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Great Massages

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Thanks to our host, here I can enjoy telling about things that I can't tell anywhere else!


About 15 years ago, my wife and I were visiting our daughter in another state. I was aching all over and our daughter recommended that I go to a female massage therapist that did sports massages for the local college football team. So I did. Being stroked all over while i was completely naked under the towel was great. When I suggested that I didn't really need the towel, she pulled it off me and threw it in a corner. I lay there with a grand erection (See 'Curious Neighbor Girl' February 15 for my size), but she refued to massage my manhood saying that I could do that myself.
Well, that was the start of many more great massages in the last 15 years! Sometimes the massage therapists have been very strict about my keeping my shorts on. Others have recommended removing as much clothing as I feel comfortable doing. Of course, then I take everything off in a hurry when they leave the room, but they almost all insist on keeping me covered with a sheet or a towel. One massage therapist must have noticed that I was growing an erection and just casually commented that 'It's typical for a man to get an erection.' Considering that he's being touched all over gently, lovingly by a female with soft, delicate hands, what's a man to do but let his feelings run high!
About 6 or 8 years ago, I noticed an ad for massaage in a neighboring town that didn't mention massage therapy, so I made an appointment thinking that maybe a 100% massage could be received there. And I guessed right! My first visit to her was great. I was quite sure she was wearing only a T-shirt and nothing else. She told me that I would have to keep covered and started massaging my back and kept asking how she was doing. I kept replying great. Oh, yes, I almost forgot, she even hopped up on the massage table and straddled my hips while massaging my back. I would have loved to turn over and place my manhood between her vaginal lips, but she didn't sit bare-bottomed on my hips long enough for me even to suggest it. When she hopped off the table, I spread my legs apart while she massaged my thighs, hoping that she would see my firm manhood sticking out. I had aimed my shaft down by hand when I rolled over. I'm sure she saw my erection, because she occasionally brushed across my family jewels and my shaft while going up and down on the inside of my thighs.
When she had me roll over on my back, I mentioned that I did not need the towel and she took it off me and threw it on a chair. My erection felt so good that I mentioned that I'd like a 100% massage, but she said she couldn't or she'd get in trouble with the town council and said she'd already been told by them that she 'couldn't do that any more.' So, then I KNEW she had done some other men in town and likely even some on the town council! But she said that I could massage it. I no more than started playing with my manhood than she took over. I don't know how she it, but it felt so fantastic that it didn't take me long at all to 'shoot my wad.' It happened so fast I couldn't believe it was over so soon. I asked her how she did made me cum so fast. I don't remember her reply, but realize now that I must have already been very highly sensitized all over physically as well as psychologically by having been stroked all over the rest of my body and had been building anticipation that my privates would be the last to be focused on.
The next time I went to her for a massage I was passing through her town on my way home from taking some animals to a sales barn and I told her I needed to shower first. She showed me where to go and also showed me her hot tub. I was just getting in line with the spout on the hot tub pumping water against my bare crotch when she surprised me by saying something. I was almost embarrassed by seeing her standing in the door. I don't remember what she said but was hoping she would come in the hot tub with me as I was all naked. But she didn't. When I got out, I walked to the massage room naked and she quickly said, 'Cover your butt so they don't see you naked through the window when they drive by.' She was sitting in a rocking chair and I was very sure she was wearing nothing but her T-shirt again. I told her that I didn't have enough money to pay, but would like to give her a massage in return and she agreed. Igot on the massage table and she started on my back side again, touching my genitals deliberately and I enjoyed it. When she said to roll over, I said it way my turn to give her a massage in return. While she took off her T-shirt I discreetly turned the other way until she said 'Ok.'
Now I wish I'd watched her pull off her T-shirt so I could have seen her breasts and bush. I love seeing skin, lots of it! I keep my eyes glued on a female's cleavage or belly or thighs when they're showing skin. Even though pornographic movies don't do much for me, I always keep my eyes focused on the TV screen when there's lots of skin to be seen, always hoping to see more! I especially like to look down their cleavage when they're wearing low cut blouses or V-necked sweaters. I've even seen cleavages on store clerks when they're wearing T-shirts that fall open a bit when they bend over to pick up a sack from under the counter. Back to my story.
