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Growing Up Part 3

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A continuation of my experiences growing up.


It was the summer after our Freshman year of highschool so we were 15. Out of the four of us, Matt and I were more developed having entered puberty first. Followed by Scott and then Mike who was a late bloomer and just started sprouting hair at 14. I know this because Scott and Mike would also skinnydip at Matts so we knew how far along the others were. Mike liked to skinny with us and wasn't shy in the least. When we'd decide to swim he'd ask 'suits or skin?'. Scott was shy even though he didn't have anything to be embarassed about and I think he only did it because the rest of us were. Scott also hated the mandatory after gym showers. I had class with him one semester and he'd try and hide changing behind his small locker door. And when class was over he'd be the first in the lockerroom and already out of the shower by the time the rest of us entered, pulling his clothes onto his wet body. He wouldn't even bother trying to towel off.

Only reason I mention this is I found it odd to be so hung up on nudity. To me it was no big deal. We all had dicks. They all looked different. We were all at that awkward age where everyones at a different stage of development. Sure there was some teasing in the showers but it was never overboard, just guys being guys. And being more developed I never had any negative comments tossed my way other than in fun.

And I'll admit I liked looking at all the naked bodies. I'm sure I did like most teens and compared myself to others. For 15, I was a bit hairy with a light dusting across my chest and stomach, full pit hair, hair on my scrotum and inner thighs and dark hair on my legs below the knees. I was also shaving every third day or so. I was envious of those that, to me, were more of what a 15 year old should look like. Not a lot of body hair, just pubes and pits, and not a face full of whiskers.

And Matt was just that, the perfect teen body in my eyes. We were both the same height, 5'7' but I would be considered stocky compared to his trim build. I was naturally muscular, broad shoulders, large chest, arms and legs. Matt had a swimmers build with a visible 6 pac and hardly any body hair. Peach fuzz on his face, a light line in his pits, a small trail of hair from his navel into his pants and a perfect triangle of pubes above his penis. His skin seemed perpetually tan and smooth and he never had any acne (damn him). I can't express how much I envied my best friend.

Like many nights before Matt was sleeping over. We'd both showered and were in my room getting ready to bed down. I had a mirror on my bedroom door and we were both in front of it in just our underwear horsing around and striking muscle man poses. Matt admitted to me he liked how muscular I was and how he felt puny, wishing he had more bulk and definition. I was floored and said I'd wished I was more like him. He countered that I was more mature and it seemed to be taking a long time for him to grow up.

In a way he was right. When puberty hit me I grew fast and got all the hair fast. For Matt, he steadily got taller but still looked a bit boyish. What did happen with Matt is all his growing went to his penis. While not huge by any means it became adult size almost overnight and when flacid would flop around as he walked, almost looking like it was a little chubbed up. Mine was average size for 15 and really didn't flop around much. And his foreskin just added to my attraction to him. I always felt a little more exposed when we were naked together since his head was covered. And to me it looked cool and I wished I had one and often wondered 'how it worked'. I'd tried to pull what skin I had left up to cover my head but couldn't understand how it stayed there, even when hard.

We got into bed (Matt in Daves) and conversation was about general things and I knew we'd both end up rubbing one out just before we turned out the light for the night. For us, like it was with our brothers, conversation would die down and a hand would stray to our crotch, fondling through our underwear until hard, then pulling them off and slowly stroking. When at my house I'd reach into our nightstand and get some lotion to lube up with, much better than a dry jack. I'd always offer it to Matt but he'd pass saying he didn't need it. (more envy)

This night I spent a lot of time watching Matt and really wondering how the foreskin of his seemed glued to his cockhead but would expose it as he pulled down. It looked soft so I didn't understand how it magically worked it's way up and down, covering and uncovering.

It took a while since I didn't know how Matt would take it but I asked if I could come over to his bed and get a closer look and if he could show me how it worked. He didn't hesitate and said yes, but only if he could check mine out to see the difference. So I got on my brothers bed with him with my face at his crotch and my crotch at his face.

At first we just watched each other stroke. I remember smelling the soap from the shower mixed with his musk and the heat coming from his crotch.

I was fixated at how the skin seemed so thin covering his head and how it bunched up on the ridge of his glans and then slid up covering the entire thing. And how his head seemed smoother than mine and it had a damp look which I figured was from precum which when it came out of me I used as lube.

I wasn't getting a good view since Matts' hand covered most of what he was doing so I asked if he'd let go and let me have a look. He said 'Only if you do the same, I can't see much'. He let go and it lay on his leg and I looked all around what I could see. Almost all of his head was covered but I noticed on the underside there was a piece that seemed to hold it up. I looked at Matt and he was doing the same, looking at my dick from all sides with an inquisitive look on his face.

While watching him look at me he put out his hand to move my dick which was laying on my leg and stopped, asking me if it was ok if he moved it so he could see the other side. I said sure and took it as a cue to do the same.

He delicately grabbed the base and moved it out so he could look at all sides. I hadn't been touched by anyone since my brother jacked me off years ago and a tingle went through me and I twitched or jerked making Matt let me go. I told him not to worry, it just tickled good. Matt took it again and looked at all sides, gave it a few squeezes, and tentatively tested how my skin worked compared to his. It all felt very good, especially his milking out some of my precum and rubbing it gently around the head.

While he was doing this he nudged his crotch in my direction and I took the hint that he wanted some attention too. So, nervous, I picked up his dick and looked it over. It seemed at first touch it was so sofer than mine on the outside and just as hard on the inside. I pulled his skin down exposing his head and all my questions were answered, I saw the piece of skin on the bottom that seemed to hold it over his head, where mine obviously had been removed.

He was leaking precum as I was and I think it was more instinct than getting each other off that we started jacking each other. Nice and slow and savouring the feelings. I liked the feelings I was getting from my best friend and tried to do the same to him. Like my first time with Dave I felt things in my body I didn't feel when I did it to myself and try and hold out I knew I couldn't control it unless I told Matt to stop but didn't want to. And I knew I was doing the same to him as his hips started to buck into my fist and he was leaking pre like crazy.

He shuddered and came first and I'd seen him cum dozens of times but this time he shot his spurts straight onto my chest and I remember the hot feel and the smell. He had me wound up and I felt my nuts pull up and warned him I was going to blow. He spit on my cockhead and just used his fist to swirl around it and I'd never done that before and it felt so awesome and I came in torrents, more than I ever had before. Coating his hand which he rubbed all over my dick. I had to back away I was soooo sensitive.

We lay there for a bit before cleaning up and it was a bit awkward. The thoughts running throuh our heads. 'What did I just do?', 'Should we have done this?', 'Does this make me queer?'

Matt and I blew the experience off as curiosity and experimentation. Swearing we'd never mention it to anyone but at the same time wondering if our brothers had ever done the same thing since they were as close as we were. And that it might be fun to do it again since it was better than doing it to ourselves. Which we did. Not at every sleepover but from time to time. We both had to be super horny to go that far but it always was good.

I remember asking my brother the next night if he ever did anything with John, like jacking off like we did before falling asleep. I knew they might have. I'd seen stains on my sheets I knew weren't from me and it was obvious what they were. He asked me why I'd ask that and I mentioned the stains on my sheets and that me and Matt did it. He admitted it was true. I pushed and asked if they ever did anything else and he just blushed so I said 'never mind'. I knew it wasn't just Matt and I.



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