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Great Times at the Clothes Store

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A week ago while coming home from school I got horny, so I got undressed leaving my shirt on (I do this so its quicker for me to get clothes on if my mother comes home.) and went online got on this site and read some stories while looking at my nude celeb pics and just plain porn. After awhile I was about to cum when my mother came home. I quickly put on my boxers and pants and helped her with bags since she went to get food. Then she said we should go get me some new clothes so we went to the store.
When we arrived at the store she told me to go and pick out what I wanted by myself, she'd be in the womens section.
Well, I went and got some clothes and went to the try on section where you try on clothes.
(This stores section had it open to both genders but with a setup that a guard could look in at it to see if anything was going on)
As I was about to try on the clothes I looked at the mirror and just though screw it, I wanted to see myself jerking myself off in the mirror since I was still horny and imagining the stars in my head. I took off my pants and boxers and began to jerk off. After a couple minutes a women came in from the store (she worked there) and still in ecstasy I looked out and wanted to do things to this beautiful women. (She looked like she was in her 25-30s and had nice breasts which were medium size and tight ass.)
With just my shirt on, (since I kept the same routine incase my mother came in here) I put on my boxers and with my head out of the small cubical I asked her to come and look at the outfit I had on (lying, but still..) as she walked over I opened the door keeping it from not showing that I was lying to her. As she came over I sort of threw her in, pinned her between the closest wall and myself and kissed her while locking the door and grabing her right breast. When the kiss was over I was shaking all over from what I had done and her first reaction was to yell 'You little pervert!' and was about to slap me when I said I was sorry and that I was just really really horny.She then was still mad and said that I shouldnt be touching women like that but since I seemed sorry she told me I owed her a huge favor and if I didnt do it I would get in alot of trouble.
I agreed and didnt believe what would happen next. She began to undress until her tits were exposed and she was stripped down to only her red panties. She then told me to pull down my boxers, but then she did and began to suck on my cock till it got nice and really hard. She then told me to jerk off and before I came to tell her. I imideately sat down and began to pump to her great tits. After 2 minutes I was about to cum and she told me to stop, then she knelt down and began to suck on my throbbing cock. She took in all my cum, or atleast it seemed so. She circled the tip at first, then with her lips went up and down on the head of my cock,and then did deepthroat. (My cocks 6 inches.)
As she proformed I shot into her mouth every drop of cum I could get out and she drank it all. After she was done I asked if I could return the favor and she said oh yeah.
I first circled around her left tit and then sucked on it a bit, going back up and french kissing her at times. While I did this with my free hand I massaged her pussy lips. During this I got hard again. I then asked her if I could fuck her until I was about to cum and she could suck me dry again..and she said yes as long as I didnt cum in her. I then layed her down softly and went to work for about 5 minutes when I thought I would cum. I pulled out and then she gave head again. When I came back to it, I let go of her head and asked her for one more favor, which in return she said Geeze, I think we did everything what else do you want from me? I asked for a tit fuck. After a couple of minutes of asking she said ok and it felt great. When we were done we got dressed and she re-arranged her hair. Then she and I frenched and I met back up with my mother.



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