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Grind With Me

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On an occasional Friday, I'll visit one of our local clubs and meet up with friends to have a few drinks and dance. We're a tightly-knit group of five or six people who have known each other for a few years.

It's funny how the mood fluctuates from one week to the next. There are some Fridays when we're relaxed and spend more time standing around talking (shouting over the music, really) than dancing. But there are other nights when we're all in the mood to dance and find partners on the floor. We were in a dancing mood last Friday and this led to an experience that I didn't plan on.

A few of us decided to look for someone to dance with. We were three men and two women: Jim, Brian, Amber, Trish, and myself. Trish and I hadn't dated, but we were flirty and liked each other quite a lot. Jim, Brian, and Amber had gone off dancing with others in the club. Trish and I were left to ourselves, so I asked if she wanted to dance. She agreed with a smile and we lost ourselves on the dance floor, under the low lights and throbbing music.

Trish is a beautiful, spirited woman. What I love most about her is that I'm not an outgoing person yet she finds ways for me to loosen up. She is about a year older than me (I'm 30) and about three or four inches shorter (I'm 5' 11'). She's a mixture of Italian and French. She is slim with medium-length black hair, black eyes, creamy skin, a small but sexy bust, and a big, bright smile. She was looking especially great that night, with a silver moon pendant, a tight purple shirt, jeans, and black platforms. I was wearing a checked button-down with jeans and she seemed to like my appearance.

When we first stepped onto the floor, I complemented how she looked and she thanked me with a smile, saying that I looked pretty good too (which made me feel great, needless to say). The DJ opened a new set and we started dancing, mixing ourselves in with the movement and body heat that surrounded us. As I mentioned, we've always been flirty with each other and kept a playful mood in our dancing.

After a couple of songs, I asked her out of courtesy if she wanted to rest for a bit or find someone else to dance with. She gave me a quizzing look and asked 'Why? Don't you want to dance with me? 'Of course,' I said. 'Just wanted to ask.' She smiled and a slow song came on. We smiled to each other and drew close. Things really seemed to change after that. She rested her head for a while on my shoulder and I started asking myself 'How are we not in a relationship yet?' She was wearing perfume that I found nice and said into her ear 'You smell great.' I saw her mouth shape 'Thanks' and enjoyed the moment.

The song ended and the floor broke into a fast, pulse-pounding tempo. Trish, being the woman, started getting into it while I, as the rhythmless male, struggled a bit to keep up with her. As we surrendered to the music on the hot, crowded dance floor, things started to get interesting.

We danced in close range to each other before Trish had a playful smirk on her face and I smiled back. She drew a bit closer and raised her arms, which made me rest my hand on her side. I kept it there as we danced nearly pelvis to pelvis. As the song pounded on, Trish turned her back to me and edged herself towards me. I wrapped my arms gently around her waist as she began grinding.

Trish and I had ground together in the past, but not with this intensity. She began edging down to the music's beat and I bent at the knees, following her. We were breaking the ice in a serious way. My head was lightly against her shoulder as she rested her hand on mine. There was a light film of sweat on our foreheads as I brushed against her black hair and enjoyed the smell of her perfume and moist skin.

We indulged in our grinding and I began to feel my penis hardening into an erection. I've ground before and gotten a semi-erection (in other words, not visible under my loose jeans) but my attraction to Trish was making it harden completely. 'Great,' I thought, 'How can I walk around like this?' Trish kept her grind going, which we were both enjoying until the song ended. Luckily, my penis wasn't jutting straight out, but a wrong movement off the dance floor would have been embarrassing. Serves me right for sexing it up with Trish in public so much.

But we were really into each other by now and another fast, bass-pounding song came on. Trish was now facing me with a serious (and pleased) look on her face. We began dancing close again and I said into her ear, 'You've got me in an awkward spot.' She smiled, having felt her handiwork and knowing exactly what I was talking about. She leaned over to me and said, 'We'll have to deal with that.' We eased into grinding again, this time face-to-face with my hands on her waist. She turned around about halfway through the song and started brushing her cute toosh against my hard crotch. We were close to a low wall and in darkness, save for the strobe lights rushing through the club. A railing ran along the wall. There were a few couples leaning against it, with either the girl sandwiching her guy between herself and the railing or with the girl facing the railing with her guy grinding her from behind. Either way, most were holding on tightly to the railing while they ground together.

I said into her ear 'The rail?' 'Mm,' she said, smiling. We kept dancing, stepping towards the rail. Her moves were now in short, quick sways as she turned towards me and leaned against the rail. I placed my leg between hers and we started a frontal grind, our bodies almost completely together. With one hand gripping the rail, she ran her other hand over my chest and I lightly kissed her neck a few times. Finally, a load of cum escaped from my penis and welled into my briefs. Trish said later that she felt the warm climax under my jeans. As I orgasmed, we looked into each other's eyes, both shaping an 'Ohh' expression with our lips. We eased away from the rail and finished dancing to the song, as my penis pulsated and softened.

We were both flushed when that song ended. I took her outside of the club and said that I think she's hot and that I've always wanted to go out with her. We were probably eager to go home and have sex that night, but I think we both felt it was too much, too fast. We set up a date and we're now seeing each other (and dancing) regularly.

There are strange ways of starting up relationships and I guess I've touched on one. I can't say that I'm proud of grinding up a storm like a teenager that night, but it did lead to something pretty good.



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