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Good Times Together

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This site is inspirational!


I have recently been on holiday to Spain with my good friends, including myself there were seven of us and we basically rented a guest house with two bedrooms, and a sofa bed. The holiday must have been good because I don't remember most of it. We slept on the beach in the day or went in the market and ate. Then at night we just either went to a strip club or stripped in a club! The entire time we were all on a mission to get laid!

As you can imagine a house full of men who were expecting to get laid but aren't isn't pleasant. We had booked the place for two weeks, and it was good. None of us (to my knowledge) had ever mutually masturbated or anything nor did we plan on it. In fact for the first week nobody did anything though it wasn't for lack of trying.

There was no lock on the toilet door so I got walked in on someone a few times and had to cover up quick, and I walked in on a few of my mates. The showers had glass doors and faced each other so none of us would do anything in there though we all made damn sure our boners faced the walls. In bed at night, every spring creaked so loud that you couldn't move without waking the house up. There was NO privacy in that house.

It was fun at first, none of us I think even thought about jerking off, though thinking about some of my mates showed signes of 'depravation' the very first morning!

Looking back now I can see the signs. The first morning we were all full of spirit. Except for Matt who was a bit of a wet blanket. We mocked him for it and he eventually started having fun, we went on the beach and perved at all the lovely ladies, swam in the sea.

None of us were in particularly good moods the next morning. On the third morning however, we were all feeling relatively ok, but most of the guys seemed a bit short, or twitchy snapping at us who weren't like them and they were always trying to get away from us. I thought they were just being morbid fools because of the heat or something. our third night so many of the guys were morbid we stayed in!

There was me Andy, Rob and Jaret who wanted to go out but the other guys just wouldn't! Matt in particular was a pain shouting and throwing stuff! We could have gone out without them but we decided not to. We ended up not feeling like it after the foul moods the other guys had put us in.

The fourth morning in the guesthouse I woke up and for some reason thought I was at home. I had the most intesnely throbbing boner I have ever known so in reflex I reach down and grabbed it (I sleep naked). No sooner did I have hold of my dick than the bed creeked. Rob who shared the room with me woke up with a jump, 'What you doin'' he smirked, 'nothing' I replied indignantly.

I looked over and Ben had already got up, I was still annoyed at Ben for spoiling the night before. I got up and walked down stairs where Matt, Ben, Jaret and Aiden all sat with faces like thunder chewing on their cornflakes. I went to get a shower across from Andy who jumped when I walked in, looking back now he had probably been interupted, like the night before when Jaret, Matt Andy and I had all walked in on him in the toilet at different points in the night each time he came down looking a little flustered and moaning about there being no lock and we never knock.

I showered my boner still springy and got dressed in the bedroom, this time Rob was stood there cock in hand red faced and sweatier than I've ever seen him. We both just froze, 'What are you doing?' I smirked and had he not been so red I swear he would have been white!

He pulled his boxers up quickly and said, 'Morning wood you know how it is.' I nodded catching a glimpse of the impressive bulge in his boxers. 'If you don't want to get caught though I suggest you find somewhere more private.' I laughed and got dressed.

When I went to get my breakfast there was no milk and I found myself ranting about there being no milk, completely unlike me and I felt like such an idiot on my way to fetch some. In the blistering heat of Spain I found a a cyber cafe and paid I think the equivalent to £1:50 for an hour on one. I sat there and surfed the net, checked my e-mail and came to this site. I always do and it got me thinking, some of the stories on here must be true so if it happens to them why not me!

I went back to the guesthouse thinking I'd found everyone jerking off together in the living room and invite me to join but instead they were listening to the radio and farting.

On the fourth night we all decided we needed to go out to cheer up some. On the fifth morning I awoke in my bed facing Rob who laid naked in front of his duvet on the floor revealing his morning wood. If I didn't have it before, I had morning wood now and I was so pissed off because I knew I would wake somebody up the second I moved.

I sat up slowly trying desperately not to make the bed creak and went into the toilet. I intended to wank off but ended up sicking up. I had a show and got dressed and still I had my hard on! I went downstairs and got my breakfast and as I ate I heard a whimpering. I followed it back into the hall and up the stairs where the whimpering became more pronounced. I whipped open the toilet door to find Rob thrashing his meat furiously. I would normally have laughed but this instance I just stared. He stared back, I don't know how long it was but his dick went limp!

Later on that day we were all sat around mocking each other about not getting laid and the subject of wanking came up. Rob and I went incredibly quiet. Jaret turned to Rob and said 'It must be hard for you sharing when you wank off as much as you do Rob.' and he just went bright red. It became a bit of a bitch fest at Rob then we mocked for ages since we all agreed he wanked off the most!

Suddenly Rob just shut us all up whe he said 'Well at least I don't spend all my life with boners like you lot!' and I suddenly became very aware of my boner, but it was suitably covered up by the pillow, and then I realised so was everybody else even Rob's!

We all sat in silence guiltily until someone decided to order pizza. We put the telly on and watched, the cushion still on our laps for the plates, that were for holding pizza now. YEAH RIGHT!

We watched TV and shock horror suddenly there's all these virtually naked ladies presenting some sleezy talk show that we couldn't understand. But we didn''t need to understand it to appreciate it. Out of the blue Matt just said, 'F**k I've gone long enough without a wank, I'm going to my bedroom and if anyone interupts that's their own stupid fault! Rob was half way up the stairs before he'd done telling us he was going to the toilet, Jaret claimed the other bedroom, and Ben claimed the porch! Leaving me and Andy sat there in shock and with nowhere to claim.

Andy looked at me, 'the hall' he said and actually stood up letting the pillow and plate fall to the floor revealing his hard on and ran into the hall where all I could hear was him whimpering and tugging on his dick.

This left me on my own with the gyrating dancers, YES!!! I couldn't believe it, I took it out and started thrashing at it safe in the knowledge that nobody would interupt me this time.

I teased myself at first tickling my head and rubbing the precum up and down my shaft with the tips of my fingers. I could barely contain myself after what can't have been more than a minute I began thrashing at my dick in almost desperation the sensations reverberated thoughout my body they were so intense it was like an oncomming train! Every tug was ecstacy my legs and torso twitched I was so engrossed in what I was doing I closed my eyes and found myself helplessly writhing around in my chair.

Suddenly I heard a goran to my right and there laid on the settee without my knowing was Andy, cumming over his naked chest sending hot sticky ropes everywhere one even going over his shoulder and hitting the arm of the chair! With every pulse of his dick he strained his hand back and his voice even more so. This set me off into a flurry of even worse spasms shooting all of those days of pent up man time into a puddle on the wooden floor. I collapsed back onto my chair, content, out of breath naked and red all over my chest and face! Still erect.

Before Either I or Andy had time to lose our erections Matt Rob Jaret Ben and Aiden all came back either just in their boxers or with only a towel around them. All looking content and telling us to cover ourselves up so we just put pillows over our softening boners.

Andy sat up so that Matt could sit, no sooner had he than he jupmped up shouting 'Andy is that your cum I just put my elbow in!'

The next night we all found out we could jerk off together but that's for another time.



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