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Great Orgasms Thanks To John

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This is the second story I wrote today about my good friend John.


John later made me a sex toy. He's very good with his hands. During another of our mutual masturbation nights I used my dildo for John to watch. With the dildo sliding inside me & a vibe on my clit I can have some real wild orgasms. John will attest to that now too.

About a week after that night John called me to say he had a delivery for me. The renovations were done so I had no idea what it was. He brought me a long box & inside was what is now my favorite sex toy.

I'll try to describe it. He took a very large dildo & somehow drilled it down the center. He then mounted it on what looks like a broom stick only a bit wider. The long stick is fitted into a hole in a 2x4 looking piece with two side braces holding the stick. John made it to slide between my mattress & base of my bed. I tried it on the love seat but the cushions are not heavy enough.

Once it's in place under the mattress, the dildo is at the perfect height for me to get on my hands & knees & back it inside my pussy. The wooden pole insert makes the dildo stiff like a real penis only much bigger than any penis I've had before. The first time I tried it I was alone. I rubbed some lube on the dildo like a big cock then on hands & knees, I backed it into my pussy. OMG! It was so big & did it feel good! I rocked back & forth on that huge cock until my knees were raw. It was like nothing I ever felt before. It filled me up so full & it never goes soft. I rocked back & forth enjoying only the feeling of the dildo for a long time. I couldn't get enough. I moved my mirror down beside me against the wall to watch myself. I love watching my body.

I kept feeling this odd sensation while rocking back & forth. Each time I got it I stopped for fear of peeing. I decided to give my clit some vibes while I rocked some more on the dildo. It's a good thing I work out so much. With one arm holding me up I put the vibe against my clit & rocked some more. It was great! I could feel all the ribs on the dildo with every pump I took. I rocked out as far as I could go so the dildo just left my pussy then I rocked back until it hit bottom. Oh was it good! Then I could feel my orgasm coming thanks to the vibe on my clit. I kept rocking hard on the dildo & the orgasm was coming on fast & hard. I felt the pee feeling again but I couldn't stop. Then this wild orgasm came on so hard! My body tensed up & when the contractions of orgasm hit, a huge stream of juice rushed for my body. I could hear the squirting sounds & I could feel the splashing but I was not stopping. I couldn't! I kept the dildo at just the right spot & swirled my hips in a big circle while the orgasm kept going & going. It ripped through me like crazy!

When the orgasm stopped my body was shaking & shivering but I was not cold. I just stayed on my hands & knees with this huge hard wonderful dildo still inside me. Little waves of orgasm kept coming even when I thought I was done. With each little wave of these ever so tiny orgasms I clamped down hard on the dildo still inside me. These little waves got bigger, then bigger. It was quite a unique experience. I went with it & kept clamping tight with each one. Then they got a little bigger, then closer together. My body naturally began to move on the dildo again, rocking back & forth slowly & with short strokes. Then I could feel it coming on again. I rocked hard & fast this time with no vibe to my clit. With both hands firmly on the floor & slid back & forth as fast as I could. I could feel it coming on from deep inside me. I yelled out loud, really loud! OMG!!!!! & it came on so hard & so strong! Juice squirted out & I pushed hard each time like something I had to get out of my body. Oh it felt so so fantastic!! The soaking wet orgasm was so good that when I stopped I slid off the dildo & let me body fall to the wet floor. I felt like I had just been put through a boot camp for hours. I had nothing left. Total mental & physical exhaustion. My naked body laid limp & I began to cry. I cried so hard but it felt so good. It was an experience I will never forget. I laid crying in the pool of my orgasm juice until I felt normal again. I sat up I looked at my naked body in the mirror. My hair was wet & messed up bad. My body glistened with my orgasm juice & my nipples were hard & pointy. I slowly stood up then showered thinking of what had just happened.

Since then I've rocked on my toy so often & most times my body will squirt. It's not always but when I do it's nothing less than beautiful. I've also done it with John there to watch. After all, he was the inventor & I owe learning to squirt to him.




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