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Growing Up In My Home Town

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Pete and I have been friends since we where eight years old. It was then that we found out about jerking off. Pete's mother was a Nurse and we were looking thru her manuals and founed some interestig pictures and discriptions. We saw a man naked with all the body parts labeled, of course what we were calling a Pecker was labeled Penis. They showed a lot of pictures of a penis. We found one that had an erection. Pete said his gets like that sometimes, I said mine too.I told him that mine was different than the pictures. Mine looks like that, he said. Can I see see what yours look like he asked. I opened my pants and took out my pecker. That looks funny, you have no tip. Let me see yours I said. Pete open his pants and took them off. His was much bigger than mine and the end was different than mine. We latter found out that he was circumsized and I wasn't. Pete's pecker started to get hard, I took my pants off and he wanted to touch my pecker. It felt funny and it started to got hard. We both stood there with our hard-ons. Pete's grew to about three inches while mine only got to less than two. I took his in my hand and held mine in my other hand his felt nicer than mine. I started to rub our cockes, that feels great he said. We had found out about jerking off.
After that we jerked off every chance we got. He would jerk me off and I would yank on his great cock. We would come home from school and go to his house. His mother worked and his father had left the year befor. As soon as we get inside Pete would take his clothes off, he loved to get naked. Soon he would have a hard-on and start to jerk off, I soon followed. This day day we started to wrestle. Both of us naked with erections and rolling on the floor. Then I felt something warm on my prick, Pete had it in his mouth and was sucking on it. I almost cam. I found his cock and took it gently into my mouth, it felt great, big and warm.It was the first time we had sucked each other and I knew it would not be the last. It did not take long and we both cam, no cum yet, just shudder and a great warm feeling. We are on our way to greater sex adventures.
We continud our journy over the nwxt year.
It was just after my ninth birtday. My mom had gone to visit her sister who just had a baby, I was to stay with Pete and his mother who we had found out was his adopted mother. We found some papers in his mom's drawer, telling how he was adopted, we also found some dirty books and an artifical cock in the drawer. The book had pictures showing how people fucked and all those good things. We had a great time looking at the pictures and jerking off. I loved to play with Pete' cock which by now had grown to alnost five inches and was very thick around with a big head. It realy looked like the pictures in his mom;s book. Mind had barly reached three inches and not very big around, the head still covered with fourskin.I was jerking him off and he was sucking my cock, he liked to suck me. We always had a good time and made each other cum several times in a session.
That afternoon Pete's mothers sister Rose came over and asked if her daughter June could stay with us while she went shopping, she would be back befor Aunt Min, Pete's mom, got home,in about three hours. After she left Pete and I were watching TV. June, who was about seven or eight came into the room watch with us. After a while I asked Pete to get his mothers medical book, him and I looked at the pictures. June wanted to see, you cant tell anyone we said. OK, and we showed her the man's picture. She had never seen one before. What is that she said, pointing to his cock. That is his penis, did you ever see one. No, you guy's are pigs I'm going tto tell my mom. You promised, Pete said, if you don't say anything I'll show you mine. OK, she said. It only took a second befor Pete had his pants off and his big cock was just hanging there. June's eyes lite up. You can touch it if you want. June reached out and touched the head with her finger tips. Pete moved her hand on to his cock and she grasped the shaft. It's getting bigger, she said. By now I had removed my pants and was rubbing my dick. June saw me and said yours looks different, where is the end like Pete's, as he moved her hand up and down his now full hard-on. I moved closer to them and June put her other hand on my erect cock. It only took a few strokes and I was finished, but not Pete it was now taking him a long time to cum. I reached over and we both were jerking his nice cock. He moaned stood staight up and said, i'm going to cum He suddered and cam. June said, that was fun. I asked her if she jerked off and could we see her pussy? Girls don't jerk off we frig our button. Show us how you do it, take off your pants. Pete and I took off all our cloths. WE helped June out of hers and we were all naked. Show us. June sat on the floor opened her legs and let us look at her pussy, it was our fist look at a girl it looked so different than the pictures. It was all pink and no hair. June's hand was betwen her legs and started to rub what looked like a little bump, she said it was her button. Does it feel good I asked? OHHHH yes, and she tightened up her body and had the same feeling we have when we cum.
