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Grinding Dad on the Subway

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I started getting bolder.


The subway car was crowded. Dad was right behind me. I could feel him. He was hard. Mom was right next to us. She had no idea what was going on. If you've read any of my previous posts, you know that I'm Amy, a good girl, well, outwardly, who has developed a perverted streak a mile wide since I went off to college last fall. I'm back in school now, but over summer break I started to get more than a little freaky with my dad.
I started out by letting him catch a few glimpses of my awesome little boobs, and I progressed to letting him see up my skirt--no panties--while I watched TV. Eventually I jacked him off, too. As I said before, my mom is my mom but she is not a particularly nice person. She's kind of cold and unfeeling, and I know that doesn't appreciate what an awesome guy my dad is. He'd do anything for her and she acts as though he's a piece of furniture. Some people might say there's some kind of oedipal thing going on here. They're right. My mom totally doesn't deserve my dad. So fuck her.
Which brings me around to my story. Before summer ended the fam--my mom, dad, little brother (18) and myself all headed up to Montreal for a week of tourist stuff. I've taken a few French classes in college, so I was into the whole thing, the language, the architecture, the food. It was a hoot. Mom complained a lot about how things weren't as nice as she'd like and my brother played a lot of games on his phone. With both of them emotionally absent, it was kind of like a vacation for me and my dad. I just wish we'd left the other two at home.
So one late afternoon we found ourselves on the subway heading back to our downtown hotel. It was rush hour, and the cars were jammed. We had a long trip in, and we'd somehow would up on a local train, so it was stop after stop after stop. After a few we would up in the middle of the train, and I manoeuvred myself so my dad was facing my back side. Mom, as I said, was right there. So was my brother. I began to tease my dad anyways, at first just swiping him with my sun dress clad bottom and then eventually settling in very firmly against him, giving him a good long feel of my most excellent bubble butt.
At first Dad tried to pull back. Once he made eye contact with me as I glanced back over my shoulder at him. He nodded towards my mom with a look of concern on his face. I gave him back a "who gives a fuck" shrug and kept at it. That was the last protest I got from him on it. My intention had been simply to tease Dad a little, but I soon decided I wanted him to come in his pants. I visualized it, his wonderful cock creaming away in his slacks. But then I visualized the result and realized it was a bad idea. It would be very hard for dad to explain to mom what had happened. And my brother would doubtless be freaked out, too.
So I decided instead to make him come outside his pants. It was remarkably easy and pretty private, too. I reached back around on the side away from mom, who was facing the other direction anyway, and with one hand unzipped him and fished him out. He was rock hard. I then simply lifted the back of my sun dress--no panties, as has been my summer time habit--and placed Dad's cock between my cheeks, letting his hard cock nestle between my pussy lips. Had I simply bent forward three inches, he would have slipped in. But I didn't. I simply started sliding back and forth, letting dad's dick get coated with my considerable wetness. Luckily with rocking of the train our movements were undetectable. And I had a lot of control.
Between slides, I'd use my butt to squeeze dad's cock hard, before letting him slide back forward. After only a couple of minutes I felt him start to stiffen, and he gripped my left arm hard and thrust. And I felt him go, shuddering and convulsing, his come coating my pussy. Again, I simply reached back, took my dress and wiped dad--and myself--off, before slipping his now softening cock back into his pants. I turned and looked at him. And I saw love in his eyes. I know that it was there in mine.
Getting off the train near our hotel I stayed in back of everyone so they wouldn't see the substantial wet spot on the back of my dress. Back in the room, I nodded at my dad, slipped into the bathroom, pulled up the hem of my dress and proceeded to do myself, leaning back against the sink, sliding my hand over my cum slicked pussy. I came in 30 seconds. But I wanted more.



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