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Great Experiences at Summer Camp

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These are the three first sexual experiences that have shaped my sexual identity. The amazing thing is it all took place in one three week period. I hope you like my story.

This all starts with a brief description of my summer camp, it was an advanced academic camp located on the campus of a local university. All the campers stay in the dorms which means of course that every one has a room mate. Mine is at the heart of this story. He was this really nice black guy, sort of heavy set, with what I would call a football players body. He turned out to be really cool and out going and we quickly became really good friends. I'll call him Chriss in this story although it is not his real name. I just relized I forgot to discribe my self I'm tall white and really thin. I've been told I'm charming with people I know but with people I've just met I'm rather akward. But enough about me back to the story. There were not alot of girls at this camp and privacy and down time were really scarce which meant that pretty soon every one was really horny with nothing to do about it. Everybody on my hall constantly joked about wanting to jerk off and much they did it at home. I was suffering along with every one as I had been jerking off every day for three year.

After about a week Chriss was obviously getting backed up too, as one night I woke up hearing the squeeking of bed springs. I looked over and saw Chriss eye shut asleep hummping his mattress. His hips were moving with quick powerful thrust and even across the small room I could see his hard cock in his tight boxer briefs. It took we a few moments to relize he was haing what would soon become a wet dream. I found myself getting hard watching him go. This was the first time I looked on another guy in any sexual way and I think it was the first step to me finding out I'm bi. As I watched Chriss he suddenly ground his hips down into his bed and let out a loud groan. It was ten that his eyes flicked open. I tried to lie as still as I could and look asleep as Chriss sat up and touched the large wet spots on his underwear. At that point he did something that shocked and turned me on, he rubbed the wet patch and then brought his fingers up to his lips and sucked them. Then he got up stripped off his underwear showing a semi-erect cock that had to be at least eight inches long surrounded by short curtly pubes. He then bent down to get a new pair from his trunk showing my his ass. These combined with what I had just seen nearly got me off right there but I held on and waited tell Chriss was back asleep then I rubbed myself off quickly in my boxers. I came I under a minute much quicker than my usual half hour leisurely sessions. Then with soaking boxers I drifted off to sleep my minds filled with plans for the next two weeks of camp.

I got through the next day my mind always drifting back to the night before and my plans for that night. Finally night came and every one when back to their dorms. As Chriss and I were getting ready for bed when I brought up how horny I was and how much I needed to get off. He just sort of chuckled and said that he was feeling that too. 'you can't need to cum that bad after last night' I shot back. He got really embarrassed at that point and mumbled something like 'ohh you saw that then' I assured him it was pretty hard to miss. Then I asked if he had wet dreams often. He said that he got them when ever he stopped jerking off for to long. I said that had always wanted one but never had as I guess I jerk off to much. Then we just started talking about the how's where's and when's of our masturbation at home. During this conversation we both started to get pretty hard. I was planning to see if I could get this to lead to some mutual wanking but to my surprise it was Chriss who brought up the idea. All of the sudden he bursted out 'if you got to see me cum it's only fair I get to see you right'. This is exactly what I was hoping would happen so I quickly agreed. I through back the covers and yanked down my boxers letting my six inch completly shaved circumcised cock hand out for a moment I didn't touch it letting Chriss get a good look. He said it was pretty good for a white boys. I responded that we couldn't all have cocks like his. Then I started jerking like I do at home my first two fingers and my thumb curled around my cock pumping up and down and fast as I could. I looked over and saw Chriss totally with his whole fist clamped around his cock jacking fast as he could. He blew in like five minutes I held on for another ten. When he came it was like a water fountain huge thick streams spurting out like and inch above his cock. His orgasm lasted for like a minute full of now stop gushing. He was quiet like the night before with just on stifled moan more like a grunt. My orgasm was completely different I shot off lots of little strands high into the air that came down all over my chest and face. This was all accompanied with much twitching and moaning. The latter I had to try to keep down as it would have been awkward if the guys next door had heard through the open window.

This first experience lead only a lot of conversations on masturbation between us, on subjects from my love to finger my ass as I jerk to his love of tasting his own cum, but also to our feeling free to jerk off around each other almost ever night.

The final experience happens on the second to last night. That night we were allowed to have a sleep over with all twenty guys on our hall in the dorm. This was really fun with all of us crammed in to a room that was way to small for all of us. After a little while it was suggested that as I had the only laptop in our hall I should go get it so we could all watch some porn together. This was widely agreed to so I went and got it. When I got back every one had arranged themselves on the couches around a small coffee table. I put my laptop on the table and after listening to the requests pulled up one of my favorite porn sites and found a really hot video of two black girls getting gang banged by eight big black guys all with huge cocks. After a few minutes of every one trying to discreatly rub themsleves through their PJs one of the guys called out screw this he was not about to watch porn he could jerk off to and pulled down his pants reveling his hard cock, which he started to jerk like wild.

Everyone else soon followed the two guys next to me were younger like 13 and both seemed pretty hesitant, so I pull my pants down to see if that would pressure them. One of them was Korean with a really feminine face and thin delicate body, he pulled down his pants to reveal a three inch hard cock nestled in a huge black bush of pubes. On my other side was this guy around five inches shorter than me with bright red hair, he was sporting what I guessed to be a four and a half inch dick with pubes the same color as his hair. It was clear neither of them knew what they were doing so in a moment of impulse reached over and started to jerk them off each with one hand. They were shocked but clearly loved it. When I remakes that they should return the favor the asian guy reached over and clumsily grabbed my cock and started to jerk it. It wasn't long until either of them came. In both their cases when they told me they were coming I put my face down right in front of their cocks so my face took the full blast of their cum. When the redhead came on my face that was the final straw that started me shooting off. Most of my cum ended up on the Asian guys arms and lap where he let it dry. Only then did I look around a couple guys were helping each other out and one pair had gone further than a helping hand, but for the most off the guys they just kept to themselves jerking there own cocks with single minded intent. Chris was one of the guys who dealt with his own cock as he was sighing in an armchair alone. After everyone was done most people went to sleep with one or two sharing couch or mattress on floor where I suspect the nights entertainments may have continued. For my part I drifted off to sleep with my face still covered with half dry cum.

The next night the last night Chris indulged me in my new found love of being covered in cum he jerked off kneeling over my face and let go a huge amount of cum that dribbled all over my face, in return I agreed to let him taste my cum something that he had admitted enjoying before. I beat off into a pair of his boxers that he gave me which he then spent several minutes licking and sucking them.

After we both went home from camp me and Chriss have sort of drifted apart and we rarely talk anymore, but it still thrills me remembering this one three week time of such sexual excitement and learning. I still jerk off thinking about that wet dream I got to watch and all it's happy effects.

Well that's my story hope you liked it.



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