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Guest House

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I grew up in a lake town, and lived almost right on the water. When my parents were first building our house they built a smaller one nearer the lake, and since our house was finished, they use the small one as a guest house, and rent it to vacationers.

When I was 14 (19 now), there were three college guys that came up to rent the house. Their names were Scott, Jacob, and Skylar. My parents told me that Skylar had rented the house a year before with his girlfriend, but I didn't remember him.

They were there for a week, and since the guest house was near the dock, I was down there too. My parents worked during the week, so I usually didn't have much to do. The first day I went down there, they were already outside, but not swimming. I was going to get on the skidoo, but Skylar came over towards me and shouted, 'Hey Matt, come play volleyball with us. We need another guy.'

I was really surprised that he knew my name, and even more surprised that he asked me to play volleyball. I was nervous to hang out with college guys, but went over to the guest house.

They started setting up the net, and we played for a long time. After a while, I got more comfortable with them. They were all really nice to me.

After the game, it was getting really hot outside, so they decided to watch tv in the guest house, and eat lunch. I started to walk back to the hosue, but they said that I could hang out with them I if I wanted. So I did.

During lunch, they all joked around, especially about sex and girls. They picked on me a little bit, but not to be mean. The jokes also turned to dick size and jerking off. At one point Skylar actually got his dick out, and flashed us. Not for long, but just as a joke. I'd never seen a dick that big before. I figured it was big because he was older. I was already getting turned on by the sex talk, but when he took his dick out, it got me super hard. I was sitting down, and I hoped no one noticed how much I enjoyed seeing it.

Pretty much every other day that week went the same, I would hang out with them in the morning, we'd go inside for lunch, and then hang again in the afternoon.

One day, I went down there and they weren't outside and the truck was missing. Scott came out and told me that they had all gone to a bar the night before, and that Skylar and Jacob had picked up some girls, and spent the night at their houses. He said I could still hang out if I wanted, he was just going to chill inside until they came back though.

So I went inside, and Scott was texting them to see when they'd get back, but wasn't getting an answer. He said they must have been up all night and sleeping late, and that he was really jealous that he didn't get any action.

I thought Scott was really hot, and the other guys too. I don't know why he hadnt' found a girl, but was glad to be hanging out with him.

He was flipping around the channels, and finally said 'Fuck it man. I haven't gotten off all week and I really need to jack it.' The guest house was just one open space so I guess he didnt' have much privacy. I thought it was funny that he said that, and asked, 'Do you want me to leave?' He said, 'You can leave if you want, unless you want to jack off too.'

I couldn't believe he had said that. It made me get an instant hard-on, and I didn't know what to say. Scott finally said, 'Come on man, you're a dude, I know you jack off.' I just said, 'Yeah, I jack off.' Scott laughed and said, 'I saw you looked like you liked seeing Skylar's dick the other day.' I didn't want him to think I was gay or anything, so I said, 'Well, yeah, it just looked really big.' Then Scott said, 'Oh yeah, you want to see a real big one?'

Before I could say anything, Scott stood up. He was only wearing swimming trunks, and no shirt. I could see that he was already sporting wood in his shorts. Then he opened them, and let his dick out. It was really big. Especially compared to mine. Scott walked over to me and said 'See, what do you think?' I just said, 'Yeah, it's big'. He laughed and said, 'Let's see yours'.

I was so nervous to show him, but I slowly opened my shorts and let my dick out. I was really hard at this point. He reached over and stroked it once, and said, 'That's a good size for your age.'

I could not believe he touched my dick. I've never been that horny in my life. Then he said, 'you want to touch mine?'. I reached out and felt Scott's huge dick. It started throbbing in my hand. He told me to touch his balls with my other hand, so I did.

Then Scott dropped his shorts, and told me to get naked. I had been sitting on one of their beds, and he got up there with me. We just laid there for a while, playing with each others dicks. He asked me, 'Do you like this?' I told him yes. And he said, do you want to try something else.

I didn't say yes or no, but Scott went ahead and grabbed my dick and his hand, and was stroking them together. It felt so good to have his big penis against mine.

I was moaning, and Scott said, 'Don't cum yet.' Then he turned me on my back, and with our penises together, he started making a humping motion, on my dick and stomach. Then he put his hand on my head and kissed me really forcefully.

I started shooting tons of jizz. I thought I would never stop. But Scott wasnt' done yet. While I was cumming he lifted my legs over his shoulders and pushed his dick against my butt, and kept thrusting. He didn't put in in my ass, just rubbed it between my cheeks. This made my orgasm really intense, and he also started cumming. He shot all over me.

We laid there, breathing really heavy for a while. Then we both got in the shower, and washed off.

While we were in the shower, Jacob finally texted and said they were coming back. We hurried up and got dressed again. Scott made me promise not to tell the other guys.

Unforunately, Scott and I didn't get another chance that week to meet up. But I got his phone number. A couple more times that summer, he drove out and I would sneak away to jack off with him. We, of course, eventually started doing other things, which I can't mention on this site. We did this for a couple of years, until I was 17, and then he graduated from college, and moved out of state.

Now that I've gotten away from home, and started college, Scott has a really steady girlfriend, and they live together. But he will jerk off with me on cam, and has promised we will hang out before next summer. I can't wait!



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