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Goodnight Delight

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It was the end of the school year, and we had to end it right. My amigo James had just gotten a man-kini from his friend and phoned me to tell me he wanted to show it off. We couldn't meet right away but told him I want to see it ASAP! The Friday after school ended, we hung out which towards the end of the night ended at my house. In preparation for his what we would call the 'end of the year surprise' I made him up a surprise of my own. As we closed to door to change into swimsuits for a Jacuzzi time, I showed him my awaiting surprise...it was a movie which were compilations of hot sex/naked scenes from movies we had seen together, and also with some hot porn that I thought he might enjoy, with the last scene being a clip of me spewing my cum own on a towel. As he began watching I could see him very into it...he kept adjusting his dick so it wouldn't be too noticeable. After the vid, he just said 'wow' and gave the thumbs up (I knew he'd like it).

He then proceeded to take off his pants to reveal his neon-aqua man-kini which was flashed at me as he quickly threw on his swimming shorts. Once in the Jacuzzi we recollected the 5 minute compiled video in which he'd seen and said he had liked the shot which was a guy and girl laying on their sides on a sofa with a clear shot of the guys dick pumping right into the girls pussy as he is holding one of her legs with one hand and feeling up her small but plump boobs with his other.

After we talked about how much we enjoyed this we moved on to other parts of conversation, but then he went to reach for a 'water bottle' behind me and when his lower half was exposed out of the water, it revealed his penis' outline in his man-kini. He proceeded under the water to pump his penis into the jet (which he enjoys...not me so much), but after a while he decided he would like to see more videos that were like the one in the movie I had made.

We went back to my room to see the vids and once we were hard and rearing to go, we closed the door, and proceeded to become naked. He being the 'chooser of the porno clips' was sitting in my swirling office chair while I was standing with my dick at a 90 degree angle at full attention. His dick was hard and laying nicely on his abs. After a while of touching ourselves and watching some good scenes, I reached down and took over his jacking off for him, in which he would spontaneously turn the chair from the computer to my direction and wack me off a bit too. After a few moments of going back and forth, he stayed faced towards me and jacked me off well focusing on my pulsing dick and running my foreskin back and forth while I focused on getting him as hard as possible and giving his balls a run for the orgasm to come.

After a few minutes of this, we went back to the computer for one final clip to keep in our minds as we shot our loads. We picked a scene of a girl fully naked taking the briefs off a good-looking guy, and it showed his dick bouncing up to attention after being pulled on by the elastic in the briefs. Then the guy leaning back and them making out. James then proceeded to reach over, grab me as I grabbed him and worked each other to right on the cusp of no return *not quite at the point of no return but right there...* We both acknowledged we were on the cusp and so we vigorously went for it, he stopped for a moment and just as he pulled one more time on my dick to 'pause' that was all it took for me to hit the point of no return and I yelped 'I'm cumming!' and so he started his stroking up quick again and as I started to spew, and he let me spew a big squirt on his chest and proceeded to point my dick to his dick to dump the rest of my cum on his dick.

After I had let out the majority of my cum I reached over and used my cum as lube to get him to orgasm! I did a back-handed fist pumping motion on his dick as I was standing and he was sitting towards me. As he was getting to the point, he brought up his hand to finish himself off and he proceeded to cum to mix our man juices together. As he finished the last of his cum I got a towel to allow him to wipe himself up and for me to get the last dribbles of cum off my dick. As he was leaving he gave me the thumbs up...mission accomplished.

I wonder if he'll want to cum all over me next time...I'm sure it'd feel great to have his cum on my dick and lubing up my foreskin. BTW: we're both straight and love women, but jacking together helps us keep abstinent until marriage !! Woot!



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