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Good Story For You!

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Hi! I'm a German 14 years old boy who likes every masturbation story of yours (especially the boy to boy stories, although I'm totally straight). Of course we've got something like this in Germany too, but there are more guys who are searching for masturbation sessions than stories. But one or two stories are there which I enjoyed very much, so I will try to translate it for you, enjoy!
When this happened, I was 13 and my friend Timo was 14 years old, we were very good friends and went to the same school. We had a lot of fun, but now the story:
We had every week swimming (as regular lesson), and the cabins where we undressed were next to the cabins of the girls, so we got the idea to watch the girls while they undressed. I already knew that boys are my favorite, but nevertheless I was very interested. The only problem was that if we wanted to see the girls, we had to come to a space which was approx. 10 feet high. We took a ladder, I went up first and watched the girls while they were undressing. Nearly every girl was nude. I watched for a while and told Timo that I was horny now (I just acted as if I were), and told him that we should change now, but in that moment I had to sneeze, I went down, but we were already discovered. The girls started to scream. I jumped from the ladder and ran out of the door, and the last thing I heard was that Sabine, the leader from a girl clique, shouted: 'We'll get you!'
I ran as fast as possible home, and expected a lot of trouble from parents and teachers, but nothing happened. The next day, I heard that the girls didn't told anyone, and Timo and me were very glad. But after school was over, the girls were waiting for us, in the middle Sabine. We continued walking, but they formed a circle around us and Sabine said that she knew that we were the guys in the changing room. She told us that we either come to their cottage (headquarter of the girls) or they will tell the teachers. Timo and I looked to each other, and after a while we agreed. When we arrived at the cottage (very deep in the forest), there were 10 girls who were waiting for us (they were laughing, of course). Sabine said that we were going to play 'Strip-Poker' (don't know if you know it, but it' not that important), but only we should undress. I wanted to escape, but they caught me instantly. Sabine looked at me and said: 'Without pledge you won't leave!'. She opened a drawer, and I could see 20 pants, probably from the poor former boys...
The girls laughed and took some notes out, on which there were thing like 'Trousers', 'Socks', 'Pant', 'T-Shirt' and so on. The girls took a note each, and they could undress what was written on the note. They tied us up and started to undress us, every time 2 girls, first the shoes, socks, T-Shirt, and trouser of Timo, and then Sabine went towards Timo and took his pant off. She scanned him and said: 'Not too bad.' Timo had had already a lot of hairs and a quite big cock. She took his pant into the drawer, then they came to me and undressed me. When I was nude except of my pant, Sabine came towards me with a shear, and cut two times in my pant, so it glided to my legs. Sabine took my pant completely off me. After that, she touched my cock, not too long and less hairy than Timo's, and then the other girls did the same. After some time, my cock became hard and harder. Sabine noticed it and said: 'Oh, the tiny guy gets a hard cock!', the girls started laughing, and I blushed, nude and tied up. 'Let's see if he is able to cum...' she said, untied Timo and forced him to masturbate me. Timo wasn't sure, but then he took my member and started to rub it, and it didn't took too much time until I started to cum. The girls laughed again and untied me too. I was very glad, I though it was over - but no! They took my hands and feet and put me on a table. Sabine said: 'We want to see how Timo cums - within you!'. They took my legs and lubricated my rosette. They forced Timo to stand before my ass and just the view of my lubricated back made him hard. He said that he would be careful, and started to take his cock in my ass. First I felt pain, but then it was just great! I tried to act normal, because the girls were watching us. After Timo cumed in my ass, every girl touched our cocks and gave each one wear of us back, except our pants. We were allowed to dress again and to leave...
That was the story, I hope you understand it, I tried to write the best English I can write!



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