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Growing Up Normally

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I never thought that my childhood/adolescence was anything but normal. But thinking back, it was quite extraordinary. The summer I was 10, a 12-year-old girl named Margie moved in next door. We became best friends because there weren't any kids our age in the neighbor hood. The next summer a girl named Debbie came to stay with her Aunt and Uncle across the street. She was there to babysit their 1 year old for the summer as both parents worked. One week a lady from the next block asked the girls to babysit on a Saturday night. They invited me to come over later. After an hour or so, they asked me if I wanted to see there bare butts and their boobs. Margie looked a little uncomfortable about this, but Debbie was giddy. I said sure because I had never seen anything like that before. Debbie said that I would have to show them my butt also. I agreed, but was a little apprehensive. Then they lifted their shirts, but still had their bras on. My little peter was rock hard and standing at attention immediately. Slowly they turned and pulled down their shorts revealing very nice asses still panty clad. I had always played with myself and it was a struggle to keep my hands off of my tiny cock, but somehow I managed, not wanting to embarrass myself.

'Now it's your turn' Debbie stated. I stood up, sporting my little pup tent. Both of them giggled a little, Margie's giggle seemed a little uncomfortable. I pulled down my shorts letting them see me in my tightie whities. My dick was standing straight up by this time. I turned so they could see my butt and Debbie asked Margie, 'Isn't that the nicest butt you've ever seen?' Margie nodded her head. Debbie suggested that we all get completely naked and after a short time we agreed.

Debbie went first and stripped so fast I couldn't believe it. Margie and I both ogled her tight 13-year-old body. Perfect small titties-the kind I still like to this day-and little nipples sticking out all pink. She was a natural blonde, though I didn't know what that meant back then. The hair on her head was very light, sun bleached, but her pubes were a little darker. I could see the hint of a crack as she moved around showing off her body. I still remember how nice her ass was. She chided us for not getting naked, so Margie and I slowly removed the rest of our clothes. Margie wasn't as developed as Debbie, but she was still very nice to look at. She was just starting to sprout boobs, but her nipples were huge and hard. She had just a small patch of auburn pussy hair that matched her head. Her ass was nice and round.

As soon as I had all of my clothes off, Debbie grabbed my ass and squeezed it. Then she reached down and started playing with my peter. My gosh it felt so good to have someone else playing with me. I had been having dry orgasms for awhile, so I didn't want her to stop. She told Margie to come over and feel my dick, which she did. They both rubbed me all over and I was in total ecstasy. It didn't take long and I had my first orgasm while Margie jacked me and Debbie rubbed my balls and butt. It startled Margie when I started moaning, but Debbie told her to keep going, that I was cumming. Neither of us knew what that meant, but she kept pumping and I kept cumming, man it was wonderful.

When I finally came to my senses, Debbie was on the couch rubbing her pussy real fast. Margie and I just watched. I'm sure my jaw was resting on the ground. I was enthralled. Debbie opened her eyes and motioned for Margie to sit next to her, which she did. She spread Margies legs apart and started rubbing her pussy, told her to relax and enjoy. Within a few minutes Margie's orgasm hit like a ton of bricks. She moaned and kind of screamed. Saying over and over, 'It feels so good, it feels so good.'

Debbie then finished herself off, but did it a different way. First she put a finger in her twat and pumped it in and out for awhile. Then she put a second finger in and before too long you could here squishing sounds. As she got closer and closer, she pulled her legs up toward her chest and reached down with her left hand and played with her butt hole!!! I could not believe my eyes. For some reason I dropped to my knees and removed her left hand and started rubbing her little pink butt hole. Her juices stated dripping down from her pussy to her ass and she said in a begging voice, 'Stick your finger in my asshole!!!' I slowly pushed it into her lubed ass, but she almost screamed. 'ALL THE WAY IN, STICK IT ALL THE WAY IN MY ASS!!!' I didn't have to be told twice, I shoved it in and she came screaming like a banshee. I'm pretty sure I came again without having to touch my tiny cock. After everything calmed down we realized it was 10:20 and I was supposed to be home at 10. We all got dressed without saying anything and just as we were finishing up my Mom knocked on the door. I went home and right to bed. I contemplated what had taken place and jacked-off 2 more times.

We had more times together and I will write about them later. Right now I have to go take care of something that just came up!!!



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