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Gretchen, the Girl Next Door

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Oh for the priceless memories.


I have read many stories at Solo Touch in the six months I have frequented here, many have cranked my engine, resulting in masturbation and the inevitable orgasm. I have finally worked up the courage to tell my own story, when I was around 16 years old. I would think others have experienced similar situations.

I had only discovered the pleasures of masturbation late in life at the age of 16 after accidentally 'cumming' when I was sponging myself when washing in the bath. After that it became a daily or nightly affair. At that stage, I had never seen a woman or female naked, which was pretty common back in the 60's and 70's. How times have changed.

I can remember when a new family moved to our country town and became our neighbours. The parents had one daughter aged 14 called Gretchen. Our houses were separated by a high wooden fence over two meters high, so to look over it, you had to have a vantage point. My bedroom was on the side of their property and my parents bedroom was on the other side of our house. Gretchen's bedroom was beside their bathroom as I soon found out.

It was late in the year when they moved in and I went out around 9 pm one night to feed the dog as I had forgotten to do so earlier. There was a bright light on next door where their bathroom was; I knew that because I had been in their house many times with previous neighbours. For whatever reason, I went to the fence and stood on the lower railing and could see over the top of the fence. I could see a silhouette figure of someone walking around in their bathroom and taking their clothes off. As the window had that opaque type of glass I could not see anything.

After about 10 minutes, the shower stopped and I could make out the shadow of someone drying themselves with a towel. The bathroom light went out and the bedroom light went on. The wooden fence was only 2-3 meters from her bedroom window, which had vertical drapes on them and they were not closed. I could clearly see into the room without any obstruction as it was well lit. It was Gretchen's bedroom and she had a towel around her covering her breasts and lower body.

My eyes became a fixed stare as she looked at her self in the mirror and dropped her towel. These memories are so vivid still, and will be indelibly etched in my mind for life or until Alzheimer's takes over my body. Gretchen was a slim girl, probably around 1.5 meters tall (5'-2'), with long black hair, reaching half way down her back. I could see her naked butt wiggling as she was standing in front of the mirror drying her hair. My cock was responding well to this erotic sight and was pushing hard into my jocks.

After drying her hair, she went to her drawer and got out a bra and panties and a top. Walking towards me to her bed which was beside the window, I could clearly see her small pointy breasts and a black pubic patch. This was too much for me and I pulled out my throbbing cock and stroked it; cumming all over the fence after about 10 seconds. After putting on her panties and bra and top, she left the room and turned the light out. That night in bed I masturbated another two times with those visions still fresh in my brain.

Not wanting to get caught out, looking over the fence at her, I got dad's bit and brace drill and drilled two holes into the fence, so I could get a clear view through to her bedroom without being caught. Gretchen went to my school, but she was a couple of grades lower than me. Being neighbours, we got on well and often chatted to each other. I never once let on that I could see into her room and that she failed to close her blinds properly.

In the winter months when the night fell quickly, I would be in my room until I saw a glow of the bathroom from next door over the fence. That was my cue to get a handful of baby oil and make my cock wet and slippery. I usually wore loose tracksuit pants with no jocks and a top, for easy access and no hindrances. I would jerk off and cum into my track suit pants before going back inside and throwing them into the washing basket. For some two years she gave me a wonderful sight of her body: sometimes dancing around naked in her room, sometimes looking in her mirror, playing with her breasts. Sometimes before going to sleep, she would have her bedside light on and she would remove her bed clothes and masturbate herself to sleep. After two years, their family moved out and I never saw her again. The memories still linger, and she still takes a part in my masturbation sessions, some 30 years later.



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