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Great Experience

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Everyone in this story is completely straight!


Hello, I had read many of your other stories and thought it was time to post one of my own! Just FYI I am straight!
It all started when I went to spend the night with my cousin at his house. We did the usual stuff like play computer and playstation. When it came time to go to bed we went up stairs and walked into his enormous room. He had 2 beds because him and his brother share a room and since I was there his brother went to a friends house. We turned the light out and turned the TV on! He has satellite so we could get the good porn channels. We were turning through and found one called experiments. It had a woman talking about how she was straight but had had sex with some women. Soon a man got on and said he too had jacked off other men and he was still straight. He said helping another man cum was very exciting! And it made me wonder...
After that show went off my cousin got some mags from under his bed and threw me one. When he got the mags out we both took our pj's off and laid down in our boxers since that is what we slept in. My mag had men and women in it and they were having hot sex. I noticed my cousin picked up a notebook and was writing stuff in it. He soon threw it to me and I opened it and it read: 'Listen I know we are both straight but seeing that show made me want to jack off with you, what do you say?'
I was scared at first but then wrote back saying: 'Yes I would like to, come over to my bed and get under the covers.' When he read it he came over to my bed, as he got in his obvious boner rubbed against my thigh. He asked how I wanted to start and I just pulled my boxers off and he did too. We both took our shirts off and were lying down on the bed. He said wait a minute and jump up and went into his closet. It was so dark we hadn't seen each other's dicks yet. He came back with a bottle of something. I said ok I'm ready. He slowly reached under the covers and felt of my balls and 6 in. He got the bottle out and squirted what felt like baby oil on my dick and started jerkin like crazy. OMG it felt so good! Soon I was so close that I came right in his hand. Now it was his turn. I got the bottle and got it on his 8 incher. WOW I said! I then started to slowly jerk him off and made my hand feel like a pussy. He asked me to rub his anus while I did it but not to insert my finger, I was a little grossed out but I did it. He was started to quiver so I sped up and he came all over my hand! He said he was wondering what it was like to jerk with another guy and know he knows.
We have done this many times and even tried oral but it was too repulsive so we never did it again! Try it people. I'm straight and it was sooooo fun!



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