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Greeting Self at Dawn

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Greeting Self At Dawn - & - Flying With Joan

I began to explore this site about two weeks ago. The more I explore it the more I see and sense a resonance with my own goals: a desire to live, and to witness a positive view of the great gift we have of life. A Native American tradition, of which I am an apprentice, teaches that the unique gift of the universe to humans is we have the two delightful abilities: orgasticness and freedom. There are a lot of ways I want to interface with this site and connect with others on the list. I will start by sharing a two part story: my solo sex pleasuring of this morning ... and then tell you about my favorite way of sharing with another by recounting the first time I experienced it and was hooked on it as a favorite, whose experience is only surpassed if there are three of us.
 Greeting Self At Dawn 

This morning I awoke about 5:30 am ... I sort of let my left hand wander across my penis ... the feeling was inviting ... I pondered whether I wanted to go back to sleep or play ... this dialogue continued for five minutes ... I reached for the oil ... it felt so delicious as I rubbed it on my now awakening penis ... again after another chapter in the dialogue, "sleep or play", I reached for the oil and applied more, this time covering my scrotum ... I just lay there ... breathing ... gently striking my penis ... fondling my scrotum ... the first of many orgastic waves greeted the day ... again the dialogue, "we have had some erotic pleasure, a minor orgasm, now we can go back to sleep" ... that lasted about two minutes. I was now become awake enough to realize I was not so much sleepy as my sinuses were filled (as an aside, I have found pleasuring and orgasms to be a great way of clearing my sinuses as I imagine breathing in through my scrotum and pulling my sexual energy up my chakras ... that is another story) ... having reached this state of awareness ... that was the end of the dialogue regarding sleep ... I was off and running, you might say ... I spent the next hour alternating between stroking my penis in the state which I call, "intensity", and periods of contracting orgasticness, and periods of quite motionless breathing. When I have an ejaculation I generally have a partial or full erection. I may or may not have an orgasm, or if I have one it may be insignificant, unless it comes after a period of prolonged pleasuring over several hours or days. Most of my orgasms are distinct from an ejaculation. I can have an orgasm with no erection to full erection, and have learned to be open to and enjoy multiple orgasms. The point of "intensity" is, as it were, five miles beyond what some call the point of inevitability. I am interested in how others learned to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating and with ejaculating. I do both. I am also willing to share how I discovered what I call the point of "intensity". I can be reached by email at: .

I have digressed from my story of this morning. As I ran my penis through my hands I synchronizing the movement of my hips with the contracting and opening of my fingers around my penis ... I realized I was in that space, "intensity". This state is so pleasurable ... time and space melt into one. After awhile my being moved into to the expression of its orgiastic rhythm ..... then I would enter the open space of being motionless ... just concentrating on awareness of my breath as I cycled energy through my body, toes to crown of head ... during this time my penis became flaccid ... so I being the journey again .... stroking penis, fondling scrotum, entering into and enjoying the space of "intensity" ... a most fantastic pleasurable gift to myself .... the eruption of orgiastic contractions and release. I stopped at about 7 AM so that I could do some writing. I create poetry and many of my poems are born of my solo sex erotic journeys. This morning I decided to begin writing this story for submission to this site. Tomorrow I will write the second part ... I will describe a practice I call, 'pushing the edge', a favorite way to masturbate with another or others, I will describe the first time Joan and I experienced this.
 Flying With Joan 

Joan and I had known each other for a few years. While we enjoyed each other's energy, we had not engaged in any sexual play during these years until one spring we decided to spend a weekend together exploring and sharing our sexuality. The marvelous event I am about to share happened about the third or fourth time we engaged in sexual play. We had decided to go out for a light dinner and then return to our room where we would engage in what we called, 'pushing our sexual edge'. You will see what I mean as I describe these erotic events. During dinner we described some of our ideas and boundaries for the evening. After disrobing each other, preparing a space with soft sufficient light, placing some candles, one of us would begin to masturbate themself ... the other would watch ... anytime the one masturbating showed signs of stopping the other would encourage them to continue and begin to touch them ... this was to continue until the one masturbating felt so saturated with pleasure that they really wanted to stop ... this would be "the edge" ... the other would continue to stimulate them, ordering them to continue, instructing them to breath, to pull their energy up their chakras and send it out into the universe ...... eventually they would agree it was time to switch places .... now the assistant becomes the masturbator, the masturbator the sexual assistant.


