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Goofing around became more

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I remember some things of this in vivid detail, and other parts are more of a vague feeling - oh well - you'll get the idea. This happened between me and my brother, so if that kind of thing bothers you, then pass this over, and go in peace.

However, every word of this is true - the parts that I can't remember too clearly, I've done my best with.


It was the hottest summer I can remember. I seemed to spend every single moment at home either in the pool or wearing, umm, well, not very much. We'd had hot summers before, of course, but this one felt different. I don't know what it was, a restlessness, perhaps - maybe a feeling of wanting something, but now knowing quite what it was.

Allan, my brother was a year and a half older than me, and we were not only brother and sister, we were good friends too. (I say "was", because Allan was killed in a road accident two years ago.) Our parents were not very kind - in fact they were way stricter than any of my friends parents were, and this led to people not wanting to come over and visit. Allan and I spent a lot of time hanging with each other.

So, (get on with it, Sara) this happened one Saturday afternoon. We were both hanging around in our pool, swimming, sunbathing, swimming - that kind of thing. Allan suggested that we took a walk to the river where we had a boathouse and a boat moored up. On the way there, the sky just darkened, and the heavens opened, and we got ourselves the mother of all thunderstorms. By the time we reached the boathouse we were both soaked, not that it mattered, all we had on were our swimming things.

Being caught in the open in a thunderstorm is exciting, and I liked the fusty smell of the boathouse, I don't know, it was just, um,, well, grungy, you know?

In there, we explored a little and then Allan said "You've got a spider on your butt!" I HATE spiders so I shrieked and Allan took a swipe at it and caught me real good. It hurt! Then he did it again and again. Each slap shot through me like a needle, while I yelled and shrieked. Then he pulled me to him and hugged me. "There, it's gone now". I remember becoming very aware of feeling cold, and my breasts (small as they are) were pressing against his naked chest. I remember suddenly thinking that all there was between my boobs and his chest was my bikini top. I also remember, at that precise moment, how I suddenly felt very warm between my legs.

I hugged Allan for a long time while he made silly comforting noises, before he said "Anyway, I think you LIKE your ass being slapped." I turned away from him and said in a mocking kind of way "Oh yes... spank me!" and giggled as usual.

Allan took a huge slap at me and caught me good. I yelped, and made a grab for him. We kinda wrestled for a little while, I don't remember how long, but I do remember my thoughts as he grabbed me. I wondered if he would touch my boobs, or my tummy, then I wondered if he might grab my ass, or even touch my pussy.

I can't explain it, but then we weren't wrestling any more. He was stroking my back and I was stroking his. I felt his hands explore lower and cup my ass, and I slipped my hand between us and found his hard on poling up his shorts.

I remember quite clearly, I took his hand and guided it into my bikini bottoms.

Then, we were kissing and I was jacking him off as he fingered me. It seemed to me that our swimming stuff just, well, wasn't there any more and we were naked in that fusty old boathouse.

Allan grabbed my hand and pulled me outside and onto our boat. In the cabin, it was much warmer and we carried on making out.

I kissed his chest, his tummy and got my first ever look at a hard cock. I loved how it felt, and the heat coming from it. I also loved the way his scent seemed to wash right inside me. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to take it into my mouth.

Meanwhile, Allan was fingering my pussy, and kissing my clit. At one point, I felt him push his finger into my asshole and that is what made me cum for the first time. It was a savage, gut-wrenching experience. I had to make sure I didn't bite his cock! When I came down again, I returned my attention to his wonderful cock - jacking it and watching it up close. I remember thinking that no girl could EVER take something that hard, and that big up inside her. (I found out later that actually, I could)

Allan tensed and although I had heard that boys "ejaculate", I had no idea of what it meant and he shot loads into my face and hair. It seemed it would never end, and the smell of it, wow - it brought me off again. I don't even remember if he was touching me at the time either!

After, we lay in each others arms, and just talked. He told me that since our parents never let another girl get close to him, he used to jack off thinking of me and he told me he even used my panties to help him. I told him that although I jilled often, I had never cum before that moment.

We held onto each other and talked about stuff we would like. Allan said he would like to see a girl pee, (so I showed him.) I said that I wanted to hear someone talk real dirty to me, not only dirty, but to call me disgusting names too. Allan did and it led to what followed.

That was my first experience with my brother - it wasn't my last, and it wasn't the only time we fooled around together alone. Allan got a girlfriend who got real turned on when he told her what we did - and wanted to watch.

That led to my first time with another girl touching me. I think it also helped me work out that although I consider myself bi-sexual, I am far more attracted to girls than boys. When I do it with a guy, there has to be something dirty about it - like the guy has to be MUCH older than me, or (blush) it has to be my brother.

I guess I'm fucked up - but maybe our parents have had more of a hand in that.



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