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Growing Up With Ricky

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As far back as I could remember there was Ricky. The boy next door. He and I always played with each other and were almost like brother and sister.

Then, as we got older, things begin to change. He was looking at me differently. It was over a weekend that he was playing in his back yard. I went in our back yard. Ricky saw me and invited me over. I went over and he then said 'Let's go in the store room'. This was a building Ricky's dad had put up in their back yard. We use to always go into it and play.

We went in and Ricky closed the door. He came up to me and asked, 'Do you know what cum is'? I answered no. I didn't. He said ,'Want to see my cum'? I asked, 'What is it?' He said, 'You know how grown ups have sex, don't you?' I knew some about this and knew enough to know it was how babies were made. Ricky said, 'Do you know what makes a girl get pregnant when she has sex with a boy?' I answered, 'No'. Ricky said, 'It's cum'. He asked again, 'Want to see my cum?' I was getting real curious now and didn't even think anything was wrong with this. It was sounding educational in fact. Little did I know at first that Ricky was highly sexually aroused at this. I said, 'OK' to him about seeing his cum.

Then, things changed when Ricky started taking off his pants. In my young mind, he is doing something 'nasty'. I backed up a couple of steps as he pulled dowen his shorts showing his thing to me. And, it was big and stiff looking. I'd never seen anything like this. Ricky said, 'It's OK. Nothing is going to hurt you. All you have to do is watch and you'll get to see my cum squirt out.' I calmed down looking down at his thing. I know now this was exactly what Ricky wanted. My seeing his thing like it was just made him that much more excited. He then put his hand around it and started jerking it. What I know now as jerking off. Before long, Ricky said, 'Watch.' He then started squirting this white stuff out of the end of his thing. It went out a couple of feet and landed on the floor. It slowly came down to just a dribble running out. Ricky said, 'Did you like it?' I told him, 'That was neat.' He said, 'It's what makes babies.

That was my first lesson about sex and boys. The next time we went to the storage shed Ricky let me do it to him and I got some of the cum on me. I also let Ricky see me and touch me on my privates too. We learned a lot from each other back then.



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