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Goofing Around Went Too Far.

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Our mom was and is a bitch of the first order. She uses men to get whatever she wants then discards them. Whe she got her hooks into man number five, my sister and I stayed out of it as much as we could.


Mom and the poor bastard she would eventually marry (and then cheat on ) were downstairs, so Debbie and I made sure we weren't. On the excuse of college work to do, we had locked ourselves in Debbie's room.

The day was so hot! And they were downstairs for what seemed like forever. As we sat on her bed talking, we shed clothes. We have been naked around each other forever so it was no big deal. In the end, Debbie was down to her bra and panties and I was down to my boxers. We were talking about how inexperienced we both were sexually. While our mom was on her back or up against a wall with whoever she liked whenever she liked,she kept a real tight hold over us.

Debbie and I were both virgins, and all we had ever done was masturbate. I said to Deb something like "I can't wait to get on top of a girl and get between her legs" Deb replied "fuck yeah, and have him fuck me through the bed while I told him to screw my brains out." It wasn't a come on, but just expressing our desire. I giggled as I stood up and hooked my thumbs into my boxers. "He'll, I'm gonna fuck your brains out, bitch". Debs spread her legs, and said "fuck yeah, give it to me"

As I said, it was goofing around. I moved over her and felt her legs close around my back as I pretended to dry hump her. We were both pissing ourselves laughing, but then the mood changed. I realised Debs was really pushing her crotch against me and I also knew I had a boner pressing through my boxers and against the crotch of her panties. Suddenly, it wasn't a laugh any more.

We were dry humping. Debs gasped and let out a couple of weird sounds like "Hahn...Hahn...huuuuuhn." And I instinctively knew she had cum... I blew my load into my boxers. When I got off her the crotch of her panties was stained wet, and somehow I had slipped her bra strap off and her pert little b cup was standing up proudly. I tugged my boxers down and Debs got her first look at sperm.

It was an embarrassing moment, but what happened next was wonderful. Debs just chucked her bra and panties off and lay back on her bed, patting the space beside her. I chucked my boxers off and lay beside her. She took my hand and guided it over her boobs, then down her tummy and finally between her legs. She guided me in how she likes to masturbate and when I got to know the speed, pressure and rhythm she needs, her hand moved away to my cock and she held it as I made my sister cum for the second time.

Then she turned on her side and went to work on me. She got it right from the start and with her head on my tummy, jacked me off to another orgasm. I didn't cum anything like as much as the one I did in my boxers, but there was still a good amount, most of which went on Debs face.

So, since then? Well, yeah... Lots...if you know what I mean! We both have boyfriends/girlfriends, and we both have sex with them, but every now and then we goof around with each other. It feels far wilder, and on the edge. I guess that's what makes it so horny is that it is so taboo.



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