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Growing Up

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My brother showed me the memories he wrote about that were on this site in late May. He is my younger brother so here is my side of the story.


I was two years older than my brother and I was the one that was more sexual. Later on in our years I was the one that was waking up to our mom and dad making love late at night and in the morning. I would play with myself and listen to them make love. They really loved each other and made love often. As we grew I was the one that watched very closely our little sister as she grew up. I would play with her panties as I took the wash to my mom and as I put them away. I was the one who volunteered to help with laundry to see the panties. That is a whole other story.

Yes, we use to take baths together and like him my first memory was when he was about four and I was six. He often had a hardon. Mom would comment on it kind of talking out loud that she hopes it goes down before he gets older. My first memory of anything sexual was when I was between seven and eight. Like his memory we would play with our feet. But he was often hard which is why I would play with him. Little did mom know it was me that was making him hard.

He would pee in the tub. I can remember when I was about nine and he was seven that I became fascinated with peeing. He would say he needed to pee and he would get up still standing in the tub and pee in the toilet which was right next to the tub. I went from liking to watch to wanting to hold his dick. Mom almost caught me one time holding his penis. I think she really did but didn't say anything. This was about the time when we were too big for the tub. One time I was on the other end, his end near the toilet and he needed to pee. He told me to move and I didn't. He threatened to pee on me and I dared him. He just walked up to me and peed on my chest. I was really hard and really excited as I remember. While he was peeing I reached up and took hold of him.

He does not remember how often we used to play with each other in bed. He is also a sleep walker. There were lots of times after I was about ten and really starting to make the connection that this was sex, that he would be asleep and I would wake up late at night and want to rub myself. He slept on his back, so I would rub myself on his leg and with my hand I would rub his dick through his underware, and after a while I would just move his underware to the side, so I could play with his balls and rub his penis. I could never tell if he was really awake or still asleep. He would get hard as I was rubbing myself against his leg and he would reach down and grab me.

As he got older he stopped sleep walking but he started to play with himself in what appeared to be his sleep. I would wake up to him pumping his dick. This would excite me and I would rub mine.

When he was 10 and I was 12 and I was going into full puberty things changed. He would often play with himself in his sleep. I would straddle him and he would grab us both. I think there were times when he would wake up and he just smiled and said that it sure feels good. I could reach a wet climax two years before he could so he got lots of opportunities to have me cum in his hand.

Even when we had separate beds and especially during the winter we would get cold and one would come to the others bed. That would often result in us playing with each other. He ended up being bigger than me by a little. During the summer it was just because we were boys and it seemed we were always excited.

One night when I was just about 14 he was playing with himself late at night. I got up to go pee and could see a wet spot in the sheet. I felt it and sure enough it was a small spot of sperm. I asked him about it the next morning. He said he thought he was leaking a little.

Right there I reached over and started playing with him. He just leaned back. We didn't pump each other as much as we rubbed each other near the head on the bottom side (later to find out that was where all the nerves are). This morning I was playing with his balls with one hand and rubbing him with the other. In short order he tensed up and sure enough a little sperm came out.

From that time on we use to play with each other more. He was shy about that when he wrote but when he was peeing and I had to go we would share the toilet and then often play with each other. Yes, we did turn our attention to girls but in our day they were not as easy too get to. My sister was about ten by this time and I had often seen her vagina when she was ready for bed and had on sleeping shorts. They were big and baggy and she would drape her legs over a chair and both my brother and I could see.

This really turned me on and often I would reach into my pyjamas and rub myself right there just staring at my sisters crotch. My brother and I would talk about girls and watch my sisters friends. When they would play together at sleep overs and during the day my brother and I would find a strategic place and watch them. We would always end up with our pants down and beating off. Often a number of times.

So, we are now happily married with kids and we are a close family. My brother and I played with each other a lot as we grew up. We had a good time doing it. He did play with my sperm a lot in his mind because I reached a wet climax way before him. Once he did I was equally fascinated. When I was laying on my back I would ask him to rub himself on my leg and as I was rubbing myself he would reach a climax on my hand and dick. Then I would take his sperm and pump my dick and reach a climax. We did this more than he admits to. I don't seem to be as embarrased as he is.



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