I looked at Pete and he was jerking off again, lately he seemed to always have a hard-on. Can I rub your button,I asked? Only if I can play with your, what did you call it, she said. My prick, I said, she laughed, I like that name, prick, she said and we reached for each other. She was getting good at jerking me off. My finger found her button and as I rubbed it I think it got hard. She started to moan, that feels so funny you playing with my pussy, I can feel your prick getting bigger. Just then my finger sliped and moved down a little and found a very wet opening. My finger slid along the opening into a small hole June jumped, OHHH thats feels different, I like it, push it in. I moved my finger in and we found out how to finger a pussy. I feel funny, she said, as she stffened up. You are cumming I said and she did. After a few minutes she wanted to take a good look at OUR COCKS, BUT i WANTD TO SEE HER PUSSY FIRST. SHE LAID BACK AND I OPENED HER LEGS. PETE AND I GOT DOWN ON EITHER SIDE OF HER and got a good look at her pussy. I held the lips open and Pete touched her button and I explored the rest of her cunt, it was very pink . I opened the lips wider and saw the hole where my finger was.I touched it, does that feel good? Yes I had never done that befor, but it feels so good that I want to do it to myself now, she said. Her hands came down to play with her pussy, as she now called it. We watched as she rubbed her button and slowly moved a finger of her other hand into her hole. WE jerked each other off while watching June frig herself. We all cam. We got cleaned up and dressed. We promised that this would be our secret and we would do it again when ever we could.Pete's Aunt Rose came soon after that and they went home. Pete and I could not believe it happened.
Aunt MIn, as I now was calling her, came home and we had supper. During the meal I spilled some milk on my pants, Aunt min said, she would wash them after we got ready for bed. She asked if we had a good time watching June? We both that it was a good afternoon.
Pete and I watched TV until his mom told him it was time for his bath. You may as well take a bath with Pete, she said, and I'll wash your pants. We went to Pete's room and got undressed. I don't have a robe, I called out. Thats OK I won't look at you, just come thru and get in the tub. So Pete and I ran naked to the bathroom. She watched as we went, don't make a mess. We filled the tub with hot water and got in. I could not belive it, you have a hard-on I said. He smilled and sat down. After awhile his mom called, get washed good and she would come in soon to check us. Does your mom always xcome in to wash you? Sometimes. Yea so dose mine, I said. She came in and was wearing a thin housecoat. I was embarresed and had the faceclorth covering me. She knelt down on the side of the tub. OK Pete you first, she reached over and took the facecloth, leaving me exposed.She washed his back, chest, neck and ears. kneel up, she washed his stomace and backside. Now stand up, she said. Pete got up, his cock was dead. His Mom started to wash his legs and then his inner thighs. I started to get a hord-on and covered it with my hands Then she move to his balls, she put more soap on the rag and continued to wash him all over his legs and as his cock started to get bigger she retuned to his balls. She gave them a good cleaning. I noticed that her dress was getting pretty wet and I could see her nipples thru it. Pete's dick was getting hard. The rag moved to it and she was washing his cock. She moved the rag over it as if she was jerking him off. My cock was rock hard, it had never been so hard. The rag dropped and his Mother was holding his hard cock in her hand. Are you alright she asked, does it hurt you when it's hard like this, as she slowly moved her hand up and down the shaft? No he said, as she stopped rubbing. You have a nice one, I think it is bigger now at your age than your Father was as a man. OK Harry now I'll wash you. You can stand up. It's OK I'm not going to hurt you. I stood up and was covering my cock with my hands. She washed me like she did Pete. OK now move your hands so I can wash your Dickey. As I moved them my cock sprung up.Pete was kneeling and his cock was straight out and he was rubbing it. Aunt Mim took the rag with soap and started to wash my balls, you have a nice little one which should start to get bigger soon. Dose it hurt when it's hard like this? NO I said.Now the rag was gone and she was washing it with her hand, Pete was in full bloom. She reached over and took him in her other hand and was jerking us both off. Her dress was now very wet and we could see the whole outline of her brests the nipples were very hard and sticking out. Does the skin go back, She asked? No it dosn't. Dose it hurt when I push it back like this? A little. OH OH OH I said and cam. That's a good boy, she said as she slowly and gently messaged me. I could see Pete was getting ready. His Mom now concentrated on him. Both hands moved over his huge cock. I cant belive how big you have gotten in the last year, she said. You are almost as big as any man and your only going on nine. She moved one hand off his cock and it moved down between her legs. We now knew she was rubbing her button. Pete could not wait any longer, he moved closer to his Mother and cam, this time cum shot out of the head of his prick and landed on his mothers left tit, you could see it on her nipple. He squeesed her hand on his cock and a little more came out. I was jerking off again. Aunt Min leand back opened her dress, spead her legs showing us a big hairy cunt. She moved her other hand down and slipped two fingers into her pussy and rubbed her button with the other. WE watched in arw as she moaned and OH YES OH YES, I'm cummiing, I'm cumming.She stiffend up and moaned real loud and said, OH GOD, OH GOD, and we knew she hard cum.She watched as Pete and I finished. She leaned over and kiss our limp cocks. You are my boys and this is our little secret.Aunt Mim, Pete's Mom took off her dress got in the tub and Pete and I washed her as she had washed us. We got dry, walked naked to her bed and all slept together, our naked bodies touching. I went to sleep with one hand on her tit and the other sharing a HOLD ON Pete's cock with his Mother. Pete had one hand on the other tit and the other between her legs. What a day, I felt great and we all slept well.



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