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Growing Up With Auntie

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I'm a long-time reader of Solo Touch, since the Proaxis days. I've submitted a story before, almost ten years ago! I recently read it, and while it was a hot experience for me and still fuels my fantasies, it was terribly written and I've decided to re-write it, with a bit more back story.


Like I said in the comments above, I'm a longtime reader of Solo Touch, and for some reason I'm always drawn to the stories about experiences with family, and in particular, mother-son, brother-sister, and nephew-auntie stories, and also the stories of exhibitionism and hoping to get caught. I guess the reason why I'm drawn these is simply the 'naughty/taboo factor' of these types of stories. Although previously I felt very 'wrong' that these particular stories excited me, I'm starting to come to grips that this is normal, especially after JUST starting to read the comments section of this website and hearing the opinions of other readers. Here's my story about growing up while I was younger, and developing these fetishes.

Although I've never had ANY sexual feelings towards my sisters or mother, I have one extended family member who has always gotten me inexplicably horny. This woman is technically my cousin, but due to her relative age to me, I considered her an aunt while growing up. My theory for why I have sexual feelings towards her is that my mom had me when she was relatively older, and when I was growing up, people would often think my mom was my grandmother due to her older appearance. My 'aunt' however, was much closer to the age that you would expect my mother to be, and since she lived up the street from me, I would often spend lots of time at her house and vice versa. As a result, I think I developed the Freudian 'mom-crush' on my aunt rather than my biological mom.

To describe my aunt, she has always been slim and fit as she used to jog regularly, take her dog for walks, go hiking, etc. Though her breasts are average and nothing you would stop and stare at, she has a firm bubble-butt that only some females can maintain, and always seems to show it off by wearing tights or yoga pants. Thinking about it now, she is maybe the reason I developed into an ass man, rather than a breast man. Other than this, I would say she is fairly average. However, the one thing about my aunt is that she was always very touchy and affectionate. Whenever I saw her, she would never hesitate to give me a tight hug or kiss me on the cheek(both were rare in my family), or even playfully (not sexually) slap my butt when she said hi. I also remember one time while we were on a paddle boat together for a fun afternoon and while I was leaned over the edge of the boat looking into the water, she started playfully slapping my butt repeatedly, almost spanking me lightly. I remember finding this strangely erotic for the first time, and I remember trying to reposition my butt between each slap so that she would somehow make contact with my dick, but it never happened. My uncle, her husband, then asked her what she was doing (why she was spanking me playfully) and then she just laughed and stopped. That was that. Other than this, though, nothing else really happened with my aunt growing up sexually. I remember trying to peek at her while she was outside bathing during a camping trip when I was little, but I never caught a glimpse of her. That was it until several years later (which I will describe later).

Before I explain my sexual encounter with my aunt, I guess I'll explain how I became a slight exhibitionist. Shortly after I started masturbating when I was maybe in grade 5 or 6, I was exposed to, and had easy access to, pornography. My dad somehow hooked up the cable so we would get the pay-per-view channels for free, and among the free channels was a porno channel. I remember staying up late and waiting for 11pm to roll around so I could watch these beautiful women get fucked while their massive tits bounced up and down. It became a nightly routine where I would park myself in front of the TV and rub myself slowly in a circular motion through my shorts with the palm of my hand while the glow of the TV lit up my face. I desperately tried to hear the moans of the girls because I would have to switch between mute and the lowest volume setting so I wouldn't get caught, and each time I heard their moans, I would imagine how good sex felt. Eventually I would make myself cum using this rubbing technique, and instead of just shooting my load into a tissue or something, I remember holding the fabric of my athletic shorts tight against the tip of my dick so I could see my white, milky cum seep through the material to the outside. Some nights, I even dared to do this while my mom was napping right next to me in the same room! The excitement of watching porn and cumming right next to my sleeping mom was probably the start of my exhibitionist tendencies. After this, I would continue to get 'bolder' by not wearing any underwear around the house. The unfamiliar feeling of being ever slightly more 'exposed' to the world was invigorating, and I would love the slapping sound that my balls would make when I ran down the stairs.