The entire time I was standing by her massage table massaging her back side, I was naked and my manhood stood more than straight out. My manhood was aimed upward! When I'd given her a good massage all the way up and down her body and had reached around to press lightly on the fleshy part of the side of her breasts, I said, 'Time to roll over.' But she refused, saying 'I won't be any good the rest of the day.' I'm sure she expected that I'd want to play with her clit and give her an orgasm. She got off the table on the other side and pulled her T-shirt back on again. I was disappointed that she had not let me massage her front side, but climbed back on the table for her to massage my front side. This time since I'd been massaging her back while naked, I had no towel on and she massaged my family jewels and shaft without my suggesting it. While she was massaging my privates, I asked her to remove her T-shirt, but she refused. However, she lifted her far leg placing it on a shelf under the massage table. While she played with my erection I reached my hand around her back side and stroked her cheeks and up her side and back, then feeling around down under discovered that with her leg propped up on the shelf, her bush was accessible from the rear so proceeded to cup it in my hand. Oh, I was so excited by this time that my thick, white, hot love cream quickly erupted a volcano before I got to reach inside her lips and play with her clit. She turned to show me that my geyser had hit her T-shirt above her breasts and said, 'That's why I wear a T-shirt.'
Another full-breasted female massage therapist was so exciting to see the fleshy skin around her neck while she bent over by face to massage my chest that, even though she remained fully clothed and kept my private area carefully covered, when the massage was over, it actually took me only 6 strokes pumping up and down my shaft until I erupted a wonderful load of hot semen all over my belly. That reminds me of the time my wife was reading late one evening in bed and had her nearest bare leg over my stomach. I reached over her thigh and stroked my shaft side to side across her smooth thigh very slowly with controlled discipline for about an hour until I erupted such a forceful ejaculation that I heard it land right by my right ear on the pillow! I looked and sure enough. Another time I landed right by my left ear on the pillow! Those 2 times are the farthest I've ever shot my load.
My wife fully understands that I need more sexual release than she does. When she's not in the mood for 'fooling around,' she'll ask if I'm 'chapped.' Of course, I'll say, 'Yes!' and she'll reach for a bottle of lotion. When she starts stroking my shaft I think I'm in heaven! At my present age, it usually takes me a while to build up and she tires before I erupt, so she says, 'You take over.' Then she lays her head on my chest to watch me stroke my erection to finish. I sure she likes to feel my body grow rigid and likes to watch me pump until I orgasm my thick, white, hot love juice. I like to watch her rub her clit also until she lifts her bottom high off the bed and shudder some mighty shakes until her feelings subside -- but I'll save that for another story. This one is long enough.
Hope you liked it! I've kept the stories about massage to myself for 15 years and really enjoyed reminiscing about them. I have another massage scheduled for about 10 days from now, and intend to hold off ejaculating for several days beforehand so I'm sure to have an erection during the massage. Keep tickling everybody! Have lots of thrills and excitement! Self-stimulation is free and safe and inexpensive. Sexual thrills are good for us because they keep our sex organs healthy by pumping in blood to them, bringing in vital oxygen that every cell in our body needs and sexual thrills also enhance one's self-esteem! This site is great! I'd like to read lots more stories by females of all ages about how they and their brothers, cousins, and boyfriends play together. I'd also like more stories by older women in their 40's to 80's. Then I'd know that at least some of them found out how to pleasure themselves, even though their parents never gave them any sex education.
While reading, I always play with my manhood and pump with my left hand while controlling the mouse with my right hand to read more stories. In summer, I take all my clothes off and just slowly rub very lightly up and down across the purple head and down around the rim to make it tickle unbearably. In winter time here on the northern plains, I like to rub my shaft back and forth inside my sweat pants until it is so full and ticklish that I just have to reach inside and feel it's fullness with my hand. Then I push my sweats down and pull my shaft out so it gets some fresh air and I can look at it and admire how big it is and beautiful when it is a light lilac color! (See my comment at the beginning about where to read about my size.) Sometimes it is so big that I can hardly believe it's mine.
I love what our Creator gave me and I'm proud of it. I hope all of you are proud of what you have and enjoy your bodies. Size of shafts and size of breasts isn't everything. Don't be embarrassed if you're small. Be proud of your body because it's yours. I wish the whole world could see my manhood when it's full and rigid, but don't dare expose myself in public. It takes lots of discipline, but I enjoy stroking my manhood slowly for as long as I can -- often an hour more or less -- before I just have to pump fast and blow a powerful ejaculation that convulses the entire half of my lower body and sends thrills all the way up my torse and neck to my brain for a rush! Thanks for your exciting stories! Oh, yes, I read that semen has anti-cancer agents in it, so I always catch my cum in my hand and eat it because I never want cancer. Happy jackin' n' jillin' and keep sharing your stories! RC



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