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Growing Up With Suzy

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Early years with my older sister.


This is a Great site!!! I wished more ladies would chime in.
When I was growing up, my sister, Suzy and I were very close. She's 5 years older than me. I also have a sister who's 6 years younger than I am. Despite the age difference, I was very close to Suzy. She protected me, and was my babysitter when I was little. Hell, she was my mentor in the early years. Many mornings when I was a small child, before anybody was up, I'd get out of bed, walk down the hall, and climb in Suzy's bed to sleep with her. It was always so warm cuddling up with her on a Saturday morning. Winter Saturday mornings were so enjoyable.
She usually slept in the nude, but sometimes just panties. And, I really enjoyed the warmth being with her, especially in the winter months when it was ice cold early in the morning. I think it started when I was about 5. Looking back at the pictures of her back then, she was a real cute girl. However, she was always pudgy to fat. But, that sure didn't faze me. There was THAT much more to hold onto and love.
After a couple years, our snuggles became longer in the morning. Saturdays and Sundays were really great. We both were late sleepers, so we would cuddle together for hours. I remember her turning over, towards me at different times while she slept. When she hit her teen years, her nice full breasts were so available as she slept on her side. I would play with her nipples, and they got hard and long. That was the real first thing I learned. Play with a girl's nipples, and they grow. I always wondered then if she was really sleeping some of those times. Of course she wasn't.
Each morning, I woke up early like clockwork, and ran to Suzy's room. In the early years, I started out by walking to Suzy's room and asking if it was alright to climb in. But, over time, it was just part of my routine, without asking. She seemed to love it, too. One morning, when I was feeling sick, Suzy came in my room before anyone else was up, to find out why I hadn't come in her room yet. She started nursing me back from a bad cold before my folks were up. And, then she climbed in MY bed to cuddle that morning.
When I was about 8 or 9, I remember starting to not just snuggle next to Suzy, but that's when I started wrapping my arm around her as she faced the other way. I know I must have held on to her big breasts more than once. She never said anything, no matter what I did. A few years later, when I was about 10, I remember getting my first erections while spooning with Suzy. My cock would grow while pressing against her large, soft, warm sexy plump teen butt cheeks. This, I guessed, also never bothered her, as she never said a word.
About a year later, I had my first orgasm while rubbing my hard cock against her butt. I think she was asleep, and I remember when she woke up, she ran her hand against her butt, feeling my young spunk. She didn't get mad, but I remember the next morning as I climbed in, she reached over to her night stand, and pointed to a box of tissues, and told me to use it whenever I had to. She smiled as she said it. Nothing specific, nothing more said. But as I lay there, I figured it out. She said that about the tissues because of what I did the morning before. My friends and I never talked about sex, and masturbation, and cum. So, I didn't really know what was going on with me at that age. I was embarrassed, but also pleased Suzy let me keep on snuggling with her each morning. I didn't cum again for a few days. The next Saturday, I woke up, arm over her side, I realized I was squeezing and rubbing one of her nipples to a state of hardness, and my morning hard on was pressing firm against the crack in her ass.
I couldn't contain myself, and slowly humped her butt. I think she was awake by then. Suzy never had a boyfriend those years. I'll bet she didn't really go out with a guy until she was in college. I suppose she liked the attention sexually each morning. Even from her kid brother. But, nothing was ever said between us about these morning rituals. Some mornings, little Sissy would sneak in and climb in. That was usually no problem since she was so small. But, one morning when I was softly humping Suzy's ass, Sissy came in, and tried to climb over me to get in between us, and cuddle. But, Suzy lifted Sissy over to her other side, and cuddled her from there, while I kept humping Suzy's ass. I guess that's when I figured out that it was alright to do this, and that Suzy liked it. I can still see Sissy poking her head up, and looking down, over Suzy's hip to see me rub my cock to glory. Suzy pulled her back down, and told her to go to sleep. I heard Sissy whine about the bed rocking, and Suzy just shushed her up while I finished.
Suzy was now my closest family member, though I also spent a lot of time with my younger sister, Sissy. Sissy and I played a lot during the days when we weren't in school. Suzy was usually involved with something on those days. I never looked at Sissy the same way I viewed Suzy. Probably from the huge size difference. It's funny, but I hadn't even learned to masturbate using my hands yet. But, I had a nice orgasm every Saturday morning humping Suzy's soft tush. Sometimes during the week, too. When she was facing me, I snuggled against her big breasts. But, when she would turn again to face the other way, my cock would already be hard, and I would hump my way to yet another in the most gratifying orgasms I ever remember as a kid.
