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Growing Up on the Farm

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My first ejaculation was one I can never forget. I started masturbating when growing up on a farm in central California, raising livestock, sex was never a mystery and was always close by. Karen, one of the neighbor girls, who had moved to the country from the city at about that time, became a very close friend. She would often come out to the barns after school or on weekends to see what was going on. Once our bull was seriously horny, impregnating everything he could mount. Karen had never seen the cows in heat before. The bull's penis was hard and extended, dripping fluid from its curving tip. Karen was fascinated by the scene, especially when the bull mounted the cow and was giving off sounds which can only be described as animalistic pleasure. She asked where 'his thing' went into the cow when the bull mounted her. We certainly were not stupid enough to go into the bull's enclosure so I took her to the calving barn and showed her on a cow that had recently given birth.

We then went back to the barn where I was bucking hay into the loft and talked. Not surprisingly our talk quickly turned to sex. Karen, only had older sisters, and was curious as to the comparison of the human vs. the bull's penis she had just seen. She asked if she could see mine. I have never been shy about my body and I told her I would gladly show her mine but I wanted to see hers as well. Having just a brother I was just as curious as she was about the opposite sex. Reaching agreement we both quickly stripped down to what we were born with. I had nothing more than a little stub of a flaccid penis and a scrotum which held my balls close to its base. Karen was amazed at the differences between the bull and I as we were completely different in almost every respect. I was also amazed by her bald slit with her inner lips barely protruding. It was nothing like any of the animals we had on the farm. Right then I knew I was hooked on pussies for life.

Karen reached out and tentatively felt my stub. This was the first time anyone had touched my penis since my mother stopped bathing me as a child. The feeling was electrifying and sent chills up my spine. Naturally my penis reacted, as any self-respecting penis would, and grew mightily in size by proportion from what it had been. Karen commented on how soft the outer skin was compared to the hardness of the shaft. She asked if the same type of fluid would come out of my penis and I replied that over the last few years of masturbating nothing had ever come out. She admitted that she too masturbated and while I knew how I did it I was curious how a girl could do that since she clearly had nothing like a penis to pull on. Karen said she would show me. She got on one of the hay bales and spread her legs as wide as she could. A whole new world literally opened up for me then and there. She showed me her lips, clit and vaginal opening. I asked her what was there to masturbate since nothing even approximated a penis. She proceeded to rub little circles around her clitoris and it seemed to go from pink to red and grow in size. As her hand moved faster her breathing quickened and she let out soft moans similar to those I made when masturbating. I sat on the other end of the hay bale, grabbed hold of my penis started pumping. The scene was mesmerizing and after a minute or two we both came with moans of pleasure. I seriously hoped that we were the only ones in the barn.

Unfortunately Karen's family moved into town and our farm together time basically came to a screeching halt. However, even with the move to town, our families stayed close, we had a few family vacations together (yet another story) and we also had contact at school since we were in the same grade.

As you may know, summers in central California can be brutally hot. Karen's parents had a pool built which was a luxury in our area. When I was 16, Karen called to ask me over for a swim late one afternoon. I had just finished my chores and was hot, dirty and sweaty. I gladly accepted, stripped off my jeans, threw on my trunks, jumped in one of the trucks and headed for town. It was about 105 degrees and even with my window rolled down it was just hot air coming through which was no relief at all. When I arrived at Karen's house I walked right in, as I normally did, but there was no one in the house. I proceeded through the house and saw Karen lying by the pool, wearing a bikini, all by herself. I opened the door and called out to her asking where her parents and sisters were. She said they had gone to a larger town about 40 miles north to shop for school clothes, see a movie and have dinner. I asked her why she was not with them and she just said she was not interested and wanted to get some sun. Luckily for me Karen's body was well on its way to full blown womanhood. She rolled over on her side and the sight of her firm breasts, scantily covered with a couple pieces of cloth, was awe inspiring. Fortunately I was wearing sunglasses and was able somehow to keep my jaw somewhat closed.

I should tell you now that I was a late bloomer. At 16 I was just starting to get pubic hair and my penis was finally getting beyond the stub it had once been. Perhaps needless to say, the sight of a gorgeous half naked blonde goddess got the full attention of my mind and body. Karen rolled onto her stomach and asked me to rub some suntan oil on her back. In doing so I could clearly see the absence of tan lines on her now bronze skin. Karen untied her bikini top and let the straps fall to the side revealing the outer edges of those amazing breasts. I continued to rub oil into her back and legs where I could see little wisps of pubic hair sticking out from the cloth. I was in heaven.

