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Group Fun at the Campground

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This event took place this last summer when my best friend and I were camping in northern California, I am sure I'll never forget it.
'sally' and I are best friends and roommates who decided we needed a breather from the city life, so we hopped in a car and headed down the road. When we pulled into the campsite it was already dark, and the glow of a campfire next door caught our eye. Sitting in a ring around the outside were 8 good looking guys around our age or a little bit older. They offered to help us pitch our tent, and afterwards we joined them around their fire. The conversation started out the usual way, where are you from, what university you go to etc. This banter eventually led to the topic of sexual experiences, and the stories began to fly.
After hearing a few pretty intense tales I could feel a warmth beginning to settle between my legs which slowly intensified to the familiar wet, hot, throbbing sensation I get when I'm too horny for my own good. Then all of a sudden my brilliant roommate suggested a game of truth or dare. The dares began somewhat innocent, but soon turned to things such as running around the ring of people naked, or faking an orgasm.
When it was my turn to take a dare, one of the guys who I had been flirting with all night dared my to have a real orgasm right there in front of everyone. I looked at my roommate, who smiled and said, 'If you do it, I'll do it with you.' This sent the guys into a frenzy, and after seeing how hopeful they were, I became more turned on and decided to go for it. My roommate and I sat down on a log side by side, and the guys gathered around in a small circle like it was story time. Then my crush shot up and said, 'Wait hold on, you need props.' confused we waited a minute for him to run to his tent to fetch me a travel toothbrush holder which was long, and a very nice size. Needless to say I gladly accepted. 'Sally' and I slid off our shorts and panties and began. I spread my legs wide open and leaned back to rest my weight on the trunk of a tree. I began to lightly touch my clit as I always do with my middle finger. It was already hard and deep purple from the anticipation. I tickled it lightly for a few more seconds and then slid my finger in between my soft slick lips and then down until it reached the sensitive rim of my hole. I fingered myself lightly, moving my finger around and around the edge, teasing myself, wanting so bad to just slip my finger naughtily into myself. I looked up to look at the faces of my audience. The guys were sitting there with the most serious looks on their faces, not even blinking, not saying a word for fear they would cover up the sounds of my soft moans. I moved my finger back up to my mound, and began to rub my clit in little light circles with my three middle fingers.
As I rubbed I looked over at my roommate who's eyes were closed. I looked down at her tan thighs, and her hand moving in such a sensuous way over pussy. I kept watching as she used her other hand, and slipped two fingers deep in herself, as she steadily stroked her mound. I decided it was a good time to feel some penetration, so I grabbed the toothbrush holder in my left hand, spread my lips with my right, and pressed the tip to my hole. It was thicker than what I was used to, so it took a few moments to work it into my wet tight hole. My pussy gave and it slid in touching every part of my inside. I let out a stong moan, and my roommate answered back with one of her own.
The toothbrush holder plunged in and out as my fingers pressed down on my throbbing knob, soon I could feel my hole tightening even more around it. I shoved it in as deep as I could feeling it tickle the very end of my pussy. This sent me into what had to be the greatest orgasm of my life. My pussy convulsed so tight that my slippery cum actually shot out a small ways from my body, and the toothbrush holder nearly shot out of my hole.
My roommate was moaning very loud, and I knew she was close. I turned to her and grabbed her perky nipples through her tank top as she vigorously slapped and rubbed her clit. Soon she came, and as she pulled out her slippery hot fingers, she offered them to me to lick clean, which I did.
After the show, we looked at the guys who were grinning from ear to ear, and begged for our own show. We dared them all to stroke one by one, until they shot their creamy wads into the fire. There were 8 of them, but they were so hard and horny this process didn't take long. Since that night my roommate and I have masturbated in each others company many times. I encourage all women to try it together, it really makes for a wonderful experience.



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