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Greek Wanking Adventures pt 4 - Physics and Oscillation

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Sorry for not contributing for so long guys, just an exam period on university. Now, this is maybe one of the most interesting experiences I ever gained in life. and one of my first sexual encounters out of family and girlfriends (also the only one I had with a guy). So please, enjoy!


As the educational system in Greece sucks, students of the last grade before university have to take extra classes with other teachers, out of school, either on a private afternoon school or by hiring a teacher to home-school you. And all this as you continue going to school. Such a mess! Anyway, I had chosen the scientific circle of subjects required to enter the medical school. I now study to become a heart surgeon.

One of the subjects I had to study and get home-schooled was physics. The whole year we talked about oscillations and springs. So boring, and difficult too, as the ministry has humongous expectation from kids, like we're scientists or something.

Anyway and in the story, I was home schooled at physics. My teacher, a 27 years old (then) guy, named Manoles. He was that type of generally work-out boy, but not muscular, just well-fit. He was hairy, as all Greek, and especially here in Crete, with short dirty blond hair and a moustache. I can say I was a bit attracted to him, because I always have loved that type of guy, cool and funny and fit, and, even thought I had a girlfriend (we are engaged now), I wasn't still pretty sure about my sexuality.

So, here comes a day, during Christmas holidays, that my parents had left for a trip in Arahova(Greek winter resort), and I had to stay back for the extra lessons. As I was home alone, and those who have read my previous stories will know, I did everything in the nude. I only got clothed when waiting for a tutor or when going out. I even answered the door in the nude if I wasn't expecting someone, just to laugh at their stares and the fright in their eyes. Till that day...

We had arranged a lesson with Manoles for that day 7 pm, but he sent me a message at 4pm to inform me he would come two hours earlier. I just didn't happen to read that message, as I was taking a shower. After coming out, I felt kind of horny watching myself in the mirror, and decided to have a super-wank session. I connect my laptop with the big screen tv in the living room, put on my fav porn video, and start fapping. So about 20 minutes later, the doorbell rings. My horny head thinks of it as a great idea to scare someone, as the tv faces directly to the door. Thinking it was a bagman or the mail, I open the door while still jacking my rock hard boner, and I face Manoles. " Are you practising penile oscillation?"


I was so embarrassed! He was laughing hard, and I asked for a couple of minutes to get dressed. He said ok, and waited in the hallway. When I came back, he was sitting on the couch facing the porn on the tv. I call and he says come sit here and relax, so my legs drive to the other couch, on the left. My bulge was enormous, building up a tent someone could sleep in. He said his wife was pregnant, and he hadn't any sex for the last 4 months, and he was now always feeling horny. My answer was like, it's normal to take care of your needs, either being seventeen or thirty. He smiled and commented on the porn, reminding me of my father. I could notice his growing cock, and felt mine getting fired up again. The video was still playing, so I say "If we are going to watch it, he should do it right", driving the scene to what my horny brain wanted. "As you said", I added, "we can study oscillation on the up and down hand and penis motion" and laughed. So he asks if I mean masturbating together (the most used Greek phrase for masturbation is "playing him" or "ton pezo", in Greek). I said "yeah, come on we're guys, we have known each other and nobody else will ever know".

He was convinced. He took off his jacket, his t-shirt, and shoes, as my eyes were draining each part of his body. he had a lot of chest and abdomen hair, and a large bush was half seen over the elastic band of his boxers. I was nude in no time, so as not to miss the show. His jeans came off, showing me his hairy legs and then the last part, the boxers get down to his knees. It was a nice 6 and a half cock, bigger than mine at the time, super large "Greek balls" and a gigantic patch of pubes over his manhood.

I start beating my meat, and shortly after, he follows. I occasionally turned to see him playing that thing, thinking of how nature blessed all boys in the world to find at least one game to play forever. That knowledge, passing from generation to generation, it's so wonderful, if you think of it. Hard breathing and questions on the period of my oscillation, caused our laughter to keep company to our moving hands. I finished first, as I was worked up already, and came all over my stomach, with Manoles ending five minutes later, covering with his cream his chest and abdomen. I gave him some paper to wipe up, so did I. He then asked to not tell anyone, and I promised not to.

He got dressed and left, saying we had quite a fun lesson that day. He asked from time to time if I had "played him" lately, and we often discussed the masturbation topic over our next days. I haven't seen him in the past two years, but I know now he's got a son, and I'm sure that he's going to play to someday...



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