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Growing Up

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You read about it, people talk about it. You just think it won't happen to you.


I was a late developer, and I am still not exactly well endowed. I wear an A cup bra and let's just say it isn't tight on me. My best friend Helen is similar to me. In fact, that's why we became such good friends. The other girls at school, more advanced at a younger age, called us of course) The Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Helen and I used to talk about everything to do with growing up, periods, bras, boys, but never NEVER anything sexual. Thats why, three days ago it came as a surprise when Helen asked me if I had ever had an orgasm. I was very uncomfortable at the direction the conversation had taken, but at the same time, I was intrigued too.

Helen told me that last Monday, she had touched herself. She also told me that she had been thinking about what it would be like to have sex. Something about her talking about this made me very wet. I sat there on her bed and even I could smell my pussy. I felt sure she could too, but she seemed intent on what she was telling me. She told me she had laid in her bed with her legs wide apart enjoying the feeling of her panties against her, (and here she totally blew me away) her 'cunt'. I couldnt believe what she had said! Neither could I believe that my clit was now throbbing. She told me that she had stroked herself until she had, again in her words, 'cum like fuck'. She also told me that she had peed herself and had to change her bed! I was almost breathless at this stage, but also scared about the peeing thing. I would die if that happened to me.

Helen said that she had just let it happen and the whole experience felt amazing. There was a kind of tense silence before she asked me if I was turned on. I was dry mouthed and nodded. Helen said that if I wanted to try what she had done, she would leave the room and let me. I was amazed when I heard myself ask her to stay!. I leaned back on her pillows and let her talk me through what she had done. I opened my legs and she stared at my by now very wet crotch. Then she told me to stroke myself over my panties and I began to get the most amazing feelings, and I am sure that it was because I was being watched too. Helen asked me to take my panties off and it seemed totally right to just slip them off. I spread my legs again and Helen directed me to my clit and then I started to lose myself in what I was doing.

I closed my eyes and just let it take me away. At one point, though, I opened my eyes to see Helen with a hand jammed in her own panties and my panties pressed to her face. That's what did it. I suddenly felt this amazing rushing sensation and I had my first orgasm as my best friend licked my panties. After, I asked her if she liked them and she said 'Kate, they make me want to smell you for real.' Again, I amazed myself by saying 'Ok. Go for it.' Helen leaned gently forward and first smelled me, then gently fingered me to another orgasm.

We stayed together for hours and helped each other get off several times. We may be the itty bitty titty committee, but I bet we have done more in real life than some of the girls at school talk about. I still think I want to have sex with a boy, but then, I love what Helen and I have done too.

I tried masturbating on my own last night. It was in the shower and I guess I let the dirty side of my imagination play. I wanted to know what Helen had experienced when she wet herself so I stood in the shower in my panties and rubbed off. Just as the orgasm hit me I just relaxed and sure enough I wet myself. The orgasm was powerful, almost violent. I know there is a lot more out there, and I am ready to try.

Thank you Solo Touch. You have been responsible for so many girls exploring their feelings in a safe way.



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