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Growing Up in My Home Town, Contiued

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most events happened. I embelished for interest.


After our night with Pete's Mom( adopted Mom) it was all we could talk about. We would jerk off talking about how she had bath us and played with our cock untill we cam. By now Pete was shooting his cum with almost every jerk off.I still did not cum and the skin was still not able to come off the head of my dick.
A few months passed and my Mothers sister Eileen's husband, Uncle Jim, passed away and Aunt Eileen move a few blocks away from us. We went to visit them. my cousin, who I did not know very well, was about two years older than me. I think she was around eleven at the time. Arleen and I were sent to her room to play , Mom and Aunt Eileen could have there girl talk as they called it.
Let's play truth or dare, Arleen said. How do you play it, I asked?I'll ask you something and if you get it right you can dare my to do something , if you get it wrong then I dare you to do somthing. What is the Capital of Ohio, she asked? I didn't know. I dare you to kiss me, she said. I had never kissed a girl I said. I'll show you. She came over to me and put her arms around me, put her lips to mine and held me tight. She opened her mouth and her toungh came into my mouth. It felt good as she moved it in and out, that's a french kiss she said. Now you ask me a question. How much is five times eight, I asked? Forty, she said. I dare tou to let me see you go pee, she said. I hesitatd, you have to do as I say or you loss tthe game. We went into her bathroom, go ahead I want to see you pee. I oppened my pants and took out my cock. It looks funny she said as I started to pee. She moved closer to getA BETTER LOOK AT IT. aS i FINISHED AND WAS SHAKING THE DROPS OFF SHE REACH OVER AND TOUCHED THE HEAD. I started to get a haed-on. Take off your pants she said. What if our Mom's come in. My Mom never comes into my room when someone is here. I took my pants off. Your dick has no head. I havent been circumsized I said proudly. She tryed to move the skin off the head but it did not go.I dare you to take off your cloths, I said. Arleen quickly got undressed. She had the behining of tits and what looked like peach fuss around her Pussy. She sat down and pulled me down next to her. Did you ever see a girls Pussy befor, she asked. I lied and said , no. She opened her legs to show me her youn cunt. It was very pink and then her hand went to it , rubbed the lips and held it open. You can touch it if you want. My fingers went immediatly to her Pussy, it was very warm and wet. OH thats nice and she took my cock in her hand and started to jerk me off. Her other hand guided my hands around her holr, THats it let your finger go into my slit, like that, thats it keep moving like that.It feels great, do you like touching my Pussy. Yes, it feels all warm and slipperyand my cock is getting ready to cum and I rubbed her harder and shoved my finger in as far as it would go. I'm cumming too she cried amd I think we cam togrther. That was good but nothing came out of your dick, she said. I know but my frien Pete shoots out of his. Mabey we can do it with Pete somday, she said. We got dressed and went into the hall to go to the livingroom.
As we got near the livingroom we stopped our MOm's were talking. Aunt Eillen said that she had not been layed in almost three months, ever sience Tom had died, OH sure I masturbate but it's not he same es a real live cock, she said. My Mom replied that she hadden't felt a prick in her in almost tree years, evar sience my father had Prostrate troubles. We peacked in and both of them had there pants down and were fingering themselves. We watched until they finished. We went back to Arleens room. We both masturbate ourselves untill we cam.
My mother and I left for home soon after. That night I laid in bed and I must have jerked off five times with vicion of my Aunt and my MOthers hairy pussies being fingered. Day'latter Arleen told me she did the same thing.
Pete and I contiued to jerk off when ever we could. I told him about what happened. He wants to meet my Aunt and cousin. He also wished he could have seen them frigging.
Well maybe



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