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Good Things Come in Threes - More Wanda and I

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I submitted this story years ago, but it was never published probably because of references to a certain illegal green herb.


It had been a while since Wanda and I had hooked up because she had remarried Don, but I was missing the excitement. Besides, Jen hadn't been giving it up much recently so I was really horny.

I was working nights, and Jen was working days, and didn't get home until around 6:00 pm. I knew that Wanda got off work at 4:00, so I rang her up and invited her to come over after work. So the next day, she stopped by, I handed her a drink. Then she said she had to get home, and headed toward the door, while I followed.

I was excited and wanted to show her, so as she reached the door, I dropped my pants and called her name. I was wearing a pair of red silk briefs, (hey, it was the 80's) and my semi-hard-on showed prominently through the material. When she turned around, her eyes widened and she smiled at my display, stepped forward and gave my dick a squeeze. Then she turned and headed out the door. As she left, I asked her to come back tomorrow afternoon. Then I went to the nearby powder room and jacked off. She had only visited with me about 45 minutes.

The next day, she arrived about the same time, again I handed her a drink. And again, she got up to leave soon after, with me following her to the door. When she reached the door she turned around and pulled her jacket aside. I was delighted to see that her shirt was open to reveal her sheer lace bra! She said, "I had to return the favor of you showing off yesterday." I reached out and fondled her tits, then she closed her jacket and left. As she went I asked her to come back tomorrow. She replied that she had a dentist appointment in the early afternoon and would come by afterward. Again, she had only been at my house about 45 minutes. And again, I went and masturbated after she left.

The next day, Wanda arrived about an hour earlier than the previous two days. Again, we drank. Then I made my move. I knelt in front of her and unbuttoned her shirt and pulled up her bra. It had been a while since I had seen her beautiful B cup tits naked, and I always loved how her nipples hardened so quickly. I played with them, and nibbled on them and was in total heaven. Then she said that she needed to be leaving soon.

In response, I stood up in front of her, and dropped my pants and underwear. My penis sprang out, stiff and proud, in front of her face. I grasped it and gave it a little waggle which got a huge smile from her. Wanda reached out and wrapped her hand around my dick and pulled it to her mouth. Her wet lips and lively tongue felt so good! Then I remembered that she had just come from having a dental procedure, so I told her, "You don't have to do that if it's uncomfortable for you." She replied, "I like it, but it is bothering me a little." She popped my dick out of her mouth, and began giving me a delightful hand job while I fondled her breasts.

She stroked me faster, then slower, then squeezed around the shaft, then brought her fingers over the tip to smear a little pre-cum around. My penis got harder and harder, the fat purple head swelled up bigger than I had ever seen it, and throbbed in strong, rhythmic pulses. I was about to blow, and she knew it!

Cupping her free hand under the tip of my dick, she began stroking me long and hard and fast, until I spewed my semen into her awaiting hand. She eased up the speed and pressure, but kept stroking me until she had squeezed out every drop of semen. I was weak in the knees! Then she got up, went into the powder room and washed her hands.

As she headed to the door, I told her that I owed her a hand job orgasm, which she was delighted to collect at a later time.



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