I think I had just started Jr. High when I instinctively tried to poke her pussy one of those times she was facing me. I remember I had a hard time reaching her pussy with my cock, since it wasn't very long, and the fact that she had these very large thighs that clamped together, guarding her pussy. It was that year I first noticed Suzy masturbating, though I didn't really know what was going on. As she faced the other way one morning, and I was humping her, I noticed her legs moving more than usual, and they parted off and on. Then, I noticed her hand down between her legs. Her breathing got shorter, and louder. She began shaking, like convulsions. All I know, is that it sure enhanced the feelings that transmitted to my cock. My spunk spurted out all over her creamy butt and lower back. It took 3 tissues to clean it off this time!! And, like always, she never said a word about it. But, I could tell she slept so peacefully right after it.
One of those mornings, after we got up and out of bed, I noticed the large wet spot on her side. At first, I thought she had peed the bed, but, I found out later it wasn't pee, but her juices which had gushed out during masturbation. Some girls gush a lot of juices when they masturbate, and Suzy was definitely one of them.
Another time, she turned to lay on her stomach as I was humping her. This disappointed me at first. Then, I noticed she was feeling her pussy, this time from underneath her. She kind of grabbed my arm, and directed me to get on top of her. 'Get on top and do it while I take care of my business. But you can't stick my butt.'. This was the only time I ever remember her speaking during all these humping sessions. And, I had no idea she was also telling me no anal sex. (I've never gotten into anal, I just love smooth butts.)
I climbed on top resting mostly on my knees, my own butt resting on her meaty upper thighs. I had the best hump of her butt ever. It was much softer, and more meaty with her laying on her stomach. My cock slid perfectly up and down the crack of her ass as I laid on top straddling her between my legs. My gushing pre cum was more than enough to lube her butt cheeks. I was pretty bold by this time, and I remember holding my cock, and used my cock on her butt like a painter with a brush. I ended up pushing my cock hard between her cheeks, and it was like titty fucking. I rode her butt like I was on a riding a horse. When I got on top of Suzy, I always made sure I had the tissues ready. Maybe I shot my spunk on her back once, causing Suzy to complain, I don't know. But, I remember always taking some with as I rolled on her. It sure didn't take long with me.
I'll bet she had to fight more to get her hand to her pussy with my weight on top, but I think she managed pretty well. As time went on, it more often that Suzy wanted to lay on her stomach and masturbated. She would pull at my arm to get on top. Sometime, I would lay awake before she woke up. I was patient about it, because soon I would be grabbing some tissues, climbing aboard, and having some of my greatest orgasms. She would then masturbate herself to some powerful orgasms, too.
She would like whimper softly. I loved laying besides her, after cumming and getting off of her, and feeling the sexual aura she would build for herself. Suzy was one to get into it slowly. But, it was so exciting to watch her masturbating. However, at that time, I never saw her pussy in action. I never got a good view then. But, it was still powerful. This is all we did. I humped her thighs, butt, or even my pillow sometimes. And, lots of times, I heard Suzy pleasuring herself.
When I was 13, and Suzy was 18, and preparing to go off to college the next day, she gave me a time to remember. I remember climbing into bed with her, and started to cry because I was going to miss her. Not just the humping, but because I loved her for ALL the things she was to me. Helping me with my homework, advice about everything. Making me great snacks at night. Everything. I loved her so much. She heard my sobbing, and turned towards me. She spoke to me about being more on my own. Going out with girls. And, getting use to taking care of myself more. She got up, grabbed her robe to put on, and walked over to quietly shut her door. She climbed back in bed, leaving her robe to fall away.
'I want to see you jack off once before I go. To see this cock I've felt so many times.' I was floored. Actually talking about this little secret of ours. I knew what it was to jack off using my hand, but I never did it. Tried it once, but it just didn't feel as good as humping on Suzy's soft butt. I told her this, and she smiled. 'Here, I'll show you.'
What happened after that will have to wait until I finish it. Gotta check the spelling a little bit. This is long enough for a part I. Oh, Suzy became a real good mom to her kids. Has a husband who's good to her. Nice family.
Hope you enjoyed......



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