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Great Tan!

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I was at my favorite nude sunbathing spot. I usually wear a very small red thong while I'm walking to my spot. I lay my towel down, oiled down everything with coconut oil, and was just about to lose the thong when I spotted an old man walking in the distance. Oh well, it was plan B, which is to leave the thong on. It's one of those string thongs that barely covers me when I'm soft, and can't cover half of my shaft if I get hard, so I knew I would still get a great tan anyway. I nude sunbathe all the time, so I have no tan lines at all, and I'm Polynesian, so I'm a deep dark brown all over.

I thought I'd wait until the old guy left to get really naked, so I rolled over on my stomach and closed my eyes to wait it out. When I opened my eyes a few minutes later, the guy was still there, but not walking anymore. He was looking at me and looking away, like he was trying to decide what to do. Soon he was walking in my direction, and by the looks of it, he was coming straight for me. He stood above me looking down. He was wearing only shorts that had what looked like cum stains on the front. I pulled out my bottle of coconut/banana oil and sprayed my backside since it looked like I was going to be there a while. He asked if I needed help applying the oil. I knew he wanted to touch me, and I thought it would be fun, so I said 'Yeah' and handed him the bottle.

He oiled my shoulders and upper back and then he was rubbing my ass and thighs and then calves. He was breathing heavily and I knew he was excited. I glanced at his shorts to see if he was getting hard, but he wasn't. He sat down and oiled my ass some more and slid his hands under the thong.

'You have a great tan!' he told me. 'I wish I was as dark as you.'

'I work at it,' I told him.

He slowly tried to work the thong down, but I thought it would be more fun to not let him. I rolled over so he could see that I was hard. The head of my cock was protruding out of the thong. I grabbed the bottle of oil and made sure to rub all the right places for him to see. He was breathless.

'Do you mind if I take this off?' I asked him. 'I need to work on my all-over tan.'


I slipped the strings slowly down my waist and down my oiled cock. I was really hard and the veins in my cock were pulsing. Completely naked in front of him, I lay back and stretched out, my cock in a throbbing arch pointing right up to my face. He started to massage my legs, and I started to squirm with anticipation. With one hand I reached down and did a long stroke all the way down my shaft and under my balls. He smiled. I pulled my hand all the way up my torso, rubbed my nipples. He was rubbing my legs harder and it got me even more excited. I grabbed the base of my cock with one hand and pulled it down tight and then started to lightly stroke the taut shaft with the other hand. The oil made everything so smooth and slippery, the sensations were incredible, AND I had an audience!

I decided to give him a show. I moaned and sighed and breathed in and out with each stroke, making like I was going to cum at any moment. His eyes were fixed on me. I let the motions build up, my whole body writhing, my neck and spine straining. And then when I knew he thought I was going to squirt, I turned and looked at my watch.

'Oh, man, I've gotta get back to work!' I jumped up, pretending to be in a hurry. 'Hey, thanks. That was great!' I told him.

'Any time.' He said, his voice quivering.

'You give a good massage,' I told him. 'Maybe next time I'll return the favor.'

'I'd like that.'

I slipped the thong back on and walked all the way back to my car in only my thong. I was so turned on I didn't care. A car drove past me and a guy let out a loud hoot and started whistling at me. He almost hit a parked car. I strutted past the car to the shower house, walked in and removed the thong and started to shower, when guess who walked in! The horny mystery man. I showered slowly and deliberately.

'You really have a great tan.'


I said goodbye and walked out to my car as he watched from behind. I was so turned on by now that I sat in my warm car, pulled off the thong, and with only a few strokes I had cum all over my belly. I turned to see that the mystery man had been watching the whole time. I smiled at him and drove away.



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