Needless to say by the time Joan and I finished dinner we were both hot to trot.. She was very moist and my male shaft was at half mast. We arrived back at the room, lit some candles placing them in safe places where they would not be knocked over in our play, turned off the bright lights leaving plentiful soft light to see clearly, and began to undress each other. It was agreed that I would first masturbate myself. I lay nude on the bed, Joan was sitting on the bed, sort of at my feet ... I began by fondling my penis, rubbing my hand along the inside of my thighs, breathing deeply into my abdomen ... in no time at all I was stroking a full erection ... my hands now moving to other parts of my body .... traveling between my penis, nipples, legs, arms, and chest .... as the first of orgiastic waves began a slow ripple ... my legs began to move, my back to arch, cries coming from my mouth .... as these first waves began to subside and I was getting ready for a pause ... no such luck ... Joan immediately swung into action ... first licking my toes while ordering me to fondle my now flaccid penis ... as her tongue worked its way up my leg my male shaft rose to meet it ... just the flick of her tongue on it ... my back begins to arch ... sounds of pleasure greeting our ears .... this sequence continued uninterrupted ... I was allowed no down time ... Joan, besides ordering me to continue would always be doing something, kissing my lips, running her breasts across my lips, using her hands on any part of my body. Judging from the known time we started and the estimated time when we finished I would say that about 45 minutes into my masturbation time I passed what would be the first of maybe three pleasure "edges" for me .... my body would become one perpetual motion ... legs moving ... back arching ... rolling to my side so that one hand could fondle my genitals the other pleasure my anus ... ever Joan reminding me to breath ... then I would lay back exhausted .. now she became kind, saying, "you can have two minutes to rest", and she meant it, if I did not start touching myself in some way she would take my flaccid penis into her mouth .... eventually I sort of pleaded with her to stop ... the only thing that stopped her that evening was the reminder that we had agreed to switch places and if I did not stop soon I would run out of energy before she had 'equal time'.


So we paused for a toilet break and to have some fruit and a drink of water. Then I became the 'nag'. She started slowly playing softly with her areolas, as her nipples became erect she pulled slightly on them ... then as one hand moved between her nipples the other moved down her thighs, circling there and coming to her moist labia ... first playing with the outer then moving to her inner lips ... now her other hand moved to circle her clit ... I watched as the first of her orgiastic waves arrived ... there are few things as beautiful to me as watching another in their orgiastic rhythm ... ranks right there with the sunset and dawn and opening of a flower. I, of course, was more than willing to return the favor of not allowing her any down time ... my fingers all to willing .... sometimes I would just touch her nipples, other times I would circle her clit. As she moved through the first of several of her "edges" that night she began to spend more time fondling her breasts, while I increased the use of my hands in any of a variety of ways and places. I would say that both of our masturbation times were somewhere between an hour and half to two each. Sometime after her first passing an "edge" ... when she was trying unsuccessfully to take a rest, I was licking her neck and discovered a brand new terribly erotic zone for her ... I began licking her right ear lobe ... she said, "oh no you found that spot ... of dear me ... please stop", of course I knew that was one of those stop do not stop responses ... now my job of urging her on became easier ... if she showed signs of pausing, I did give her one or two periods of two minutes, all I had to do was move towards her right ear lobe .... and she was off to the races ...

I will conclude my summary of our night together 'pushing the edge', by describing how we concluded. The scene is etched in my visual memory forever ... her head and shoulders were over the left top corner of the bed ... what had started with just her head over the edge became her entire head, both shoulders and she was moving towards having her entire upper back balancing on the corner of the bed ... meanwhile the fingers of my left hand are in her vagina massage her, having spent some time circling her 'g' spot ... which, of course, was what was sending her literally over the "edge" ... my other hand was applying pressure with my palm on her clit and through that on her entire genital area .... as she began to disappear over the edge, I found that the only hold I had on her was my middle finger just inside her vagina ... I was concerned about her losing her balance and I being unable to catch her, and thus she incurring a neck or back injury, which she would not feel at this moment for any pain would be masked with the very high erotic energy of this moment ... I was, at that point, too tired to think of any solution, which I have subsequently worked out in fantasy, so I said, "Joan, I think it is time for us to stop". I grabbed her hips and pulled her up ... slipped to the side of her so as to assist her in lying flat on the bed .. and laid beside her with one hand on her heart ... and waited till she was ready to move ..... in time we agreed it was time to go to sleep.

Regardless of how good I am at solo masturbating, regardless of how many "edges" I can take myself through ... for me there is always a limit of what I will do by myself ... and I do play the game, 'pushing the edge' with myself with fantastic results ... nevertheless being with an other or others of matching energy will always enable me to go places I will never go by myself ... the other/s can enable me to choose to go where I would not go by myself ... and the valley of pleasure that I enter when I 'push the edge' is always magnificent.
 Thanks for reading ... enjoy the joys of solo and mutual masturbation ... have a great day.



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