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Growing Up Hard

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How I miss those wonder years


Following my discovery of the 'feeling' (First Mutual 15\12?) my entry into puberty become a much more exiting adventure.
My friend across the road (age 12) who introduced me to jacking when I was 11 became my daily play pal. After school I used to go across to his place to play our usual war games with his huge soldier collection. This inevitably ended up in one of us being wounded and the other one would have to doctor him. (It was always a wound to the genitals!!) Much of my 11th and 12th year was spent in this type of discovery sex play. We would usually play with each other's dicks and jerk each other till we got the tingling feeling.
Every night in bed I used to repeat the experience alone and usually fell asleep with my dick in my hand and a smile on my face.
I was almost 13 when I had my first wet cum. - I knew I would get it soon, because my friend across the road had been 'cumming wet' for quite a few months already. - It was the most amazing experience for me. I watched closely as I gripped my dick (in a forefinger and thumb grip) a few pubic hairs were sprouting and my foreskin was slipping stickily up and down my glans as I wanked faster and faster to orgasm. As the tingle started to move up my body a string of clear fluid squirted out. 'Shit!' I cried and then more fluid came out, mostly clear with white streaks. I'd come for real. Cool! The next day, I did it in front of my friend across the road and he was pretty stoked about it too. But in the months after that our friendship sort of cooled off as he got into relationships with older boys and I backed off.
I continued my nightly solo sessions in bed. One of my most embarrassing j\o sessions happened there. My folks had gone out to the movies and the baby sitter was downstairs in front of the TV as usual. I decided to have a real good time with my dick. Pulling off all my bedclothes I lay naked on top of the bed admiring my (almost) hairless flat white body. (All the hair I had was a dozen or so pubes at the base of my dick and a few under my arms. ) My favorite way to j\o was to slowly bring myself to the almost cumming stage and then pull out (often I couldnt stop myself, but with practice and self-discipline I managed) This particular night I had a really long session, walking around the house jerking from room to room, jerking in front of the mirror and then back on my bed jerking and stopping, jerking and stopping. Finally, after I could stand it no longer I went all the way and cum spurted out all over my belly and chest. More cum globbed out over my hands, dick and balls. Amazing! I think I half fell asleep from the exhaustion because the next thing I remember was my mom taking hold of my dick. I opened my eyes and there she was, she had a washcloth in her hands and she was cleaning me up. She saw I was awake and she gave me one of her warm loving smiles and winked at me. I just lay there, frozen, as she gently wiped up all my cum with the wet, warm washcloth. She even cleaned my balls and dick. Taking hold of my member ever so gently, she squeezed the last of the cum out of my hole and wiped it off with the cloth. She pulled my well stretched foreskin back into place and put my boxer shorts back on. Then she put my bedcovers back on top of me and leaned over to give me an affectionate goodnight kiss on the lips. Wow! I was so shocked. I was embarrassed and red faced and yet I also felt warm and loved and I slipped back to sleep with happy thoughts of more jerking and cumming that lay in store for me in the days ahead. Its great to be a boy!



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