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Grinding on My Leg

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This is about my first experience with a girl.


I've been a long time reader of solo and figured I'd finally make a post of my own. It's about my first experience with a girl, and hopefully my awful writing skills won't ruin it.

This happened when I was 15 and the girl, Ashley was 13. She was the girl next door and we'd known each other since kindergarten, but had only recently 'noticed' each other more. We were both interested in being more than friends although we both were kind of shy to show it.

One summer evening she invited me over to her place to play some games, maybe watch a movie, that kind of thing. I arrived to find out that we had the house to our selves, she's an only child and her parents were out shopping. Being alone with her both exited me and made me kind of nervous.

We made some small talk for a while and she suggested we watch a movie, some chick-flick she had rented. She asked me to switch the input on her tv, something she still has me do to this day and get the DVD in. She was going to change into something more comfortable. I laughed at the line, but smiled and said 'okay.' She grinned and went off to her room.

Now would be a good time to describe her. At the time she was about 5'2'', 110lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, small but nice breasts, probably an a cup, but I don't know for sure, she was quite fit, but not to skinny. When she went to her room she was wearing a red shirt, blue jeans and skate shoes without socks, judging by the little bit of skin peaking from between her pants and shoes. When she came back however, she was wearing a loser white tank top, and stripped panties. I glanced from her small soft feminine bare feet up to her deep, beautiful blue eyes. She blushed slightly at my attention, but walked toward me with a cute smile.

We sat down to watch our movie, but right away I couldn't keep my eyes of her, and she evidently noticed because she took my hand, which I thought just meant she wanted to hold hands, about half way through the movie she put my hand on her leg. I was starting to get turned on, and I slowly started rubbing my fingers on her smooth legs. This continued with me slowly getting more daring and eventually slipping my hand onto her inner leg by her knee. I rubbed them up and down slowly, getting farther up her leg each time.

Finally the movie ended, and once the credits were rolling we kissed each other, gently at first, but after a while she had her tongue in my mouth, and I'm not sure which one of us was enjoying it more. After a while she sat on my lap, straddling my left leg. I was now really hard, and held her close while we kept making out. Soon I noticed she was slowly grinding herself on my leg. I broke away from the kiss slightly and smiled at her and said 'Are you humping my leg?' I think I embarrassed her saying that, which certainly wasn't my intent, but she blushed a little and stopped her movements. But to show her I didn't mind I started kissing her neck, which made her exhale and close her eyes. I put my hand on her tummy under her shirt and she started grinding again slightly. I then decided to go for it and slipped her shirt off over her head. She had wonderful breasts, and I slowly started to touch them. I slipped the leg of my shorts up so only her panties would separate her pussy from my skin. I could feel though the fabric that she was really wet and warm. She was really horny at this point. She was breathing deep and whimpering slightly and grinding against me pretty hard so I knew she'd cum soon. But I wanted to feel her bare pussy. So I had her stop for a minute and I slipped off her panties. I'll never forget that, seeing a naked girl for the first time. Above her vagina was a little bit of brown pubic hair, her clit was pretty big and she was very wet. I couldn't resist sniffing her panties so I brought them to my nose and inhaled deeply. I'll never forget that either, the first time I smelled the scent of an extremely aroused female. It smelled like a mixture of sweat and something else that I can only describe as slightly sweet, and very feminine. Again she was grinding on my leg, only this time with her bare wet vagina, and she was going much faster as I kissed her. I slipped my left hand in between my leg and her pussy feeling how hot she was. She moaned in my ear 'I'm gonna cum' and started pressing against me harder. I slipped two fingers into her and felt her vagina grip them hard, pulsating and contracting on them as she orgasmed. A sudden flow of very warm juice came out of her vagina and ran onto my hand, my leg and down her legs.

Once she started to calm down, she was flushed and sweaty, and cuddled next to me on the couch. I wiped all the pussy juice off of us with her panties and licked the juice off that was on my hand. She was laying back on the couch again with her legs across my lap, while I was admiring her naked body. She was slowly starting to tease the bulge in my shorts with the toes of one foot while I messaged the other. I was thinking it was about to be my turn, but unfortunately her parents called and said they were going to be home in 10 minutes, so we got dressed and I headed back to my place, but not before she gave me the panties she had been wearing and I had wiped up her pussy juice with. She promised she would return the favor soon, and she did. And I also had quite a good solo session that night while smelling the scent of her vagina and sweat on those pretty little panties.



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