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Growing Up

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Some key moments in my sexual development


I was a pretty early developer, my first pubic hair arrived not long after I was twelve. I can vividly remember my first wet dream: I was really chuffed about it. I knew absolutely nothing about masturbation and continued having wet dreams for well over a year. I had no idea that orgasm was reached by manual stimulation, I just assumed that it was all in the mind and if I thought hard enough (excuse the pun) I would one day be able to replicate a wet dream when awake.

Anyway, one evening I was thinking and thinking about sex, and pretty involuntarily started humping the bed. Naturally I came then for the first time while awake. So that became my wanking method (I still didn't know what wanking was) for another year or so. No hands.

At age fourteen and a half I discovered a local public toilet had some graffiti in the stalls and was reading it one day with an erection. I rubbed my penis and then came for the first time via my hand. Incidentally, although right-handed, I have always used my left hand, normally using my right hand to fondle my balls.

A couple of years later a hole had appeared in the stall and I started watching a man wanking. He saw me and put his penis through the hole. It was much bigger than mine and I was shaking when I touched it. My technique to him must have been uncomfortable (I think his foreskin was all the way down, which mine doesn't easily do) and he withdrew. I expect he really wanted a blowjob, but I wasn't, and never have been up for that. Neither did I ever put my penis through the hole.

My first real sexual experience didn't come until I was 23. My one and only girlfriend (now my wife of five years) didn't want sex until we were at least engaged, though in the end we didn't wait that long. We always kept our boxers/knickers on while snogging, though while I often left the room to cum (with her knowledge). Anyway, one evening she started to put her hands up my shorts so I slipped them off and she wanked me off, with some instructions from me. Naturally it didn't take long. Next evening I had the guided tour of a woman's genitals and we entertained each other for a few months.

One night we were doing this and she announnced she was on the Pill and we could have sex. Rather disappointly for both of us I lost my erection! But that was the one and only time. Since then we have had a normal sex life.

So that's the story of my sex life. After that slow start I still masturbate a lot, often with my wife stroking my balls as I do so. We don't have sex as often as I would like, but I haven't come for over a week now and we've agreed to really make time for it tonight.

See ya.



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