fuck yeah!" And we both laugh.

Anyway, that's the end of what I've thought up. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. I would love to make this happen. If you guys could comment what you think of my plan or other possible approaches it would be so appreciated! Ill keep you all updated if something miraculous actually does happen!

Also I forgot to note earlier. I'm a skinny 19 year old guy, but constantly being told that I'm good-looking, unfortunately I get 'cute' a lot, but still my looks wouldn't have an impact on what would happen, as I do think I'm a pretty good looking guy.



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