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Great Sex Everytime

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Enjoying what life has to offer.


I am 6' tall 185 lbs,I have a nice smile, I eat right and I take care of myself. I don't drink or smoke. I have a full head of black hair that I like to wear short on the sides and back with length on top. I am clean shaven. I have been married to a beautiful woman for over 30 yrs. I look mid forties when I am mid fifties.

My wife says I have a nice body after all these years and the mirror agrees. I just love to show it to her. It turns me on to know my nakedness is turning her on. I love to show her my body when I am erect. She says I have a perfect penis because it is straight, no curve, sticks up and out at a 45 angle about 61/2 inches away from my body when I am standing. My tube steak is pretty appetizing according to comments I have had from lovers before I was married and of course my wife.

I really enjoy sex and masturbation as I am horny most of the time. Last week I masturbated 3 times and we had sex once. My wife enjoys watching me masturbate and I rarely masturbate alone anymore. We did not have more sex because family was staying with us and she is embarrassed or something. Not me, I answered the call of the wild! I was horny and could not wait to retire for the evening. I shut our bedroom door, crawled into bed next to her and started to cuddle with her. After a bit of that I whispered in her ear very softly "I want to see your pussy, it is so pretty and sweet" "You are so hot you are making me horny!" "Spread your legs and show me your pussy!" She responds with full mouth kisses which are very enjoyable and then she pushes me away and says " Masturbate for me, baby!" "I love the way you look when you are enjoying yourself"

How can I turn that invitation down?! She knows I enjoy masturbation, she has had no problems with my masturbating regularly in our marriage. Just so I am there when she needs me sexually. Sharing intimate private moments like that stimulate me sexually and she knows it takes my sexual performance to another level. I like it!

I move over and lay on my back next to her, I lift my legs and take my pants and underwear off and let them drop on the side of the bed. I remove my shirt, it goes with my pants and I am naked. I look down my body and am pleased with the way I look, firm chest, tight abs, a coat of body hair, nicely trimmed short pubic hair, which shows my penis and balls really well. I start playing with myself until I get erect, my wife pretends to watch tv as I am playing, taking little peeks every now and then. The feeling is very casual.

Once I get erect I start to massage my balls, slowly rolling them in one hand while my left hand is starting to stroke my circumcised erection. It feels really good and I start moaning softly and that gets her attention every time! I start to talk dirty while I masturbate. I tell her I want to penetrate her, I want to lick her pussy, I want her to suck my dick, I want her to ride me, I want to have sex with her!

I keep my knees bent and I spread my legs a bit and she puts her hand on my thigh when I am masturbating. I moved over closer the other night and asked her to hold my erection. I know once she holds and strokes me, that I might get a BJ if lucky, that is why I don't lube up. Sure enough, after stroking me and feeling my warm hard erection in her hands her face started to drift south. She looked up at the TV, held my cock up straight with her hand, put my cock in her mouth, kept watching TV as she was starting to suck. I could see my cock push out the side of her mouth back and forth as she bobbed sideways. She started paying more attention to what she was doing and when she looked up at me with my cock in her mouth I knew I was in heaven!!

She let my cock go, moved back to where she was laying and asked me to finish. "I want to see you cum!"

I obliged, and after a couple minutes of rubbing I exploded all over my chest, stomach and hands. My orgasm is awesome, it lasts for a couple minutes at least. When I feel the point of no return I like to hold and clench down there to try to stop my ejaculation. It never works because I already am orgasming, but what it does do is prolong my orgasm! It feels so good, and then I can't hold anymore, my hips start to thrust in rhythm with my strokes, I raise my head up, look down at my cock, feel the tip of my cock open like when I pee, and uncontrollably start ejaculating sperm onto my body. All the while I can hear my wife saying "That is so hot" "You are so hot!" "You are such a turn on!"

We had penetrative sex a couple nights ago and I am ready again tonight for more. It was fantastic, I had a great orgasm and now I need more. I want to watch her masturbate for me tonight! That turns into more great sex every time!



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