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Like other contributors here recently, I find that masturbation is far more satisfying than sex. (Please men, I do not mean this to be any comment on your potency, so please do not comment that 'I haven't met the right man yet'. Just respect what I say.)


Masturbation, for me, is a never ending journey of discovery that can be subtle as a summer breeze or crashing discoveries like a winter storm.

Lately, I have found that at certain times of the month I really get off masturbating in surroundings that others would call, 'dirty' or 'grungy' as my best friend puts it. To put it in some context, I may take it into my head to masturbate in a car park I know where people go to 'dog'. I may do it in a public car park...you know, the sort you get in multi stories, expecially in the stairwells that ...umm.. well.. smell.

Last night, I allowed myself a treat and went to a nightclub. This particular club is called 'Glitz', but it may equally well be called 'Get in here, leave your knickers at the door and fuck anything that moves'. It is not at all uncommon to see couples making love standing up on the dance floor. The management turn the lights down and turn a blind eye. I know for a fact that at the end of the night, in the darkness there is many a girl who has gone home with someone other than her boyfriends sperm in her.

Anyway.. back to me. I went there horny, and I knew I was going to get myself off there. I was wet even as I queued to get in and by the time I bought a horribly expensive drink and found a table, I could even smell myself. Yummy! I watched the girls, (yes, I AM that way inclined) and teased myself under my dress until I couldn't take much more. If I touched myself again, I would have cum right there.

I was ready.

So I went to the ladies room, and waited. Soon, a really pretty, (and I suspect REALLY young) girl came in. At the most she was 18, but it's hard to tell, right? She was exactly what I was looking for... someone hot and very sweaty. She went into the cubicle and I listened really carefully and heard her pee. This has always turned me on. I even let a tiny drop go into my knickers too. (Told you I like to be 'grungy' from time to time.) She flushed the loo and came out. I went straight in. The cubicle had floor to ceiling walls and doors that touched the floor and the whole place was full of her scent. Her sweat, her pee and unmistakably, her cunt.

I stood there, looking into the toilet bowl she had just peed in and stuck my hand into my knickers. Hot DAMN this was not going to take long. I slipped my short skirt off and hung it on the hook on the door. Inhaling the girls mixture of scents (what is it about smells that, even when they are mixed up, its easy to determine their individual nature?) So, I turned back to the toilet and spread my legs until it was between my knees. I put my hand back in my knickers and with the very tip of my middle finger, I teased my already hyper-sensitive clit into readiness.

I edged for about as long as I could and when my knees began to shake I slowly, very VERY slowly, let myself pee softly into my knickers. Along with the wetness came a shattering orgasm. (I have done this before so I know how to stand without it running down my legs. I felt the crotch of my knickers fill and then the stream into the toilet. I looked down and what I was doing and let out a long series of cries and moans. (Yes, I knew someone else was in there too.)

When I came out, I had stuffed my wet knickers into the disposal bin and just had my skirt on. I looked flushed in the face and with good reason. Another girl was there tending to her makeup and she grinned at me. 'Good one?' I said 'Uh huh... best one so far tonight.' 'You looking for another one?' I nodded.

Taking me by the hand, she led me back into the cubicle. We kissed in there for ages and did a little light touching. Then she suggested we leave and go to her place.

Once there, I would LOVE to report it was a realy full on lez-fest with strap ons, but it wasn't. It was two girls masturbating each other, for sure, but it was also talking about fantasies while masturbating oursleves too, and THAT was sensational. Telling a total stranger that your ultimate fantasy is to have another girl pee her knickers onto me while she jills off is just the best. In her turn, she told me that she masturbates imagining her boyfriends penis inside another girl. (Apparently she has suggested it, but he only has eyes for her.... awwww. sweet) I made her cum by role playing that he had fucked me and I was telling her all about it. We jilled each other, (we discovered that she can cum anally!) and humped a little, but mainly it was fingers, pussies and only a little use of tongues for licking. Have you ever had someone literally talk you into orgasm? Well I have. She was really inventive with fantasies and gave me a few ideas for the future too. We fell asleep on her bed just as dawn was breaking.

I went home at lunchtime smelling sweaty and covered in her pussy juices. Not a bad night all in all.



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