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Got Caught Sniffing

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Me and Lori still keep in touch!


During the summer of 1970, I spent a great deal of time at my Aunt and Uncle's house. They had just put in a new pool and it was a very hot summer that year. Between my cousins and neighborhood friends, there was always a good deal of us swimming on any given day.

On one of the days that I was there, Lori, her best friend was over sunbathing on the deck of the pool. Lori always wore the smallest bikinis. Anyway, I had to leave earlier on this day because I had a mid-afternoon softball game. So I told Chris and Lori that I was going in to change to get ready for baseball and I'd be back later.

As I was changing in her bedroom, I noticed their clothes on the bed. I was curious what there bra sizes were so I picked them up to look. Both wore the same bra size, 34B. Then I noticed their panties and picked them up to smell their scent from their crotch. Just as I was smelling the second pair, Chris and Lori walk in on my charade.

'What are you doing?' asked Chris. 'Nothing', I said.

'Nothing my ass, you were smelling our underwear,' she said. 'OK, guilty, I was, I'm sorry.' 'No your not, wait till I tell Ma, you won't be swimming over here much anymore,' Chris said.

'Come on, please don't tell. What do I need to do for you not to tell?' I asked. That's when Lori chimed in, 'We want to see your hardon that you seem to be hiding under those shorts of yours.'

'And we want to see you jerk off,' said Chris. 'Neither one of us have seen it done. We want to see what it's all about.' 'You keep our secret and we'll keep yours, deal?' she asked.

'OK, but if I'm going to strip naked and jerk off for you, then the least you could do for me is let me see your tits.' They agreed and jumped up on the bed and sat spread eagle as they waited to see me masturbate. They took off their bikini tops to reveal two beautiful pairs of tits that just got me harder.

I took off my shorts and underwear and got up on the bed with them so they could get a good look. 'Is it OK if I touch it?,' asked Lori.

'Sure, go ahead,' I said. She played with it for a few seconds and then Chris touched it for a few seconds and then they said they were ready to watch me jerk off.

I was a little self-conscious as I have never done this in front of anyone, let alone two girls before. But I started stroking it and it didn't take too long before I came all over my stomach and chest.

'That was pretty cool,' said Lori. She reached out and touched the cum and then went and got a couple of tissues so I could clean up.

After I cleaned up I asked the girls if they would let me touch their tits. They let me touch them for a couple of minutes and then I had to leave but that was the beginning of a very hot summer in more ways than one.

We had some incredible encounters that summer and will be sharing more of them with you in the cumming weeks. Happy Masturbating!



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