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Guess Who Showed Me

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At the age of 12 I would often stay at a close friend of my mother's house while she went on trips. We were pretty close and always did a lot of fun things together. Even sleeping in the same bed together as well.

My Aunt is about 5' 4', short brown hair, a little bulky, brown eyes, and thats about how I would discribe her.

Well one day she went to the store to buy some food and what not. I was feeling bored so I began looking around the house. That led me to her room, where I began looking through her things. As I searched I began to find a massive amount of porn hidden under her bed. Now at this age I had neer seen porn in my life. So I decided to pop a video in. To my surprise there was a video in there already. I pressed play and what I saw was about the most shocking thing I ever saw up until that moment in my life.

Two men both inside a woman's ass and vagina. I was beyond belief seeing this. Watching this began to give me a boner, which was normal but I never did anything about it. Next thing I knew the two men were both jerking their cocks over her face and began spraying white stuff all over her face. I was a bit grossed out at first thinking it was pee. But then I had realized it wasn't becasue it was not yellow or clear but white and thick all over her face and head. So I quickly turned off the tv and vcr and went to bed thinking my aunt would kill me if I was watching her videos. All that night before I went to sleep I replayed the scence inmy mind of the white stuff shooting out of their big dicks.

The next day I woke, and my aunt was sitting down at the table having her usual coffee with her breakfast. She asked me to sit down and have breakfast with her as usual. Then she asks 'so what did you think?'

'Think about what?' I asked.

She laughed and said 'I know you watched my video last night.'

She then asked if I knew what the video's were for.

I said 'no', and she replied 'its for mastubating.' To make it short she explained what masturbation was for and that it was not a bad thing, and that she did it to relieve the preasure. She asked 'did you have a hard on when you saw the video?'

I said 'yes' and she said 'you see that is when... come here'.

We got to her room, and she played another video, and we both sat at the edge of the bed. The vidoe played as a big breasted blonde woman began sucking on a man's limp cock. As it grew, I began to get aroused and stared to feel the preasure building. My aunt asks 'are you hard yet?' I answered yes, and she had me stand up in front of her. She pulled down my shorts and out popped my 5 inch boner. She replied by saying 'wow, You have a nice penis Mark.' She told me to start jerking it like they did on the video. So I started jerking away as she told me what to do. It felt great and I did not think of any reason in the world to be shy. I watched her as she watched the head of my cock pop in and out of my hands. Before I knoew it, she said 'you will feel somthing weird, but don't stop.' So a few moments later I felt it. She leaned in closer and said 'don't stop hun, keep going.'

Right then I shot out a long string of cum that landed right on the bed beteeen her legs. And another and another followed by a few drops.

She said 'thats what my videos are for, and you know you can borrow them anytime you please.' There was a lot more to it, but I had to keep it short.



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