These tendencies grew stronger within me to the point where I felt like I wanted to covertly expose my penis to someone when I had a rock hard erection. My first attempt at this was when another aunt of mine was visiting from out of town while she was staying at my auntie's house down the street. I think I chose her because she was a more distant relative that I didn't see often at all, and if she somehow caught me and I got in trouble for it, I wouldn't have to face much embarrassment because she would be flying back home in a few days. I went over to my auntie's house with just a pair of loose fitting shorts and a t-shirt, no underwear, as was now usual. While the two of them were in the guest room down the hall, I slowly played with myself until I developed a full blown erection. I can recall that the excitement and anticipation made me the hardest I had ever been up to that point in my life. I sat on a chair in the living room and positioned my hard on in my shorts so that it was pointing straight up to the ceiling and straining against the end fabric of the open leg of the shorts. As a result, if she were to walk at me straight on and look at my crotch, she would see the entire underside of my rock hard penis, but the head of my dick would be covered so that it would seem like it was an accident, or that I was oblivious to the fact that the underside of my cock was fully exposed. The excitement of just being exposed this much sent me through the roof! I'm sorry to say that I chickened out before I could show off my cock to either of them, but I did try it a couple more times and had definitely found an awesome way to get myself excited and to the edge before making myself erupt.

My fantasies about my auntie and exhibitionism came to a head when I was 16. I somehow got the idea that instead of showing my auntie my hard cock, I wanted her to FEEL it against her. Since she visited often, I came up with a plan to edge myself and become hard when she visited, and when she gave me her routine, loving hug, I would squeeze extra tight and let her feel my raging bulge press against her clothed pussy. It's funny thinking about it now, but guess I thought this would seem more accidental than letting her catch me while naked coming out of the shower or something. I tried this plan of mine once or twice, but when I would hug her, our bodies would press together so that my dick would be pressed straight up between us. Though there's a decent chance she may have felt it these times, I don't think she did and for that reason, I was very frustrated that I didn't get the result I wanted. As a result, the next time I got the opportunity, I was going to make sure she felt it.

The day finally came, and I edged myself for what seemed to be hours, waiting for her to come over. I put on my loosest pair of pants and went commando in them, and it would be obvious to anyone that I was sporting a huge tent inside. When it came time to hug, I tried my best to position our bodies so that my hard cock would poke right into her, but again, the angle of our bodies pressing together pushed my erection flat between us. Frustrated for the last time, I withdrew from our hug slightly, and used my hand to push my erection downwards. I held it there with my hand as I boldly pressed our bodies back together, so to make sure that the tip of my penis was pressed hard against her like I wanted it to, and then I returned my other hand around her to hug her tightly. My cock strained against her as long as it could, and from the pressure of our warm bodies pressing, it slipped ever so slightly between her thighs right under her pussy, which I now imagine was radiating heat, but I don't remember. The hug was naughty ecstasy, and I let it linger as long as she would let it. I could see that she definitely felt it this time, as she dropped her eyes to look down at my penis, and I swear that I saw her motion her hand down towards it. To this day I don't know whether it was to smack it out of the way or to take it out of my pants and give it a tug, but of course my fantasy hopes it was the latter. However, the hug ended and our bodies separated. She stayed briefly after that to use our phone and make a call, and while she was talking, her eyes were glued to my dick that was tenting through my pants. She soon left and as soon as she was out the door, I raced to the bathroom and stroked myself to the most explosive orgasm that I had ever had to that point. The exit she was going through is right by the bathroom window, and I thought about letting out an audible moan while I came so that she could hear, but I didn't.

After that experience, there was a period where she didn't let our hips touch during our subsequent hugs, and even perhaps avoided hugging me unless I initiated, but soon they went back to normal. Since then there have been a series of negative events in my life and as a result a time of about 3-4 years where I was really ashamed of this sexuality and I didn't even visit Solo Touch or watch porn anymore. But now I'm back and more comfortable with my fantasies and even though I'm now ten years older, after getting reacquainted with Solo Touch I find myself thinking about my aunt sexually more and more, and I still try to conjure up scenarios where I can have her accidentally 'catch' me while I'm naked and at full mast, though it would prove to be difficult nowadays since I don't see her as often, and I'm not a teenaged virgin boy walking around with a boner 24/7. Haha. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this story and would love to hear your comments and perhaps suggestions of how to make my fantasy a reality!



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