Karen, without warning, suddenly turned over, keeping her bikini top pressed to her breasts, and asked that I oil up her front side as well. My boner was clearly obvious. Karen commented that over the last 6 years my penis had certainly filled out quite a bit. She asked if I remembered the day with the bull and our adventure in the hay loft. I said that I could not forget it. She replied that she too would often think about it when she masturbated. She asked if I still masturbated and I replied 'duh.' She was curious if I ejaculated when I masturbated and I had to admit that to that point it was just a drop or two of clear fluid which I had come to learn was pre-cum.

Karen sat up and asked me to stand while at the same time her top dropped into her lap. The now all too obvious boner in my suit was aching for relief and she asked if she could see and touch it again for comparison to our earlier events. As I stood between her legs she pulled down my trunks and my fully erect, pulsating penis sprang to attention. She took some tanning oil and massaged it into my penis and balls. The feeling was nothing I could compare it to. She began jacking my penis with one hand and then the other, twisting her fist as it reached the top. I was in pure heaven. My breathing quickened and we both knew I was about to cum. The feeling however was a bit different this time. I could feel my insides churning as if I was about to explode. A few more strokes and explode I did. Cum was flying out of the tip of my cock. The feeling was simply breathtaking. The first rope hit Karen on her chin and the next five landed on her breasts. After a few more strokes I had to pull away as my penis was just too sensitive at that point. Karen said she thought I might finally be ready to ejaculate and little did I know before she started stroking the pleasures that would soon come as a result.

As my penis was going flaccid I asked if there was anything I could do for her. She lay back on her lounge chair and said that indeed there was. She wiped my cum off her chin with her finger and tasted it. I was again awestruck. She asked me to massage the rest of my cum into her bare breasts. It was a sticky mess but the feeling of my cum lubricating her eraser hard nipples under my hands was a memory builder.

She then asked me to remove her bikini bottoms. Straddling the lounge chair I raised her feet together over my head. As she raised her buttocks I grasped the sides of her bikini bottoms with my thumbs and pulled them down over her feet. I then put each of her legs on the outside of mine which opened her inner beauty to me. She had a full bush that I gladly could have gotten into and been lost in forever. At that point I knew I had a lifetime of enjoyment awaiting me. As her legs spread the wetness of her cunt glistened in the afternoon sun. When her legs were fully extended her darker inner lips, which clung together by their wetness, began to separate and I could see into her inner core. With my thumbs I separated the moist inner lips only to see them joined by a thin rope of her wetness. I was in total awe. I had no idea back then that a woman could get so wet in arousal. I lightly ran my finger on the inside of each inner lip and Karen let out a soft moan. Then my index finger circled her vaginal entrance and she bucked ever so slightly. I used my thumbs to hold her lips apart while her hand came down to trace circles around her clit and alternatively up and down each side. I could see the shaft of her clit harden and the head protruded even more. Karen continued to bring her moisture from below to her clit as she rubbed. It felt like I was in a trance. Not only had I just ejaculated for the first time, but I got to explore the wonderment of womanhood. As I started to pump my finger in and out of her vagina she began to circle her clit with more force and quickness. Her breathing became ragged, her moans became louder and her body reddened. Just when I thought she was going to pass out her orgasm erupted, clamping my finger deep inside her. The aroma and sight was indescribable yet my penis knew exactly what it wanted to do as it had again hardened to steel.

With my hand wet from her cum I circled my cock and jerked it to my second cum. The second load was not nearly as prolific but a few spurts reached her belly below her breasts. While not as intense as the orgasm Karen had provided me it was blissful nevertheless. I sat back, both euphoric and exhausted and Karen lay back down, seemingly completely spent. After a bit we jumped into the pool and cooled off for the rest of the evening. It is an afternoon I will gladly carry in my memory forever.

While we were never an official couple, and really just best friends, I did take Karen to the Junior-Senior Ball in our senior year. That was quickly followed by graduation and off to our respective college careers. It was a memorable time in our lives. We have since moved on with college, jobs, marriage to others and families of our own. While we live in relative proximity we seldom see each other except at weddings, funeral, class reunions and a few social events. Whenever we meet, however, we each have a knowing smile recollecting the times that have passed and the knowledge we gained through each other's openness. Looking back, it was quite a pleasurable adventure for two young farm kids who just wanted to learn what life had in store.



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