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Green Silk Boxers.. Whew!

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Nothing happened between us, that was never the intent, but what I was told..woah..


I was engaged at the time, and one of my fiances roomies had a younger brother, Daniel who had just turned 14. Daniel had some Indian heritage in him and was about 5 ft 6in tall with short, full black hair, dark eyes, tanned more like mexican, and was a just a pretty good looking kid.

Well, one evening I was supposed to pick Daniel up from the airport. He was flying back to Florida from a visit out west. His Dad, who he lived with, wasn't going to be home till late, so I had agreed to pick him up. The plan was that we would hang out all evening and he'd stay all night at my place, and I'd get him to school scross town the next morning.

The evening was actually quite enjoyable, but I was constantly amazed at how frank Daniel was with 'those teen issues' particularly masturbation and his 'physical' development.

At one point while we were driving to the State Fair, I was commenting on how funny it was that some guys who are, for instance, blonde, have darker, even black pubes. So he looks at me and goes, 'Mine aren't just dark, man, they're black. Jet.. BLACK, and thick too.'

It was noteable the way he was looking at me, but seemed innocent enough at the time. I reminded myself that I simply wanted to be a sounding board for him and others his age, and let it go. (Let him brag..right?)

Throughout the evening, we're walking around the fair, and he's talking about his brothers, and how they've done some pretty wild stuff, then out of the blue goes, 'You're pubes are like brown right?' (No duh, I've got light brown hair) I said 'Yep' then he chuckles, 'My brothers are too, and I'm bigger than he is.' I knew he didn't mean in height either.

We finally get back to my apartment, check in with my roomate, who soon disappeared back into his room and I offered Daniel either couch in the living area or he can sleep with me, whatever he wants (Inside I was thinking that I hoped he chose the couch, cause all this talk over five hours has me needing to blow my load PRETTY BAAAAD).

He walks into my bedroom, sits on the side of the bed and peels his shirt off. 'I'll hang out in here for a while.' Great.. no release.

I had a walk in closet, so I stepped in there and stripped everything off and put on a pair of sweats, (which I usually slept in) and was startled to hear Daniel's voice just a few feet away from me. 'I'm going to get a drink, you want some water?' I told him 'Na' then walked to the bed and got in, hoping he'd get the hint when he came back (I also wondered if he was checking me out in the closet). He didn't. He walked back into the room, closed the door (eeek!) and then walked over to the side of the bed. He took one slug of water then proceeded to unbuckle and remove his pants. Wearing only green silk boxers, he got into the bed with me, and pulled the covers over his waist leaving his chest exposed.

Okay, fine. He would rather sleep in here. No problem. He's the guest, I'm the steward. Cool.

We sat up for four more hours (till like 3:00 a.m.) while I heard about the circle jerks he had engaged in with his brothers out west, the length of his pubes, which he confirmed by pulling one and showing me, and how that when he shot his load every night he felt like he was gonna hit the ceiling of his bedroom. He even confided that he was still technically a virgin although he had gotten a blow-job from a 16 year old girl on his 13th birthday, who commented that in her opinion he was bigger than a lot of 16 year olds she had seen (nice girl..).

Fortunately, the covers were hiding the fact I had a very intense hard-on through all this. At one point he threw all the covers off him, and just lay there in those shiny green boxers which revealed the fact that he wasn't exactly flacid. Curiosity was getting the best of me and I prodded him for details of the circle jerk, which he said involved aiming at a cracker, this was pretty wild, I'd never heard of THAT!

I thought my few minutes of relief finally had come, when I could perform some self service when he announced he was going to pee (yeah right). When he walked out and I heard the bathroom door shut, I threw the covers off and my sweat pants down some, and went crazy on my throbbing rod. I was getting close when I heard the bathroom door open. 'No way he could beat off THAT fast' I thought and I quickly covered back up.

A few minutes later I got him back by going into the kitchen to get a drink and I brought back a saltine cracker and threw it on the floor, then closed the door. 'You serious.' he said frankly.

I grinned then picked up the cracker and shoved it in my mouth. 'Its missing some topping' I said, muffled by the crushed cracker. 'I would have beaten you', he said grinning. I didn't want to pursue THAT much further, and changed the subject.

We eventually fell asleep, and I DID get him up in time to get a shower and dressed so we could leave and get to the school on time. While he was in the shower, I contemplated sneaking a peek at what I had missed seeing the night before, but chose against it, wondering what it may lead to, horny as we both were, that's not what I wanted to have happen, not with him being so young.

I got him to school, and came back to my apartment. In seconds I was naked and pumping. I was so hard. I couldn't help but think of what it would have been like to stroke with him hours before, to see his dark bush, to possibly hold that 'bigger than a 16 year old on a 14 year-old' teen cock in my hand. What it would have been like to be on my knees naked face to face with him over the cracker. Would he have beaten me? Would I have gotten SO horny with us jacking off together? I finally blew my load, all over. FINALLY!!

As I lay there recovering, I was glad I didn't pursue those things. I was glad his experience with me that night was wholesome (at least in action).

Years later, Daniel and I were laughing about that night talking on the phone, and I tried to tell him that NOW I'd find the cracker thing with him a possibility (five years later). I didn't say it right apparently, or he couldn't face the fact that I DID behave VERY PROPERLY THAT NIGHT, given the circumstances, and he hung up on me. That hurt.. BAD, but at least I know that that night I DID do the right thing by Daniel, and myself.



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