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Good Time Skiing

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This story takes place back when I was in college and everytime I remember it I still get excited and have to pull out the baby oil and stroke myself to a great orgasm. When I was 19 my family had a big cabin in the mountains only two hours from where I went to school. One weekend four of us headed up for the cabin to do some skiing and partying for the weekend.
Scott, Cam, Chris, and me all got to the cabin early evening, unpacked, and got settled in. After dinner we all sat around the fire with everyone looking hot in just their gym shorts and t-shirts. With the fire going full blast it was getting plenty hot. Cam said he had brought some x-rated videos for entertainment and picked one out. Cam picked out one involving two guys and a girl which surprised us all as the action on the T.V. got hotter and we were all rubbing our hard shorts. Chris suggested we take our shorts and shirts off as it was really hot now. Chris who was about 5'6', red hair, and really cute stood up and we all suggested he go first since it was idea. Chris slowly lowered his blue nylon shorts and pulled his t-shirt off exposing a really terrific body for such a small guy. A very big bulge in the front of his white briefs stood out. Just as we all were staring at his crotch his hard penis started pointing straight up past the elastic band of his underwear. He looked great standing there cupping his balls through his shorts and sending precome flowing down the first few inches of his penis before hitting the top of his briefs. This was all too hot I thought to myself as Chris' penis throbbed and kept leaking more fluids.
I wanted Cam to go next, we all knew Cam had a huge cock from seeing him in the showers. Soft his penis looked 6' long and was always a turn on to me. Cam wiggled out of his shorts still sitting down on the floor. He layed out further on the floor and we all gasped as we stared at his big hard penis outlining his white bikini briefs. He rubbed it through his the thin material of his briefs and a big wet spot appeared where the head was. You could hear all our breathing getting faster and louder. Cam couldn't stand it any longer and pulled his hard cock out the side of his underwear and stoked it slowly.
Scott, my roomate from school, was next and I had seen Scott's 5' 9' good looking body many times before. Scott and I had seen each other with hardons before in the morning. Scott was compact, had a tight toned body, one of the best asses I had ever seen, and a fat uncircumsized penis. Scott scooted out of his shorts and had no underwear on. His hard 8' penis stood at full attention, with the foreskin only partly covering his shiny red head. He cupped his balls and slowly pinched his nipples. A huge amount of precome flowed up and over his head. He ran his hand up and down his thick shaft, really working his juices around his head now completely retracted from his hood.
I pulled off my my shorts and briefs all at once with my hard penis slapping up against my tight abs. I reached over to Cam and slowly lowered his tight bikini briefs to completely free his huge cock and balls. His cock was at least 9 1/2 inches long and looked so hot. I grabbed his balls and rubbed my hand over his tight stomach and tits. I continued till I had both hands around his large dick and slowly beat him off. We all knew what was happening and wanted it badly. Scott had Chris' penis out and looked to be all of least 7', his fair skin contrasted perfectly with his red pubic hair at the base of his penis. We all started stroking each other's penis, smearing precome everywhere as lube. Cam's dick had to be 3' longer than mine as we held them together and masturbated each other closer and closer to orgasm. Scott and Chris were kissing each other and looked so cool as Scott took the foreskin of his penis and covered all of Chris' hard penis with it. It looked like one hard dick as Scott beat faster and faster as they both shook and come blasted out the foreskin covering their dicks. Chris' dick kept shooting sperm onto Scott's head of his dick. Scott pulled back about a foot and let sail 5-6 jets of come onto Chris' penis and stomach. This sent Cam and me over the edge as we each beat each other's hard dick and shot out come everywhere. Our still hard cocks were covered in fresh smelling sperm. I brought my hand up to Cam's mouth and he licked my fingers clean. We all collasped on the carpet still with mostly hard penises. We formed a big square on the floor with each of our mouths on somebody else's cock. I sucked on my roomate Scott's hard prick, moving my tounge inside
his foreskin and sucking hard. Chris had my 6 1/2' penis in his warm wet mouth and I never felt such pleasure. All of us were locked together in one big mind blowing blow job, within 5 minutes all of us were filling our respective friend's mouth with a fresh load of come--what a night. The rest of the weekend was more of the same and we never did make it skiing. Scott and I became closer roomates after that weekend, now when we had hardons we took care of each other. Many mornings Scott's penis filled my mouth with his tasty load and then I would stand and squit my load all over his face and chest.



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